6 Simple Steps to Getting Better Radiofrequency Treatment Results


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Radio frequency treatment is a popular anti-ageing treatment that can be done in a clinic or at home. This used to be the Hollywood secret to help keep celebrities looking young and refreshed but the procedure in now widely available for everyone to use.

Even though it is a non-invasive treatment that can be administered during your lunch hour break, there is still some preparation needed to be done. These pre-treatment steps may not be necessary, but by doing the steps before your radio frequency skin treatment begins can help in getting better results and making these results last longer.

Of course, you can just simply get a home kit for RF and use it, but to get the full effects and the most value out of your purchase, you need to change how you use the device.

Whether you are going to a professional or doing a home radio frequency skin treatment on your own, preparation is the key. Here are some steps you can follow to increase the chances of better radio frequency results.

Step 1: Consult with a professional

Skin care is a delicate process that should be taken seriously. If you have decided to get skin that looks 10 to 15 years younger or just to get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles at home, you should consult with a dermatologist or a skin care professional with radiofrequency treatment expertise.

It may seem like an unnecessary step to go to a professional if you are doing the treatment on your own, but this is a safety precaution.

Seeing a professional before applying the treatment will help you get ready and manage your expectations when it comes to treatment results. The doctor will be able to help you determine the following:

  • Available options, potential outcomes, and risks.
  • If you are a good candidate for at-home treatment.
  • Discuss the safety precautions before starting the treatment.
  • Allergen precautions.
  • Your confidence in using an at home radiofrequency treatment for skin.
  • Discuss the best at home RF treatment system for you.
  • Determine if you are a candidate for at home RF treatments.

It may seem like this first step is unnecessary since you will proceed with RF treatments at home, but doctors are willing to help you achieve your goals in the safest possible way. A consultation with a dermatologist or a doctor will go faster and smoother when you come prepared with what to ask.

Here is a list of important questions to ask during your initial consult. Just by taking this first step you will be able to properly gauge if at home radiofrequency treatments is an option for you.

If it is not an option, your dermatologist will be able to recommend another type of treatment or procedure that you can undertake to achieve younger looking skin. This will save you from the mishaps that come by doing rf treatments at home when it is not suitable for you.

Step 2: Choose the right radiofrequency system for home use

After determining that your skin type and your present condition can be resolved by simple at home rf treatments, it is time to start on your next step: choosing the right home system that will give you the results you desire.

There are many at home radiofrequency systems that can be bought and easily used without the assistance from a professional. The market is teeming with these machines that it can get confusing to choose the right one.

If you have consulted with a professional, chances are you will be guided in choosing the best machine that will produce the results you desire. Although there are cases wherein you have to do more research to find the best radiofrequency machine, during these times online reviews done by actual users of the machine are very helpful.

The internet is a handy tool to use during this step as there are many people who have used the machines and have given their thoughts on the effectiveness and overall value of the products in question.

Guides such as  this link have proven very helpful for those who are new to the world of at home radiofrequency skin tightening treatments. As helpful as these online guides can be, it should be noted that effects of these radio frequency treatments done at home can vary depending on your skin type, the severity of the problem, and overall use of the machines.

When doing at-home RF treatments you should consider what your expectations are if they are realistic and achievable. Setting your expectations and understanding the pros and cons before investing in a machine will be an advantage to you as a user of these machines.

It will help to follow a strict regime before, during, and after your skin tightening treatments to maintain the effects and to keep you from spending money on extra and sometimes avoidable follow up treatments.

Step 3: Live a healthier lifestyle

After purchasing a machine of your own, the preparation for the actual treatment should start as soon as possible. Achieving healthier and younger skin takes hard work and by buying a radiofrequency skin tightening machine you are investing in a future with flawless skin.

The machine comes with a price tag and it is important to maintain the results for as long as possible to ensure that you are not wasting your and investment. The answer to maintenance is simple: getting healthy.

It’s no secret that living a healthy lifestyle will help you with maintaining a healthier and younger looking skin. So it is common sense that during your preparation for the at home procedure you should also invest in a healthier way of living.

This step applies to both before and after the treatment because your skin will flourish and glow when you rid your body of toxins.

Weeks before you start your radio frequency treatments, here are some changes in lifestyle you should consider:

  • Stop smoking at least six weeks before initial treatment. This will aid in the healing process and also lessen the likelihood of future wrinkling.

You can check out these articles on smoking and its  effects on the skin and the  body’s healing process.

  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Hydrating frequently helps with the skin’s elasticity making the results of the treatment more noticeable and last longer.

Hydration plays a major part in the preparation and recovery during any radio frequency cosmetic treatment. Read up on articles about the benefits of drinking water for your skin.

Getting  naturally healthy skin is possible and using these tips before and after getting anti-ageing treatments will only increase the chances of getting the results you desire. The change in lifestyle is not a step per say, it more like an investment in your well-being and the future look and elasticity of your skin.

Step 4: Avoid taking any aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicine, or even herbal supplements

Once you have started the path to cleansing yourself from toxins and getting enough water, the next step before RF treatment for the skin can start is to get rid of any substances inside your body that can cause problems.

Some of these substances can react with the treatment methods and cause harm to your skin, resulting in more damage which is why they should be avoided.

At least a week before you start your anti-aging treatment make sure that you have not taken any Aspirin, anti-inflammatory, or herbal supplements because these may increase the chances of bleeding.

There are certain medication on the market that is specifically created to increase blood flow. If you are taking these types of medicine it is best to discontinue use before getting radiofrequency treatments for the skin.

For at-home and even clinic applied treatments, bleeding is very rare so it should not be a cause for alarm or a reason for you to not continue with the procedure.

This step is just a precaution to avoid any further damage to the skin. It may not be a concern for many who are going through this non-invasive cosmetic treatment, but this brings us back to Step 1, consulting with a doctor to make sure if any of your current medication can have a negative effect on your skin during radiofrequency treatment.

Step 5: Discontinue the use of any topical products

Speaking of unnecessary substances on the skin, topical products can also be a problem when administering at-home RF treatments. This step should be considered when you are just about to start your radiofrequency treatment as the machine and the process of using heat for skin tightening may react negatively on the ingredients of these topical products.

Lotions, creams, and other topical agents commonly used on the skin should not be applied at least a few hours before the start of treatment.

The effects of these topical skin products may have a negative effect on your skin during the radiofrequency treatment for face or any other part of the body. Although there are a number of prescribed creams that are specifically made to go with the at home treatment, the use of topical agents must be avoided unless it is specified in the instructions.

If it is not specified in the treatment instructions that you should be using a special cream or lotion before or during the treatment, it should be avoided in general. Using non-prescribed topical products can cause more harm to your skin if it reacts badly with the procedure, just to stay on the safe side read the instructions and note if there is a need for applying an assisting cream or even skin numbing agent.

There are creams and gels available on the market that are specifically made for aid in radiofrequency skin tightening. These topical products are commonly used after the treatment to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.  

Step 6: Clean skin properly before starting treatment

Once you have prepared for weeks to get your skin conditioned for the radio frequency treatment to begin and you are confident enough to start your at home treatment you may now start the process.

Before diving into the treatment right away, be sure to read the instructions on the machine thoroughly so that you have understood what to do during the treatment. Do not start on the procedure if you are unsure of what to do. This will help you avoid skin damage and other problems.

As soon as you have understood how to operate the machine, you should take on the final step: cleaning your skin thoroughly. This step might seem like it is not worth mentioning, but cleaning the skin before starting will go a long way.

You will leave the skin fresh and lacking of impurities ensuring the effects of radiofrequency are absorbed by the skin properly. By taking on this step you are maximizing the effects of radio frequency treatment for skin, giving you the best results possible.

Younger, Healthier, and Better Skin That Lasts

At home radio frequency skin treatment is a very effective procedure to get rid of saggy, tired, and wrinkled skin. It is easy to do and is a cheaper alternative to frequent clinic visits. The trick to getting the same or results which are close to that from a professionally done skin tightening treatment is to be vigilant in your pre-treatment preparations.

By taking the extra effort and using the simple and very doable steps mentioned above you will not only get the results you desire, you also make the treatment more effective.

The steps mentioned are for your safety and well-being since you are embarking on a cosmetic procedure on your own. As easy as it may seem being cautious can only help you in achieving the final look you aside.

Aside from being a precaution from skin damage or other injuries some of the steps are also great for maintaining the results of the rf treatment. Step 3 most especially should be taken to heart by people who are looking to make the effects of the treatment last for as long as possible.

It does not take much to go through these steps before your start on your journey towards younger and healthier skin, but the lasting effects and the difference in the outcome make all the effort worth it in the end.



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