Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Dangers


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One of your biggest dreams probably includes healthy, tight skin that is free from excess fats, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Radiofrequency is an excellent solution in most situations... but what about when it ISN'T?

If you want to learn about all the BAD things that an RF tightening treatment GONE WRONG can do to your skin, you're certainly in the RIGHT PLACE. Read on...

These stories are not meant to scare you away from this effective skin tightening medical procedure, but rather to serve as words of caution and a warning. Be informed about radiofrequency and the risks to watch out for.

At the very least, these stories will help you understand why it’s important that you find a good doctor who isn’t just out to get your money!

NOTE: Any radiofrequency skin tightening procedure
is generally safe for most patients...

Nevertheless, there is a small percentage of individuals who did not experience the results promised, and in some worst cases, the patients even experienced irreversible damage brought about by the side effects.

The dream of enhanced beauty could be shattered to pieces if a cosmetic procedure goes wrong. Look at these sad stories of failed RF treatments, and think carefully whether you would consider this treatment or not.

Take The Time To Think & Evaluate...
You May Not Want To End Up Like Them!

Story #1: 
Overtreatment of IPL and RF Procedures

A patient who has undergone a facial treatment that used bipolar radiofrequency and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology at Timeless MD Spa has experienced adverse effects after the procedure.

Findings on this patient reveal that the adverse effects were a result of overtreatment that made use of intense RF energy. The waves were also applied on areas too close to the eyes.

This patient suffered facial fat loss, fat atrophy, thermal damage, nerve damage in the ocular area, discomfort, pain with eye movement, dry eye, quick eye fatigue, and eye area tightness.

The treatment she underwent was the one and only procedure she had on her face. She had high hope but the procedure brought disaster instead. A few years has passed since the treatment, but the negative results are still apparent enough to be conspicuous.

Story #2: 
She Only Wished To Conceal Her Age... Now She's Scarred

radio frequency skin tightening dangers

QRious (not her real name), said that she only wished to conceal her age. She’s turning 60 but she doesn’t want to feel 60 year old inside and out. She decided to consult a doctor for a skincare treatment.

The doctor suggested Thermage and even assured her that the treatment is safe, effective, and affordable. She agreed.

As she went out of the doctor’s office after the procedure, she noticed that her skin tightened and she was initially happy with the result. However, the good results did not last long and was even replaced by scars that resembled perfect squares all over her face. To make things worse, each square had a hole in it!

The scars continued increasing on her face, until she wasn’t able to conceal everything.

She said that the treatment ruined her face and even discourages everyone who thinks of getting this treatment.

Story #3: 
Saggy Upper Eyelids After Thermage

radio frequency skin tightening does it work

A patient from Cleveland, Ohio who was treated with Thermage experienced severe pain during the treatment. The patient described the discomfort as “crazy-painful,” even though she has a high pain tolerance.

The discomfort was so terrible that she felt as if it was affecting her retina.

The treatment resulted in mildly saggy eyelids. Although it did not affect her vision, the appearance was something definitely not worth the price she paid for the treatment.

Story #4: 
Tummy Marks and Burns

radio frequency skin tightening does it hurt

Wishing to get rid of tummy wrinkles and loose skin, a patient opted for Thermage treatment at a clinic. Because the doctor used an intense RF energy for the treatment, the patient got scars, ugly marks and burns on her tummy instead.

She was wishing for a flawless tummy, but because of a faulty machine, it seems that this patient got scars she could no longer get rid of. The damage that happened because of the treatment would cost more to repair than her RF procedure.

Thermage effectively almost ruined her life. It definitely ruined her chances for a bikini body.

Story #5: 
She Ended Up Looking 10 Times Older Than Her Age

rf treatment side effects

Another patient who had undergone two sessions of Infini RF skin tightening treatment reported that her skin became terribly dry. The skin under her eyes also became thin, hollow, and dark.

She initially opted for the treatment to get rid of her mild acne scars.

In contrast with her desired results, her acne scars became worse and she started getting wrinkles. The scars were deep and had hyperpigmentation can set in. Usually, when girls at 25 do something bad to their skin, they get redness, pimples and even peeling.

But if you get wrinkles at 25, there was something very wrong about the treatment.

She was only 25 years old, but she said that she looked 10 times older than her age. This patient felt terrible. She became depressed because of her condition and wished she could alter the disaster that resulted from the treatment.

Story #6: 
RF Treatment That Resulted In Fat Atrophy

radiofrequency therapy problems

This next patient did not carefully research about the side effects she might get from RF treatments. She went on with her session, hoping that it would turn out good. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

The RF skin tightening procedure resulted in fat atrophy, large pores and scars.

Fat atrophy is a very unsightly condition of the skin that involves pitting, scarring and bumps, because the flesh underneath has effectively hardened or become firmer.

You essentially get to see all the pores, lesions, veins and slack muscles under the skin, since the fat has thinned out and left that part of the body.

Think of an anorexic patient who has less and less fat on her body, giving the appearance of diseased skin. Instead of the whole body, though, this woman experienced fat atrophy only on one area, which could be even more unsightly because of her uneven, ugly skin.

Imagine that situation on her face. She could have a tinier head or a face that looks like it lost elasticity and fat--completely at odds with the rest of her body that looked healthy.

While pores are natural and should never be blocked, large ones can make your photos look too raw and your face too uneven. What could be mistaken for uneven, rough skin could simply be large, ugly pores. This patient said she suffers from depression because of the terrible results that happened to her face.

Story #7: 
Goodbye Firm, Shapely Buttocks

radio frequency slimming treatment side effects

Now, brace yourself. This next story could probably be the worst and most tragic of all. This patient once had firm and shapely buttocks, until one day, she decided to undergo an RF treatment to improve the skin on her butt.

You can never get a more beautiful backside, right? Right?

She told the technician who did the procedure to her that she liked the shape of her butt so she wished not to alter its shape during the procedure. The technician assured her that it wouldn’t.

However, the treatment was so strong that she lost too much fat on her buttocks. This resulted in skin dents and uneven lumpiness. It didn’t just make her backside look flatter in clothes, but seeing her body naked, you would be able to discern that she has a bad case of sagging skin on her butt.

The radio waves could have broken up the connective tissue or made the elastin in her skin deteriorate, causing her butt to look deflated.

No more fitting into tight jeans, or from-behind bikini photos or even tight shorts. She effectively lost her most beautiful asset.

This lady became so depressed that she broke up with her boyfriend because according to her, she knew that he will be turned off with what happened to her appearance. The failed treatment did not only bring bad physical results, but also prolonged emotional turmoil in her. Poor thing.

Q: What went wrong and what should you do to avoid such horrid damage?

You could say it is inevitable that we make wrong decisions. But when it comes to your physical health and overall wellbeing, wrong decisions must be avoided. Otherwise, you will forever regret that you did not thoroughly consider the pros and cons.

You should not immediately trust cheap offers that promise great results.

Although RF as a treatment is proven safe and effective to many individuals who have tried it, negligence on the part of the doctor or technician performing the treatment could lead to disaster and further damage that is much more difficult to fix.

Also, when you notice that the machine being used for your RF skin tightening treatment is faulty, it might be better to stop right away. Save your skin.

If you will be trying a radiofrequency skin tightening procedure for the first time, consult a trusted physician. Get yourself carefully examined, as RF is not suitable for some skin conditions.

Carefully read the reviews about a clinic where you wish to undergo the treatment. It might also be a better choice to have the treatment under professional care rather than choosing DIY machines and kits.

Are You Pregnant?

radio frequency tightening while pregnant

If you think that you can be pregnant, get a test before you undergo the treatment. You never know what could happen to you or your unborn child, especially if you want to take RF on your stomach area to reduce stretch marks or flatten your abdomen.

Make sure to conduct at least two tests to make sure and inform your dermatologist immediately. Stop using your skin products and ask for a better set of creams and serums.

At The End Of The Day...
Patients With Sensitive Skin
Are More At Risk

If you have sensitive skin, you can more or less guarantee that the procedure may be unsuitable. Anyone with pre-existing skin conditions should stay away from any procedure, unless a highly-skilled physician gave you a go signal.

Still, they’ll most probably ask you to sign a waiver that absolves them of liability if something goes wrong with your procedure.

The results could last a lifetime if you are not careful enough in choosing the right skin care. Results from failed RF treatments might include fat atrophy, saggy eyelids, scarring, enlarged pores, burns, and nerve damage.

On the other hand, if you don’t rush into decisions, and you thoroughly analyze your condition, you could enjoy the skin that you are wishing for.

Nowadays, with the latest skincare innovations, this dream can turn into reality in just a few sessions at a trusted clinic, salon, or even at home.

All the great promises of a beauty regimen endorsed by the large skincare companies and board certified physicians can easily lure you to invest in something you’re not really sure of.

But is the chance really worth your money, or could it cost you a lifetime of regret and unattractiveness? Are the positive feedbacks you’ve been hearing just plainly hoaxes?

Take for an instance, a result of one study. This research have found out that up to 20% of face lifts, breast implants, liposuctions, and other cosmetic procedures disappoint expectations of patients. On average, 1 out of 5 patients are unhappy with the results of a cosmetic procedure.

REMEMBER! Even minimally invasive treatments could go wrong

You have been hearing horror stories of failed plastic surgery treatments. Yes, those stories are definitely so scary that you won’t ever attempt plastic surgery procedures at all. The threat of reddened, swollen skin, bruises and pus is enough to deter anyone from going under the knife.

But no matter how scary these treatments are, you still hold on to that one dream of taking your beauty to the next level.

So, you settle for less invasive treatments such as the one popularly done today--radiofrequency skin tightening procedure.

RF treatment sessions aim to get rid of sagging skin, fine lines, large pores, and excess fats by inducing radiofrequency energy to the skin, a technique used to boost the skin’s natural production of collagen.

With just 8 to 12 treatment sessions lasting from 30 to 45 minutes, radiofrequency skin tightening procedure promises improved appearance and texture of the skin. Depending on the patient’s case, he or she may undergo Thermage, Ultherapy, Exilis, and other types of RF treatment.

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