Radiofrequency For Face At Home (A Dummies’ Guide Part 1 of 3)

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Countermeasures for Skin Aging

It takes a lot to prevent skin aging, especially on our faces. Doctors and researchers are on a quest to deliver the desires of cheating age.

With the advancement in technology and new researches to counter the effects of aging, youthful looking skin or also known as graceful aging is now a realization of every woman’s (and some men’s) dreams. Our body produces wrinkles inevitable.

But out of all the areas, the face is the most disconcerting because it is the most visible. Out of the skin aging technology and beauty advices, we discuss two of the most talked about and recent measures known in this age.

Radiofrequency for face

Radiofrequency for face is fairly new in the market, but is now creating threads and threads of questions to and from doctors. Radio frequency for face is now an accepted treatment.

If you are wondering if it is the same radio frequency as that found on phones, you are correct, it is the same. Radio frequency tightening uses radio frequency electrodes to  stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. As you know, collagen and elastin are the proteins responsible in tissue elasticity and integrity.

Radio frequency tightening is another option to surgery.

Over the years, it has progressed to an effective  body contouring and tissue tightening process, with different model devices in the market. RF tightening uses unipolar, bipolar or tripolar modes to deliver heat into the derma that incudes production of proteins for rejuvenation.

Now, you can turn back time with a radio frequency face lift right at your own home.

Radiofrequency for the Face: A Device for Home

Radio frequency treatment for face is a relatively new way of skin rejuvenation but is showing promise. From bulky equipment, the practice has produced a radio frequency face lift device even in the comforts of your home.

Radio frequency treatment face devices are offered from Amazon to your favorite resellers and clinics. You now have a variety of clinics to choose where to get your radio frequency face treatment, where you can supplement your clinic treatments with home kits in the interim.

Radio frequency for the face is well known but it can also be used on different parts of the body. From the face alone, we deal with a lot of different wrinkles. From forehead, deep forehead, mouth, smoker’s lines or upper lip lines, laugh lines to under eye lines, radiofrequency treatment for face is one clinically-proved treatment.

A word of caution though, that before purchasing your own radio frequency for face at home device, you must at least have the proper knowledge to know what you want and how to use this device into your face.

Furthermore, it is also prudent to consult your dermatologist for the proper administration and management of your radio frequency face device. If possible, ask for advice from your dermatologist to recommend a brand or a regimen so that you will know what device to look for in the market.

Don’t consult sellers; they will always say that their products are the best, so it is better to turn to your doctors who have had the experience of using a radio frequency face technology.

Source Guide for Radio Frequency Face Lift at Home

It’s tempting to just buy the first radio frequency on face device you see online or while out shopping, but take a look at these products and tutorials to figure out whether these will fit what you need.

These are a collection of resources to help you choose your very own radiofrequency for face lift at home gadget. You can take these sources as either a way for you to learn of the different devices, a library of how-tos on RF tightening or even options for brands, either way, make sure you get the most of what you pay for.

Radio Frequency Cavitation Part One Face Video

We especially like this video because it focuses on the face. While this is not a portable device, you can learn a lot about bipolar radio frequency on this video. Also, this video is equipment neutral, it does not endorse any specific brand, instead it teaches you the science behind the technology when used on facial features.

Thermage radiofrequency : Before & after gallery

On this site, there are before and after photos that you can critique. You can decide whether this particular product is what you are looking for.

Radiofrequency For Facial Rejuvenation Information

This site is a consulting page for radio frequency for the face. From product brands to treatment reviews, you can get a bunch of ideas on what to look for, what to be cautious about as well as the technology behind the process.

Moreover, there are also educational videos you can learn from if you get tired of just reading from the site. You can call this a treasure trove of information on radio frequency for facial use.

The 60-minute facelift: New no-knife facial claims to turn back the clock, lift jowls and banish sagging skin

This is a third party article. It might be a public relations article but PR articles cite benefits, so you might want to check this out. Also, how about reviewing the device used here that claims to do wonders in just a matter of 60 minutes.

Radio Frequency RF Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation For Face And Body

We especially like this clinic because of its short, quick-read FAQ on RF skin tightening. If you’re in a hurry and you need the gist of what the technology is all about, you can use this as a beginner’s guide to the rest of the other guides.

CAUTION: Read this first before the rest if you are not familiar with RF skin tightening...

While naturopaths would say that RF treatments are invasive and harmful and instead push natural treatments, the best path to great skin on your face is an integrated appraoch.

While getting your RF treatments, eating well and staying healthy can maximize its effect and even be an alternative.

Diet & Exercise

While we discussed technology as one way to take care of your skin, we wanted to provide you with the most “organic” way of preventing skin aging as well.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. If you ask us, it should not be done without the other, otherwise, it will not be effective.

Diet entails the careful selection of the foods that you eat. Others may go as far as control the intake. As they say, “everything in moderation must be good”. Exercise complements diet.

Exercise, in its crudest description, is the strategic movement of the muscles through activities. There are countless diet and exercise regimens out there, but an effective exercise is really a customized process that should be in tune with a lot of factors such as your physical composition, lifestyle, and of course, your mental commitment to what you want to achieve.

One exercise might be good for one but might not work for another. So it is important to reassess yourself based on your physical limitations and mental capacity. This is the strategic way of looking at exercise to help you with keeping youthful-looking skin.

Ask your dermatologist how soon you can exercise and what diet is best to maximize the effect of your RF treatments.

What does damage to our skin anyway?

Admit it. Your skin is probably the most neglected part of your physical self. What is worse is that it is also the part most taken for granted. Well, here’s news, your skin takes the brunt of your neglect!

It is ironic that we neglect our skin but worry about the parts inside our body that we cannot see. If we look closer, our skin determines the state of our health. Paying attention to our skin might save us from trips to the doctor or emergencies. What we don’t know is that  80% of skin aging is caused by UV rays. So we might want covering up a habit.

Similarly, when we take care of our body, it shows on our skin. Often, people notice our “glow” when we take care of our skin. This representation explains the effect of what we do to our body shows on our skin. This association is often positive which means we have enough oil on our body to moisturize our skin.

Factors that Contribute to Skin Damage

Our skin degrades when we continue to expose it to harsh elements. These may be environmental or how we take care of ourselves. By knowing these, we gain knowledge on what to avoid and what to do to prevent our skin from being damaged.

Here are some things that degrade our skin:

Ultraviolet Rays or UV Rays

Who doesn’t love the sun? A little sun here and there won’t hurt but is this really true? Studies say UV rays are the major cause of skin damage. The sun is a mystery to most of us. All we know is that we welcome its rise, especially in the summer.

What you do not know is even if it does not seem to shine, UV rays seep through the skies. It is in this way that the sun projects its ultraviolet rays towards the earth, thus, to us. Ultraviolet rays “damage the fibers in our skin called elastin”. When you lose this elastin, lots of bad things happen to your skin, one of which is sagging and the development of wrinkles.

Of course, when you’re young you wouldn’t think this will happen to you. But as you age, your skin loses elasticity and the ability to protect itself from harsh UV rays.

Sleep Deprivation

People lose sleep for a lot of reasons. It can be about work, money, relationships and a whole lot more. When we do lose sleep, we lose a lot of things other than, well, sleep.

We also lose our opportunity to rest our mind and body, most of all, we lose the time to rejuvenate. If you have heard people refer to sleep as beauty rest or beauty sleep, this most likely refers to how we look after a well-rested sleep.

The opposite, of course turns disastrous results, both mentally and physically. Lack of sleep releases more of the stress hormone called cortisol. When it overproduces, it can break down collagen. Collagen is the protein that keeps our skin elastic and smooth.

Collagen, as well as elastin are both integral parts of maintaining youthful-looking skin. In a  study commissioned by Estee Lauder led by Doctor Elma Baron, inadequate sleep and skin aging has a direct cause and effect relation. They found that those who did not sleep well exhibited more signs of aging.

These signs include fine lines, uneven pigmentation and sagging, to name a few.

Improper Diet & Lack of Exercise

It’s not surprising that what we eat will eventually have an effect on our bodies; the same can be said of our activities.

Diet and exercise are often signs of having good health. There are certain foods that help fight toxins in our body. In addition, some foods also provide nutrients needed by our body to function well.

Take for example antioxidants that are found in coffee, carrots, broccoli and a lot more, help to fight skin aging by  neutralizing free radicals that cause wrinkles.

Some foods contain vitamin E, that help inactivate free radicals,  “reduce photodamage wrinkles and imrpve skin texture”.

On the other hand, exercise helps prevent skin aging. When muscles are active, they stimulate the growth of collagen.  Collagen prevents muscle mass loss that contribute to sagging tissues.


Smoking is bad for your health--there is nothing to refute about that. But if you must know, smoking creates premature wrinkling. Smoking increases the production of a certain enzyme that breaks down collagen in the skin and causes it to sag. However, that is just one way smoking affects your skin.

Smoking causes other skin diseases such as psoriasis. Smoking also causes your skin to dry and become coarse. It also ages your skin faster than the sun’s rays. There are so many reasons to quit or not to try smoking. If you care for your skin, not to mention your health, don’t smoke.

You won’t believe how many factors cause our skin to age. Contrary to belief, it takes a lot of sacrifice to maintain the health of your skin. However, to better take care, we must be aware of the things that cause it to go bad, so that we are able to provide a solution or a prevention regimen.

Research first before trying anything on your skin

Use this to guide you through a series of knowledge quest before purchasing your own device.

If you will notice, there are a lot of information on what you should do first, so don’t be hasty in making a decision. We want you to be happy with RF tightening and the brand of your choice, but to do that, you need to make well-informed decisions.

Your skin is fragile. Make sure that whatever touches it will enhance your asset. So make your choice of device work hard for you for a long time.

There is more than one way to take care of our skin than going to the doctor and spending for something that you can do by yourself at home. Yes, ladies and some gentlemen, you can make miracles for your skin at home!


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