Top 10 Radiofrequency Tightening Tips: DIY RF at Home



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Aging means that our skin gets looser, our vision and hearing fade, our energy wanes and we eventually have to take better care of our appearance and health.

But that doesn’t mean using radiofrequency is restricted to people with skin problems. You can use this treatment for aging, sagging skin, cellulite and other problems.

The cost can be quite high, though, so people turn to at-home kits that can cut the cost but deliver similar results.

But some people may find it difficult to use these kits. Some might even be using them the wrong way or not optimizing the effect of the product. No matter how user-friendly these products are, you still need a little guidance and help.

If you’ve just bought your first kit or have even gone through a few, here are the best ways for you to maximize your radiofrequency tightening machine. Take a look at some great skin treatment tips below.

Top Ten Radiofrequency Tightening Tips

1. Get a portable machine

This sort of product can tighten loose skin on your face noticeably even without visiting your dermatologist. It can rejuvenate your aging facial skin and can take care of wrinkles and superficial scars.

The progress that these devices can bring you really depends on your skin conditions but it usually takes 9-16 sessions before you can witness the effectiveness of the portable RF face lift.

Be sure to study your product well, ask other people who've used it before in order for you to come up with your own system. Follow that and watch your face become younger.

Another good thing about this is the space it takes up and whether it can be carried with you. Get a smaller size so it can fit in your purse, your bag, and you can bring it anywhere you want for whenever you feel to do a face lifting session. What a great tip to tighten your skin at home or even anywhere you want!

2. Apply suitable creams and serums on your face

There are a lot of skin care products that you can purchase that would not cost you a fortune. There are creams, lotions, and other products that would work well on your skin.

Oftentimes, if you look up skin treatment tips online, a lot of the results will show these apply-on products, not devices or machines to help you with it.

For oily skin, go for water-based creams and serums with less fragrance so you don’t add any more destabilizing substances on your face.

For people with combination skin, be sure to apply less cream on your T-zone and extra on the dry patches on your face.

Patients with dry skin, on the other hand, must take care with the creams they use.

People with sensitive skin should get tested for allergies or see if the serum they’re using is applicable for their skin type. You can apply a tiny, small amount under your chin, close to your jawline, just to see if you will get an adverse reaction. It's always best to ask your dermatologist for guidance if you feel your skin maybe sensitive.

Using particular creams can also help you as you search for face tightening tips because there are skin care companies who offer alternatives to expensive treatment and machines. Although they may not be as effective as spa and clinic treatments, it will surely help in making your skin look younger and softer over time.

3. You can tighten more than just your face with the right tools

Did you know that a great RF machine can also tighten your sagging body skin on your belly, arms, legs and more?

It's likely that most aging beauties use RF for all sorts of tightening in order to make their bodies appear like they haven't sagged, even as they are aging faster than the wind! An additional RF procedure like this is a great add-on to your body tightening regimen and can go a long way.

Always remember to unplug the machine after using it in order to avoid early malfunction of the device. Also, place it in a place where you know it can't be bumped by your kids which can make it fall and make it unusable.

As much as possible avoid placing it in exposed places where it can be accessed easily. It is not a machine like the RF face lifter where you can pocket it anywhere, this device has size and it should not be taken for granted.

4. Take care of your devices

As you may have noticed, most RF home machines are not that cheap; yes they are quite expensive and can cost you a lot which is why you should manage them well.

Some devices do not work well with water. Once you accidentally pour an amount of water on a machine, it can cause it to break and you can kiss your hundreds or even thousands of dollars goodbye.

Try to have bags or containers where you can keep your devices and keep them away from places which have water. Your kids may not be aware of how much you treasure those devices, they would not understand the importance of it because they do not have skin problems at the moment but they would if they are the ones who are to be using it in the future.

Also, read manuals and tutorials, join forums on how to work with your RF home devices to maximize the full potential of your devices.

5. Research, research, and research

As an online buyer you should know how to distinguish an effective product from a not-so-effective one. Research! Ask people who have been using the device or product you are eyeing to know more tips to tighten face skin and to avoid failure and regret.

Most users are happy to offer their feedback on the device you’re looking at. You can weigh the pros and cons of the products they’ve tried based on what they say.

Join online discussions about face skin tightening tips, skin tightening tips at home, etc. to get the results of other people about the purchase you are looking forward to. Always remember to look for feedback about the product and base your decision there.

Some products work well for different people; some products won’t work well for you, that is just how it is. Some may be effective for you and not for them; it is mainly a risk when you buy products.

What is important is that you have to be sure that the product you want is authentic and dermatologically-tested so at the very least you know it can’t cause you harm. Better have an impotent device or cream than something that sparks an allergic reaction.

6. Do's and Dont's after RF treatment

Most RF users will experience mild swelling and redness on the face after your RF home treatment. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s or tips for tighten skin to remember:


  • Do rest your skin and avoid making contact with extremely hot temperature because it can cause imbalance and can disrupt the tightening that you have made to your skin.
  • Do eat a well-balanced diet and plenty of water after any treatment. Whether you use an at-home kit or went for a spa treatment, your diet should be one of fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. Stay away from dairy, fish and anything that may encourage your skin to produce oil.


  • Do not panic, it is natural and you will get over it soon. Some doctors advise people who experience this to apply creams, lotions, and gels to soothe the treated area; this can cool down the mild burning and swelling of the treated area.
  • Do not do anything that can irritate the area that you did treatment onto like washing with water which you are unsure if clean or not, rubbing and scratching because of the irritating sensation, etc.

7. Know the devices you bought by heart

Some people do not care if they do not know the product they bought so well and will end up failing because they did not follow precautions as to how the devices should be used.

Be sure to study the machines. Ask doctors, ask people who used it before; as much as possible, gather all information needed about tips for skin tightening at home for you to maximize the full potential of the product that you bought – and to avoid regrets you can make for buying the product.

You can be sure there are tutorials and manuals to help you in utilizing the RF devices you buy. Be sure to know them well first before starting; a good tip for skin tightening at home if you may. You would not want to irritate your skin more would you? So study it well before even trying to touch the device!

8. Consider acquiring a professional radio frequency vacuum

No products found.

This fat dissolving machine can get you a long way. Picking up one of these small but effective machines can dissolve the fats in any area of your body by lymphatic drainage.

The caveat is that these products are technical and powerful! Be sure to check with your skin specialist, product feedback, DIY tutorials, or any and all tips on how to properly use your RF vacuum for best results.

9. Properly store and maintain your RF machine

The best way to keep your DIY machines working is if you take proper care of them. From the moment you unbox them, make sure that you take steps to maintain them.

  • Store them away from direct sunlight. 
  • Make sure you clean and air dry your device before putting it away.
  • Cover it with a plastic sheet or put it in a sturdy case to keep out dirt and insects.

10. Ask for advice from the RF machine manufacturers

We all are aware of the bad side of our technological advancement – its inability to maintain its original functionality and effectiveness after being used numerous times. Proper care and wisely using these devices is the key.

Always remember to read instructions on how to keep it after using it to ensure that the device will last longer than a lifetime. You may find expert tips to tighten skin in the pages.

Before buying, you can also ask the manufacturer through social media or their sales hotline for tips for tightening skin at home. Investing in some time and effort in hearing sales pitches and asking the right questions can help you make the right choice for you home device.


We hope you enjoyed our post! These are just some of the most useful tips for skin tightening and maintaining your RF devices. There are a lot other skin tightening tips at home other than RF but there are also tons of satisfied RF machine users the world over who've never looked for an alternative.

In the end, a lot of factors rest upon you, the user, when you’re conducting at-home RF skin tightening. If you’re careful, conscientious and knowledgeable enough, you can keep the spa treatments few and far between.

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