9 Great Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist about Radiofrequency Treatment


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We live our lives every day without giving our age a second thought, every year more and more people are seeking out ways to battle the earliest signs of aging. Radiofrequency Treatment is becoming a popular choice. But just what is rf treatment? Read on to know what you should ask your dermatologist about this amazing procedure.

1. What is Radiofrequency Treatment?

Why you should ask: It is important to know what kind of treatment you are planning to get for yourself.

What you should know: In general terms, Radiofrequency treatment is a non-surgical tightening procedure for loose or sagging skin using frequencies to stimulate the elasticity of your skin.

Is the procedure for particular skin types?

It’s important to know if your skin type be it dark or fair is safe for the procedure. It is generally safe for most skin types, but asking your dermatologist about it is also a good precaution just in case.

2. Is the Radiofrequency Tightening Treatment safe?

Why you should ask: Apart from knowing what procedure you are going to get, you should really know how safe it is for yourself. RF treatment is usually safe for everyone, but knowing other risks involved might help you convince yourself to undergo with the procedure.

Will the procedure hurt?

Apart from being physically ready, you have to mentally prepare yourself if the procedure will involve a certain level of pain. It all depends on your psyche and pain tolerance.

What if I have a lower pain tolerance?

Don’t be embarrassed to ask your physician if there’s a way to ease the pain from the procedure. They can offer patients with a pain relief gel if needed.

3. What areas of the body can be treated with Radiofrequency?

Why you should ask: The body area you want to get treated may not be suited for RF Treatment, so it is best to clarify this with your doctor to ensure the area is safe to be treated.

Can the treatment be used against acne scars?

Treatments like the RF treatment aren’t exclusive for just skin tightening. Ask your physician if it can be used to get rid some of your acne scars.

Can RF treatments be combined with acne treatment?

Acne is the worst. Imagine combining two effective ways to combat skin problems. Your physician will know the kinds of acne treatment that work well with RF treatment.

4. How long does the treatment session last?

Why you should ask: You have to prepare to allocate time for each session. And because each part takes a different amount of time to be treated, you should ask about the certain areas you want to undergo procedure.

How do you make use of that time?

Ask your physician if there is anything you can do to pass the time so you won’t be bored as the procedure goes underway or if you just have to sit still and let the doctor do his job.

5. Should the treatment be taken more than once?

Why you should ask: One session doesn’t always give results, so it’s important to know how many you have to undergo to see the results you are looking for.

Are there immediate results?

There could be immediate results that will encourage you to continue with the treatment. It all depends on your skin type and how good your doctor is.

Is there a diet to be followed?

Treatments like this usually work better with diet and lifestyle change. Ask your physician the best diet plan to get optimized results.

6. Are there any side effects to Radiofrequency treatment?

Why you should ask: As safe as the Radiofrequency treatment is, there are still some side effects that can happen depending on the person. So it’s best to be informed and be prepared in case it affects you in any way.

Important note: if you happen to experience any kind of side effect always stay calm and contact your attending physician at once... They will be able to make things right!

7. Can I still go about my daily routines after each session?

Why you should ask: Radiofrequency recovery time is virtually zero, but it may be different depending on your body type, so it’s always better to be sure so you don’t get surprised by the down time you might get.

Can I wash my face immediately after treatment?

Some treatments don’t allow patients to wash their faces right after a session because it may deactivate the cells that are helping rejuvenate your skin.

Is there a way to ease the redness?

The treatment may leave the affected area red and sore, so ask your doctor for ways to ease it or when it will eventually go away on its own.

8. Can I get the treatment at my current age?

Why you should ask: You could be too young or too old for this treatment, so asking is a good way to know for sure that the treatment will work wonders on your skin.

Is the treatment safe for younger patients?

If you are younger than the recommended age, ask your physician if it can still be done in moderation, or if he can suggest other treatments that are better for you.

9. How long does the effect of the treatment last?

Why you should ask: There are treatments which only last for a few months, some a few days. By knowing how long the effect of the RF Treatment is going to last, you can prepare yourself if you want to get it again, or not.

Things you should know about Radiofrequency treatment

Skin solutions like Radiofrequency treatment are generally safe, have zero downtime and have long lasting effects on the skin. This is the general idea, but because everyone is different, the results may vary which is why learning more about the procedure is always a good idea.

And there is no one who knows more about Radiofrequency treatment and the things that come with it than your local dermatologist.

They are a friendly bunch, so never be embarrassed to ask them questions to things you want to know more about, especially if it is about a procedure you want to undergo.



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