Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: Your Ultimate Guide


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Radiofrequency treatment has been out and about for quite some time now and it's absolutely delightful. The technology may seem foreign or even alien but you’d be surprised to know that radio waves and devices like the one above may be even more effective than rubbing that skin firming lotion all over your face at night. 

So, take a load off and get comfy... here's pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know about the revolutionary technology of RF skin tightening:

Radio Frequency Technology

More familiarly associated with television sets and afternoon dramas on the radio, this technological niche is concerned with the use of special electromagnetic radiation coming from artificial sources.

Primarily, radio frequency energy waves are used in communication where a source broadcasts these waves at a certain frequency. When other devices such as TV’s and radios receive these waves, they convert these waves into vibrations which then translate into sounds.

Broadcasting sources use various radio frequency equipment to produce radio waves. These radio frequency equipment can produce these waves at waves at different frequencies, allowing you to change to a different wireless radio frequency station based on what rf radio frequency your device is configured to receive.

Radio Fundamentals

To put things into perspective, it is important to understand about radio frequency waves and how they work. Basically, radio frequency technology revolves around the use of radio waves.

These are vibrations caused by electronic devices that travel through the air. They are created when an electric field makes contact with a magnetic field. They cause vibrations that can travel through a vacuum. That’s radio frequency meaning.

This property is essential for radio waves because it allows them to be caught by receivers.

These receivers are built into every radio and TV station. When these waves travel through the air, they are picked up by these receivers.

From this point, they are fed into a tuner. This is where the radio tries to make sense of the frequency and turns it into something audible and understandable for humans.

Basically, Radio stations are big transmitters that send out very large radio waves through the air through large radio frequency power using their equipment. They use large electric and magnetic fields embedded with audio signals to broadcast their shows over large areas. Radios within that vicinity pick up these signals and play whatever is being broadcasted from the station.

They also have a unique radio frequency signal. That means their signal is unique in that area and no one else is supposed to broadcast at that wavelength.

When a radio station is live and broadcasting, they feed recordings of their shows to a transmitter that converts their shows into radio waves that get transmitted through the air. When radios receive these waves, they can turn it into sound. When the station is offline, radios can still read the waves, but it will only turn out static.

RF Frequency Generator

For radio frequencies to be used in the realm of skin treatment, you’re going to need something more consistent than a radio station. You need a frequency generator. So what is a frequency generator?

Instead of depending on a high rf frequency generator at a broadcasting station several miles away, a radio frequency generator serves as a “mini transmitter” and works on creating a sustained pattern of radio waves. Think of it as a radio station that doesn’t go offline. You’ll also only hear the same thing if you were to listen to it.

That’s where the beauty of radio frequencies enter. You don’t have to listen to them. When applied to therapy, you just need to point them in the right direction. Whether they’re a low frequency signal generator or a high frequency signal generator, you’ll be able to use them in small spaces.

In this regard, there are different kinds of this radiofrequency generator. Depending on the kinds of radio waves needed, you can get generators that can create high-frequency waves that have a bigger impact. You can also get generators that produce low frequencies that vibrate and cause gradual changes over a longer time.

One type of generator that deserves special mention is the royal rife frequency generator. This was invented by a certain Royal Raymond Rife, an American Scientist.

His invention was designed to create special radio waves that could influence negative elements within the human body and bring about a healthier individual.

According to his approach, his frequency generator rife can create radio waves that can attack leukemia cells in patients without damaging other vital organs in the body.

Radiofrequency Ablation

With the idea that radio waves can affect tissues and cells, a closer look at the medical applications of radio waves can be found in ablation.

Ablation is defined as the surgical removal of tissues. This notion usually entails invasive techniques that put patients under the scalpel.

Through radiofrequency, patients are exposed to radiowaves that heat a certain portion of the body. These waves go past the skin and end up burning the desired area. This could be a tumor, a tissue, a blood vessel and even an organ, depending on the disorder being treated.

This idea is best applied to various types of cancer.

Radiofrequency ablation can best help cancer patients by specifically targeting cancerous cells and their cancer frequency and causing only them to perish. Instead of putting patients through regular chemotherapy, radiofrequency only attacks the malfunctioning cells because of the frequency of cancer and leaves the healthy ones alone.

This eliminates the risks of such a risky treatment and avoids further complications, all while increasing the success rate of surviving from the ailment all from a simple microwave frequency device.

The possibility and accuracy of this idea has yet to be tested. There are numerous scientists and experts that are testing, debating and improving on this method. As of today, it still stands as a viable promise with plenty of possibilities. Human testing has yet to prove the effectiveness

of this approach.

Radio Frequency Skin Treatments

On a less dire note, radiofrequencies have also found radiofrequency treatments when it comes to skin care. Instead of targeting internal portions of the body, this technology can be used on the surface of the skin in order to improve the overall appearance of our largest organ.

It’s called radio frequency beauty treatment.

But what is radio frequency treatment in terms of beauty? Radio frequency beauty treatment has been creating a buzz lately, because it’s a revolutionary process that avoids the pain and time involved with most procedures. Facials and spa treatments that could take hours may now be replaced with an easier method with quicker processing.

Instead of using substances and other invasive techniques, a radio frequency procedure affects the primary layers of the skin, causing them to react to energy that the waves create.

Since this is a kinetic influence, the waves create heat for radio requency skin treatments. This heat is different, because it is introduced in low frequency waves that do not directly burn the outer layer of the skin.

Practitioners use a node as a conduit from their radiofrequency generators to your face. Radio waves are emanated from the node and they directly hit your skin. When these low frequency waves come into contact with the skin, they cause vibrations of a certain wavelength. In reaction, the skin tightens.

Naturally, when the skin tightens, the pores close and wrinkles start to become less prominent. This effect is faster than waiting for the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture from lotions and other treatments.

This can be applied to radio frequency slimming, radio frequency anti aging and even radio frequency eye treatment!

Radio Frequency Skin Care and Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening

What is radio frequency skin tightening? The main approach of this article is to explain how this method applies when it comes to radio frequency treatments for skin tightening.

In order to appreciate this approach, a better understanding of the skin and how it responds to radio frequency treatment for skin is required.

This particular organ is elastic, meaning it stretches based on what is influencing it. It responds to a variety of stimuli. When the skin is exposed to radio frequency tightening skin waves, the skin contracts and vibrates, causing pores to close and to become smaller.

This leads to tighter skin, not just because the pores are closed, but because the skin contracts in response to the heat.

If the radio frequency skin tightening treatment is kept at a regular interval, this desired effect can be maintained over time.

That is how skin tightening radio frequency works. That’s the main theory behind radio skin tightening. Instead of prodding the skin, vibrations and heat are used to influence the skin and cause it to react in a certain way.

When you have your first treatment, you’ll be subjected to a probe that will be rubbed against your face. This probe is connected to an rf generator which constitutes the radio frequency technology skin tightening part of the process.

After a certain amount of exposure, you will start to feel your skin vibrate in response to the skin radio frequency being influenced by the probe. Your skin will also begin to feel warm.

That’s one of the effects of radio frequency therapy skin tightening methods. Radio frequency treatment for skin may also be used for other areas of the body, that’s why the general term is skin tightening radiofrequency treatment.

Radio Frequency for wrinkles

In line with treating pores and tightening the skin, radio frequency treatment for wrinkles also becomes possible through the same process.

This is because when the skin vibrates and contracts due to heat, it pulls together folds and evens them out. This is exactly what any practitioner will tell you about radio frequency wrinkle treatment reviews. Think of it as a packaged deal when you sign up.

Radio Frequency Treatment for Cellulite

Due to the unique nature of the skin’s reaction to the radiowaves, this form of therapy can also be used to target cellulites as radio frequency cellulite treatment.

Most people will refer to cellulites as unwanted clusters of fat that normally appear near the buttocks. Women find this especially unflattering when they wear shorts and usually go through liposuction to get rid of it.

With radiofrequencies, specialists can target the fat in the thighs without having the patient undergo surgery. Electromagnetic waves interfere with the fat in the body and cause the fat to burn up, leaving other tissues and cells alone.

In addition to that, the waves will also cause the skin to tighten while losing fat, completely avoiding the risk of sagging skin and wrinkles around the area of fat reduction.

Radiofrequency for the Face

Going back to the main topic, Radio frequency facial machines and radio frequency facial treatment methods stand as a big competitor against conventional facial care methods.

The approach is new, uses less material and even comes cheaper, not to mention radio frequency treatment for face reviews show great radio frequency facial before after pictures that get plenty of people jealous.

Some of the cheapest radio frequency facial devices can cost around $30 while the more expensive ones could reach to $400. Despite that, the value of the radio frequency face treatment is only seen through its effects, and this is where RF therapy shines the most.

The results of one session could last for years because of the tools being used. Some clinics use portable radio frequency face lift device models to make things faster, some don’t.

Despite the buzz and the seeming success of the approach, there are drawbacks to using radio frequency for face lift. Don’t just believe in radio frequency facial before and after pictures.

Just like any other medical approach, something could always go wrong. Because you’re dealing with radio frequency on face, you could be prone to getting burned. You will be placing a face radio frequency treatment tool right on the surface of your skin that will emit an electric and magnetic current. If not properly equipped and ill-informed, you could end up burning the outer surface of your skin long before your wrinkles start to disappear. Read radio frequency facial skin tightening reviews before visiting a clinic.

As there are different radio frequency face lifting treatment clinics, there are also different RF generators that work on different principles. It is important to be familiar with them because they each pose different risks but provide the same effects. Radio frequency face lift reviews will be your best bet to choose the best.

In most clinics, specialists use cooling gels on the surface of the skin before using the rf waves. This protects the epidermis from the direct contact of the waves and leaves nothing but the lower layers affected.

What Does Radio Frequency Actually Look Like?

If you’ve been wondering what a treatment looks like, check out this radio frequency video here:

This is just one of the videos available on YouTube that gives a better explanation of the procedure.

You can also check out radio frequency before and after photos here and here.

Please note that radio frequency skin tightening before and after photos may vary from person-to-person. Just because one patient had quick results, yours may not be the same. Some develop more redness than others.

Take note that you may need more treatments to get the desired effect. But from the photos here, it’s clear that your wrinkles, complexion and your scars are greatly reduced thanks to the treatment.

Ask your dermatologist about the possible effects depending on your skin type and what he or she can recommend to reduce negative symptoms.

Radio Frequency Skin tightening at Home

Consumers can either visit a local clinic that provides this service on a regular basis, the same way that they would if they were to get a facial and such.

On the other hand, they could also obtain an RF generator and application device and use it at their own convenience in the form of radio frequency skin care at home.

Due to this demand, manufacturing companies have now clamored to provide the market with an array of available home radio frequency skin treatment devices that will allow people to subject themselves to radiofrequency for face at home. The process literally works the same way, the only difference is that the customers do everything themselves.

Radiofrequency for skin tightening at home entails the investment in both a radio frequency home device that works like an RF generator. Before you can get a radio frequency facelift at home, you need to learn about how to operate and stop radio frequency device before actually using it.

If you’re a bit in the dark, consult a clinic to learn more about home radio frequency skin tightening. They will get you started on radio frequency skin tightening at home.

If you're looking for more great RF products check out this curated list the Sage put together a bit ago. 🙂

Zeny® 5-1 Cavitation Machine Tripolar Multipolar Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Reduce Body Shaping Machine

Although significantly more expensive, the price is justified by the multiple attachments that can be used for various parts of the body. These radio frequency devices for skin tightening are more of a cellulite-attacking tool rather than a skin-tightener.

It also has 5 different functions that make it a good investment. This has earned this rf frequency device good radio frequency skin treatment reviews as well.

It may not be one of the best radio frequency devices for skin tightening for someone who is looking for their first wand to use at home. These radio frequency skin care devices are more suited for clinics that need something more functional and heavy-duty.

What’s more, you have to determine the cream that goes best with your skin and the machine. Keep in mind that sometimes the cream you use is not suitable or doesn’t match your skin type.

Project E Beauty Blue Photon Needle Free Monopolar RF Radio Frequency Skin Device

Priding itself as the more affordable option, this Rf radio frequency skin tightening machine is better-suited for home use because you’ve got a machine that emits weaker waves and lesser impact.

That means it’s safer to use on a daily basis. It combines RF therapy and UV LED lamps that both work to stimulating the skin after a long bath.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with cooling cream.

Project E Beauty Hand Held Vibrational Monopolar RF Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Wrinkle Machine

Just barely scratching the hundred-dollar mark, this particular model also sports the massager-rf wave tool which makes for a good combination. It’s slightly larger and more functional than the earlier entry and makes for a great second-purchase for those who would like to get more out of their wands.

Sadly, you would still need to purchase cooling gel with this one. There seems to be an agreement to disagree between lotion providers and RF generator people about selling these things in packages.

Portable Radio Frequency Face Lift Device

If you’re looking for something in the middle of the above choices, this is the place to go. This particular model focuses on people who are always on the go, because it’s compact and works with a common outlet. This makes it easier to take with you.

This trade-off of size for power might end up with you taking more than one usage per day. Be sure to read the manual well to determine the kind of power you need for your facial care.

Professional VS DIY Radio Frequency

Although getting a high frequency estheticiam machine may be more affordable than visiting a clinic, patients should keep in mind that the specialists who handle these machines have been trained adequately, with knowledge both in radiowaves and human anatomy.

You need a good dose of both before you can start waving that magic wand in your face, unless you want to get zapped bad. You may be safer with a portable high frequency machine that consumes less power.

Another difference to note are the different machines that are available. Remember that these work on different blueprints, thus having different mechanisms. It is best to do some research and consultation before getting a machine and going at it at home.

You can also consider radio frequency laser treatment to further customize your treatment. A radio frequency laser skin tightening approach uses high-power LED beams to increase the heat and vibrations.

The best idea would be to visit a specialist first and ask for advice on what kind of machine to get. These would be the best people to talk to about this kind of thing. Once you’ve become confident with the knowledge that you have, you can begin looking at machines and testing yourself.

High Frequency Skin Tightening

Initially, regular RF skin tightening machines are programmed to emit low frequency waves in order to avoid damaging the skin or the body. Low frequency waves don’t vibrate as much but penetrate deeper because to reach longer distances before they dissipate.

On the other hand, there are also high-frequency rf machines and services that provide high frequency power for more severe cases.

People who have damaged their skin over the years through accidents and improper hygiene will benefit most from this. People with unwanted growths such as moles, scratches and stitches also benefit from this method.

This is because high-frequency waves are more powerful. Although their don’t penetrate as deep, they create a great impact on the surface, where patients with special circumstances need it the most. They get tighter skin as well as reduce the visibility of their unwanted facial features.

Ultrasound and Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening

You might have associated this to pregnancy scans. They work on the same level, but use different technologies. Ultrasounds are good when it comes to observing things underneath the skin. They emit waves that invade the body and bounce back to source, providing an image to work with.

Because of the unique nature of ultrasound waves, they’re more effective when it comes to eliminating fat from the body. These waves can be used to target fat cells and have them vibrate at a certain frequency to dissolve them.

In this sense, it’s easy to appreciate how convenient ultrasound radio frequency would be for people who do not have the time to exercise. Literally, with the wave (or two) of a magic wand, clumps of fat cells that have solidified in the body can be melted and eliminated from the body with ease. The best thing about this treatment method is that it’s permanent.

It should be remembered, though, that this isn’t a solution for those who are overweight or obese. Ultrasound radio frequencies are only meant to target small areas on the body wherein fat needs to be eliminated. From this point, it is not something that should be used all over.

Doing so increases the risk of damaging the skin and other unwanted circumstances that could come from over-exposure to radio waves.

In general, you could think of ultrasound RF waves as a small adjustment tool that can hit an area more accurately than exercise and diet. This could mean a few extra pounds around the waist or a certain number of flaps underneath the arm that need fixing.

Monopolar Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

This is where you learn about the different kinds of radiowave frequency machines out in the market. So far, there are two main categories. You have the monopolar and the bipolar types.

Although they may sound like personality disorders, they both work towards the same results.

With monopolar radiofrequency waves, you have a singular pole that emits an rf wave that penetrates deep into the skin. Since there are no secondary nodes to receive the waves and bounce them back, you’re left with something that works like a hose.

Bipolar devices, on the other hand, operate with two monopoloar radio frequency poles that send and receive these waves and control their strength. This could be amplified to cover a wider area along the body or to narrow down the scope and target a specific area.

This demonstrates the main difference between the two types. You get more control with a bipolar device simply because you have more nodes operating on the targeted area.

You will also encounter multi-polar devices that have more than two probes that emit RF Waves. These are no different from bipolar machines because all you do is switch between an active probe and an inactive one.

Skin Rejuvenation

Not only can RF technology cause pores to shrink and wrinkles to disappear. It also has applications in radio frequency skin rejuvenation. Although smaller pores and wrinkle absence are already part of this idea, radiofrequency facial rejuvenation therapy can go farther than that.

With proper technique and control, radiofrequency for skin rejuvenation can lift dead skin cells to the surface of the epidermis, revealing a fresher and more glowing complexion. It’s really no different from regular rf therapy in the sense that it is an additional benefit to the package.

Is Radio Frequency Safe For Skin?

As mentioned earlier, there are limitations to this method. It is not to be used as a solution to obesity. Too much exposure to any form of radiation can cause unwanted changes in a person’s bodily functions. This is why RF skin therapy procedures are done in a controlled area with a set amount of exposure.

This is similar to the way X-Rays and Ultrasounds work. They’re tolerable in controlled amounts, but over-exposure will certainly cause problems down the road.

To answer the question “is radio frequency treatment safe?” the answer is yes. The key word here is treatment. That means a controlled environment with licensed and educated specialists taking care of your skin. Is radio frequency safe? The answer to that question depends on the amount of exposure you get. You know what they say, too much of a good thing is bad.

There’s also the heating issue to deal with. There are cases where people have been injured because of the absence of cooling agents on the surface of the skin. This may happen because of careless preparations or misuse of the equipment.

You would also need to get a hold of special cooling cream to work with the machines. Given that, there are different providers with different products.

For beginners, the safest route would be to start with a clinic visit to get information on radio frequency skin treatment safety. If you’re really interested in using this technology in the comfort of your home, you can consult the clinic heads and get tips and pointers on what to do.

It’s also best that you sample a few clinics to see how the process is done and to find out what else you need in order to get started at home.

Of course, going to a clinic can become your regular practice as well. Clinics can charge anything in between $50 to $250 per session, depending on the clinic. Fortunately, you won’t have to visit a clinic on a weekly or monthly basis. The effects of this approach last longer, which will leave you satisfied for months before finding the need to hit the clinic again.

One important thing to note is that RF therapy is not a one-hit wonder. Perfect skin cannot be attained with just one meeting. Just like with other forms of medication and therapy, continued application and practice is necessary, especially when there is a problem area that you’re targeting.

At the end of the day, it’s interesting to see various technological advances finding their ways into different fields of specialization. Who knows what the future might bring?


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