How Much Is 20 Units Of Botox?


Are you looking to go for a Botox procedure and want some information in terms of quantity?

Do you have a doctor appointment due for Botox and want to know some terms before you visit?

Are you looking for answers about specific units of Botox and what it can help you achieve?

If yes, this article may help you find out answers to some of the specific questions you have in mind related to Botox and its units. To start off with, we will talk about why Botox is always sold in a unit form and how these units are measured. We also talk about what all 20 units of Botox can achieve and how much it could generally cost you. In addition, we also talk about safely storing Botox and whether or not you can use any leftover amount of Botox once you have opened the pack. If these are some of the questions that you have in mind, do read on.

WHY is Botox sold in units and HOW are the units measured? 

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Botox is generally sold in units because it gives an account of the amount of biological activity and the number of botulinum toxin molecules that it contains. The most standard amount of Botox that you can find is the 100 unit vials.

The units are measures very similar to the measuring scale of ml in terms of liquid and mg in terms of medicines.

How *MUCH* does 20 units of Botox cost, on average? 

The cost of Botox can vary depending on the practitioner, the place where you are getting it done and so on.

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  • The average cost of Botox is about $20 per unit. Also, if you go for a Botox treatment, for a single treatment you could require about 20 to 60 units for each area. So, in this case, depending on the amount of Botox that you will have to use for your treatment, you have to pay accordingly.
  • Also, some places that do a Botox treatment may choose to charge you in terms of the per area cost, instead of the per unit cost.
  • The cost of Botox can also vary depending on the geographical area where you are getting the treatment done, and these can go higher or lower. It also can vary depending on whether you are getting this done at a hospital, at a big medical facility, at a doctor’s private clinic, or as an afternoon Botox shot at a mall.
  • Some doctors recommend that it is best to go for a cost per unit price, as this will give you a better deal, without compromising on the quality of the Botox that will be used for your treatment.

Is it a good idea to buy in this quantity or will you be able to save more if you buy a larger or smaller dose?

The amount of Botox that you buy and use will also have a result on the kind of results that you see. While it may initially seem like a good idea to buy more and keep it for the next use, especially if you are getting a good deal on it, it may not always be the best decision.

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  • Most doctors and cosmetic surgeons actually say that you would need less than the amount of Botox that you think that you need. 
  • The unit of Botox required for patients can vary from person to person, even if it is for the same area. Also, if a patient is quite young, he or she will require a much lesser amount of Botox as compared to another person who is older in age and is looking for the same treatment in the same area.
  • It is not a good idea to use Botox that is left in a vial that has been opened. This means that, if you buy a larger amount of Botox, there are chances that you may not need to use all of it. As a result, there can be some or a significant amount of Botox left over in the vial. If you are looking to avoid any contamination later, it is best to avoid buying a larger batch of Botox, even if you get a better deal and save more in the process.

How far can 20 units of Botox go? Is this ENOUGH for an entire treatment?

Before you come to any conclusion, do remember that the right amount of Botox that you require for your particular treatment can only be assessed by your doctor, after doing a physical examination of the area and other related factors.

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  • The FDA approves 20 units of Botox for use in areas such as your frown lines, the areas between your eyes and so on.
  • This does not mean that you need the same amount of injections on a particular site as compared to someone else who is also getting the Botox treatment done at the same site. Here again, your doctor will make an assessment and see if you really need the entire 20 units or lesser.
  • The 20 units of Botox that have been approved by the FDA usually are for five sites where the injection will be given.
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    Some of the patients who are getting the treatment may require only about 12 units of Botox in these suggested areas, or require injection on only three injection sites instead of the suggested five. Again, your doctor is the best judge of this!

Here is a brief breakup of roughly the amount or unit of Botox that may be required for a person in the two most requested areas:

  • On an average, you may need about 12 to 24 units around the eye area, with about 12 units per eye area.
  • For forehead lines, you may need about 8 to 20 units.

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Of course, your doctor is the ONLY one that can approximate a dosage for you at the end of the day. Always make sure to consult with a medical skin professional before using any type of Botox application on your face or body.

Once Botox is opened, does it need to be used up IMMEDIATELY?

It is usually recommended that Botox should be used up within five hours of opening it, failing which it should be discarded. However, to test whether or not this is really required, or whether any leftover Botox can be safely used later if it is stored properly, a study was conducted.

For this particular study, 94 volunteers were divided up into five different groups. After the study, the researchers concluded that while the Botox that was left over for 4 weeks in refrigeration from a previous use may not have gone bad, there was a definite question regarding its sterility.

As a result, it was also not a good idea to use it, because this could have effects on its safety too. The biggest reason for this would be that using the syringe needles in the same vial for more than once could result in potential bacterial contamination, which could affect the health and safety of the person who would be receiving the Botox dose.

Also, it was doubtful whether or not this would still give the same effect in terms of results as compared to a fresh vial of Botox that was being opened and used for the treatment.

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