Radiofrequency at Home for Arms (A Dummies Guide)


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Now that we've gone onto the basics of radio frequency tightening on the face, let’s move on to other parts of the body. Yes, in aging gracefully, we can take advantage of radio frequency on other parts of our body as well. Not too long now, we could be doing our very own “aging grace” parties right at our homes!

But as we always say, having the right knowledge goes a long way in getting things done. For this series, we're going to give you information and some insider knowledge on the arms that you should be aware of before proceeding with any of your parties.

The Arm and Its Main Problem

We would bet that all women, at some point in their lives have problems with loose skin on arms. Flabby, sagging, wrinkled skin, plump soft extra skin. Whatever we call it, it’s unsightly. Even thin women have it.

These are the flabbiness or excess fat that hang especially when you move your arms as if to wave. It’s so ugly you hesitate to lift your arms even. That is how embarrassing it is!

This sagging extra skin are our triceps, if we are to look at it technically. However, this does not mean the problem lies on the triceps alone. For all we know, even our biceps contribute to the flabs.

This is where this guide comes in. To know where the problem is coming from, we need to zoom in on what is causing it, so we can also take the appropriate actions. After all, we don’t want a one-off solution; we want a prevention that comes from maintaining the state we want our arms to be, or our whole body for that matter.

So, for this series, we are going to delve into the 2 parts of our arms, the biceps and the triceps.

The Law of Thermodynamics & Our Body

A little exercise here and there never hurt. But as our bodies age, our activities also slow down. When our bodies become more mature, our body composition also changes. This is the reason why our metabolism slows down.

The further we age, the less activity, the less muscles needed that contribute to the decline in muscle mass and thus, the change in body composition.

The further we understand the way our body works, along with how well we know our capabilities and limitations, the better we get at facing our general problems on weight, diet and other safe alternatives we can do to take care over all of ourselves. What we mean is, while some steps work on others, it might now work for the rest.

Consequently, no matter how much we want to maintain our physical body as we know it, this is not how gravity works. However, this does not mean we can still do what we do now to maintain the physique that we want. It is simply not physically possible to push ourselves as we have pushed when we were younger, because to do so would prove dangerous to our health.

We simply do not have that energy anymore. Though we need energy, we cannot consume calories like there was no tomorrow all the time. This is tantamount to a disease here and there.

Calorie count is one way to measure our energy, this is why weight loss is always related to it.

In this case, let us all take a quick journey through Science. Please bear with us, we promise it will be quick and easy as we introduce the Law of Thermodynamics. The Law of Thermodynamics in terms of our body simply means there should be more activity than the calories taken in.

Easier said than done isn’t it? The law has its good intentions but can be complicated.

Say Hello to Your Biceps and Triceps

This seems too scientific, but it is not. It is simply a familiarization of our body. In everyday terms, we call them “arms”. But this arm is composed of a bicep and triceps. These are the parts of our body that make up the loose arms skin or the flabby skin under arms.

According to Wikipedia, the bicep is “a two-headed muscle that lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow.” This is the part men sometimes brag about when they flex their arms.

On the other hand, we refer once again to Wikipedia for the description of triceps. The triceps “is the large muscle on the back of the upper limb of many vertebrates”. While the bicep is in front, the triceps is at the back.

Ladies, say hello to your biceps and triceps, also known as the detestable flabby arms we all can’t wait to get rid of. While the causes of flabby arms can be varied (thus, the mystery), from weight gain to activity decrease (hence even think people get it!), a lot would swear that we can lose this by constant exercise. We just can’t wait to tighten arm skin.

If you’ve seen every health buff video out there, you’ll notice these will give you different exercises for biceps and triceps. Yes, it is that hard to contour these arms. However, while it might be something that you should be depressed about in the 90s, it is not the case in this day and age of technology.

Luckily, we have Radio frequency technology to aid us in aging gracefully. As mentioned in the 1st part of this series, Radio frequency tightening is a non-surgical alternative to body contouring that uses radio frequency similar to what we use on two-way radios to heat up the dermis and induce production of collagen and elastin.

Again, elastin and collagen are the proteins responsible for developing youthful tissue. If you think rejuvenation, this is it.

Radio Frequency and the Arms Challenge

For this series, the challenge for radio frequency tightening is the inevitable, unsightly sagging, flabby arms. As we mentioned, radio frequency is one of the technologies of body contouring, so the arms portion is also included.

How to tighten skin arms is one of the things we ladies obsess about. You can't blame us, these triceps and biceps really become wrinkly once we age. Now that radio skin tightening for arms is out in the market and even come in small packages, i.e. portable gadgets, we are taking advantage of this alternative.

On another note, it’s not just aging that is making arms saggy. Others just lost a lot of weight and caused their loose arm skin. According to an article on Washingtonian, a quicker, easier option for arms is radio frequency procedure. They even went on to recommend two brands, that of PelleFirm and Protégé Elite, as part of a cheat sheet article they did.

Arm lift cost is estimated at $300 to $400, depending on the number of therapies you need when you have it done on a clinic. On the other hand, this curated list is heaven sent, where it lists 14 portable radio frequency devices that are available online. You can simply assess what you need after gathering information for your own procedure.

If you’re not ready to visit a clinic, you can always watch our curated videos here. This way, you have all your questions ready before any consultation.

Have fun watching these videos.

Thermage Radiofrequency Skin Tightening For Wrinkles On The Arms / Arm Definition / Arm Skin Laxity

In this video, there is a combination of procedures. This way, you can decide whether radio frequency alone is what you want or add on another procedure. What is nice about this video is that it is really short and straight to the point at less than a minute.

Hummingbird MediSPA Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Tutorial using the Accent Radio Frequency Machine from Alma Lasers

Also a short video, this one shows you how to handle a specific brand. In this case, it has given you a recommendation on which brand you can ask for a demonstration for. You have to see it work before deciding whether to buy or not.

Exilis for Skin Tightening on a Woman's Arms with Dr. Seiler

According to Doctor Seiler, the board certified in cosmetic laser surgery and the Executive Director of the American Board of Laser Surgery at the time this video was taken, the Exilis is the best for fat reduction and skin tightening.

It’s your judgment! What we really liked about this video is that there is a specific doctor who has authority to speak on cosmetic surgery but then uses alternatives, that of a non-surgical one.

Arm skin tightening is not to be taken lightly. Though most of our focus when it comes to wrinkles is on the face, the other parts of the body, such as the arms should not be left behind when it comes to treatment.

Maintaining Ageless Skin is a Regimen

Each of us has their own regimen when it comes to our body. We believe that keeping a regimen or a habit is the best prevention and maintenance solution to aging gracefully. Without these routines, we tend to take our bodies for granted, driving it to its limit and eventually becoming content with how time treats it.

However, this need not be the case. Although we cannot fight aging, we can at least turn this milestone to our advantage. By listening to our bodily cues, we are able to understand what it needs to function correctly as well as look fit.

Below is a compilation of the steps or routines that we need to take now in order to aid our body to rejuvenate even as we age.

Diet – Overweight and obesity is a public concern. It is more pressing than how it looks. More than one third or American adults or 34.9% are obese.

Although the causes of obesity are varied, it speeds up skin death, not to mention many other health issues. Once we decide to lose weight, our skin becomes loose, causing sagging. This is often why we have sagging arms. With the right diet, we take in the right amount of calorie.

Exercise – When we think of exercise, we happily think about the Laws of Thermodynamics and its simplest explanation of how maintaining a fit body should be. The talk of heat, energy, calories and metabolism makes exercise easier to love.

Finally, a proven strategy to help us maintain a fit physical self. Because being fit is not a one-time occurrence, it’s a lifelong routine that we should come to love. Otherwise, it’s brutal for our minds.

Technology – We could never have imagined radio frequency as part of a routine to keep us fit and looking ageless. But it’s here and at the comforts of our homes at that! We wholeheartedly embrace it. At the start of this series, we mentioned about capabilities and assessing ourselves through it. Well, this is us just being realistic about our own capabilities and limitations. There will be times when we just can’t because of our age. Technology enables us, and we are grabbing this opportunity.

An arm lift at home is just the little gadget that we can keep at home for that daily regimen. It still beats getting surgery which will cost more.

How about you? Are there other regimens you wanted to add to this list? If so, list them down and share it with the community.

Visiting Your Doctor

At the end of all your research, it is prudent to always consult with your doctors. Research is not meant to substitute diagnosis. Your research is your guide prior to your doctor’s appointment.

Often when we visit our doctors we tend to forget that we had a lot of questions. To save you time and energy and to remind you to ask these questions, we have compiled a set of questions you can ask during your consultation.

Overall Skin RF Tightening:

  • Question # 1: Is radio frequency a logical alternative for skin tightening for arms?
  • Question # 2: Can you use radio frequency on me given these medical conditions (you may then proceed to give your medical history).
  • Question # 3: What is the procedure on skin tightening arms?
  • Question # 4: Is it safe to use radio frequency at home?

Skin Tightening on Arms Procedure:

  • Question # 1: How long does a radio frequency session take when tightening arms?
  • Question # 2: How many sessions will it take given my built and the condition of my arms?
  • Question # 3: Will the procedure hurt? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest, rate the level of pain it can cause.
  • Question # 4: What do I need to do after the procedure?
  • Question # 5: What is our timeline for results to appear?

The Challenging Arm

We could not imagine ourselves to take daily torture just to get the right arm that we need. To us, it is simply a balance of limitations and capabilities.

The arm, when sagging or flabby is probably one of the most challenging. After all, surgery is the more widely known solution. How can RF tightening compete with this surgery procedure?

Read, learn, research, consult your doctor then decide for yourself whether it would be worth having it around at home.


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