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Affordable DIY RF Skin Tightening Products

Our skin makes up the biggest part of us. It is the largest organ that acts as the body’s covering.

If something has become the biggest part of you, one thing is for sure: you’ll treat it as something that has great value. You consider it very precious that you give it the utmost care it needs.

Thus, your skin has some bigger impact on your overall physical appearance. Clear, young-looking, blemish-free skin is a super plus points that may further highlight your other beauty assets.

What’s more, you can tell by a person’s skin if they are healthy or not. Everyone wants to achieve that “healthy glow” that is the prized standard in today’s beauty industry. Aside from a slim figure, unblemished, toned skin is also needed.

No wonder skin care remains one of the largest contributors in the global market share of the cosmetic industry, with a total of 35.3 percent share last year. This means that while the market is saturated, people are always looking for new, innovative ways to have great skin. It’s not about makeup anymore--it’s about taking care of what you have.

Back in 2013, beauty care experts also worked on  15.1 million cosmetic procedures, which involved a large portion of skincare-related operations. That’s a huge chunk of the industry. Aside from the DIY devices and personal beauty creams, people are willing to pay for dermatologist fees and treatment subscriptions--as long as they work.

Yes, people pay a large sum of money for the sake of beauty. After all, who wouldn’t want to look flawless from head to toe?

So now you’ve discovered how much money some people are willing to spend to achieve the tight, flawless skin they’ve been wanting all this time.

But what if you want the same effects but don’t want to shell out as much money?

What if you’re looking to spend the same amount but get more sessions or value for your money?

Good news! There are much cheaper ways to be free from wrinkles, stretchmarks, and loose skin. If it’s too much of a burden on your budget to undergo clinical treatments, why not do it yourself? How cheap could the skin tightening cost be?

Clinical Skin Tightening Procedures on and their Costs

Today, the innovation in the field of dermatology introduced what is popularly known as radio frequency skin tightening procedures.

These are widely performed in clinics with the aid of a board-certified dermatologist and involve the use of low-level frequencies to stimulate the production of collagen and other important nutrients for our skin.

Radio frequency skin tightening procedures have been considered as one of the best answers to people’s desire to appear 10 to 15 years younger. Of course, we cannot escape the aging process, but skin tightening procedures could make it slower. RF treatments have shown dramatic and effective transformations in a lot of patients and is also clinically-proven.

This means that dermatologists have tested and scrutinized this procedure for years and can confidently offer it as a skincare solution to patients. Keep in mind, though, that it’s still a medical procedure and has risks.

So how much does skin tightening cost? Well, prices vary depending on the process that will be used. Let’s take a look at some of the widely accepted methods being done by skincare professionals.


Skincare professionals have been using this procedure since 2002. Thermage is designed to use intense radio frequencies to intentionally burn holes on the collagen structure. Generally, patients could also undergo much discomfort and pain.

That’s why skincare professionals who use Thermage also apply anesthesia to eradicate the pain and discomfort of patients while undergoing this treatment. It takes around one hour to finish the process.

After a few months, when the holes start to undergo the healing process, the body is also induced to produce new collagen. The results from this procedure can be visible after six months, but may last up to two years. Thermage usually costs around $5,000.


Unlike Thermage, Refirme is a painless, skin tightening procedure. It uses a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energy that can tighten skin and remove wrinkles. Refirme skin tightening cost ranges from $1000 to $4000.

This therapy uses ultrasound energy that heats tissues beneath the skin. Ultherapy is commonly applied on the eyebrows, chest, and jaw line, and aims to tighten loose skin and reduce wrinkles on the said area.


Although there can be a considerable amount of discomfort such as numbness on the treated areas, patients who undergo ultrasound skin tightening procedure could definitely recover fast. On average, ultrasound skin tightening costs start at $2,675.


This procedure does not use radio frequencies to tighten skin. Instead of using radio frequencies, it utilizes infrared light that goes deep beneath the patient’s skin and induces collagen production in the dermis layer.

After two to three sessions, this method could tighten skin of the neck and jaw. If you are opting for this procedure, you should prepare at least $2,000 to $4000.


This 30-minute skin tightening treatment costs around $1000 on every session. The suggested number of sessions for this treatment is around four to six--if you want to see lasting and dramatic results. Unlike other clinical treatments, Exilis is not painful and could only cause typical side effects (redness, swelling, oversensitivity of affected area) that do not last long.

Clinical Skin Tightening versus DIY RF Products

What are the pros and cons of the clinical skin tightening procedures and DIY radiofrequency products? Does it matter what you should choose or try?

Clinical skin tightening procedures are basically tried and tested throughout the years in the professional skin care industry. You will be able to consult a skin care professional who fully understands what suits your skin and can offer the best options available to meet those needs.

However, the effects of clinical procedures could only last two to three years on average, despite how costly the sessions were. For complete sessions of those clinical treatments, you should prepare at least $5000, which do not include the costs of visiting a derma clinic frequently.

Of course, seeking a clinical treatment would mean that you are not merely paying for the process nor the machines, but also for the work done by the board-certified dermatologist.

On the other hand, the radio frequency skin tightening cost for products you can use at home, compared to the clinical procedures show that the former are much cheaper. You get to spend less than the half of the treatment done in dermatology clinics.

For a fraction of the cost, you can have a radiofrequency device of your own, and you would be able to achieve your desired skin in the comfort of your own home. You will save more time, energy, and money.

Take note, these radio frequency devices could last for years, depending on the way you use it. That’s why there’s no need to spend thousands of bucks for a few sessions, when you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere through portable devices.

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Try RF Devices Now and get the Skin you’ve always wanted

As much as we put emphasis on taking care of our overall health, we should also put extra effort on taking care of our skin. We might not be young forever, but we can slow down the aging process by applying the right treatment to our physical beauty.

There are lots to choose from among clinical procedures and DIY RF devices, such as Refirme, Thermage, Exilis and many others. Products are available at Amazon and you can have them in no time.

Before using any device or cream on your skin, make sure you consult with a dermatologist on the efficacy and suitability with your skin. A small doctor’s fee is all you have to pay to ensure you aren’t going to harm yourself.

Feel young and look young as the radiofrequency skin tightening cost is cheaper than what you think. Pick one device now.

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