Post Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Treatment Tips: What NOT To Do After Your Session


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Have you just gotten out of your brand new radio frequency treatment session?

Well, hopefully you found the time to ask your dermatologist what to do (and NOT to do) in order to take care of your brand new skin!

Are you looking for pre and post radiofrequency skin tightening tips... or how to take care of your skin POST radiofrequency?

According to the article “This is Why It’s More Expensive to be A Woman” published by The Huffington Post in 2013, women spend over $426 billion on beauty products each year.

Despite the influx of countless self-help guides of cheap do-it-yourself beauty hacks, most women still spend more cash to reach the accepted standard of what is defined as physically beautiful. Well, truth is, this world never grants free beauty maintenance.

To get your desired magazine cover-perfect looks, you are always required to allot a considerable amount of money for that. Yes, a beauty support system is quite expensive. One of the many skincare treatments popular today is the radiofrequency skin tightening procedure.

This treatment that can be done clinically or through home-use radiofrequency devices, is an accepted process of reshaping the skin’s surface that has visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite, by infusing radio frequency energy to the inner layers of the skin, enabling the production of new collagen.

9 Things *NOT TO DO* After An RF Treatment Session

So what are the things or habits that you shouldn’t do after your treatment? Below is a list of some no-no’s and other tips for after radio frequency session.

Note that these are general guidelines which you may follow regardless of whatever type your radiofrequency skin tightening treatment is.

1. Sunbathing or anything that has something to do with direct exposure to sunlight

When you have undergone a radiofrequency or RF microneedling treatment, your skin was already exposed to a high amount of heat which causes burning sensations. Sunbathing or prolonged exposure to sunlight could add further irritation or even damage your RF treated skin.

So, if you do not want burnt skin, avoid staying too much under the scorching heat of the sun. If you have no choice and you really need to go out, you should apply sunscreen that has at least SPF 30.

Bonus tip: Stay fashionable while at the same time protecting your skin from sun rays by wearing different kinds of hats or by using hip umbrellas.

2. Say NO to tanning after your experience of RF skin tightening

post RF treatment tips

Since you are not allowed to stay out in the sun too much, you might think that tanning can be an alternative. Well, just in case you’re wondering, the answer is definitely NO. Tanning beds, or tanning procedures of all sorts use ultraviolet rays, just like the natural sunlight.

Radiofrequency energy plus UV rays would be too much for your skin to absorb. Tanning after radiofrequency tightening or or RF microneedling treatment could cause your skin to be more sensitive and increases the likelihood of damaged cells.

True, sun-kissed looking skin is nice, but no to tanning for now. You should rather eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots. Vitamin A helps in the production of new skin cells and if you take more vitamin A, your skin may as well recover fast.

3. Scratching or skin picking post radiofrequency skin tightening treatment or RF microneedling

RF tightening aftercare

Do not scratch scabs if they are formed. Even if scabs can be itchy, control the urge to scratch them and refrain from skin picking. Scabs are indicators that the skin beneath isn’t fully healed.

If you keep on trying to remove them, the newly forming cells will be exposed. Your skin might also bleed. This can lead to further skin damage and deep scarring. If itching persists, gently apply an antimicrobial ointment on the scabs to relieve the unpleasant feeling. Allow them to fall off naturally.

You wouldn’t wish for a larger scar after all, right?

4. Drinking even a little alcohol post radiofrequency skin tightening treatment or RF microneedling

Perhaps, you happen to be invited to a party. This is fine, but remember, do not drink alcoholic beverages if you’ve just undergone a radiofrequency procedure or RF microneedling treatment. The treatment will be useless if you do this.

Since your liver is involved in the process, it needs to fully cooperate after the treatment. Taking in alcohol is never a good idea because your liver will first remove the alcohol from your body instead of the deactivated fat cells. Drink more water instead.

5. Drinking coffee, tea or soda post radiofrequency skin tightening treatment or RF microneedling

things to avoid after radiofrequency treatment

You’ve been advised to increase your water consumption to at least three liters per day. When we say water, that’s none other than H20. Coffee, juices, tea, and carbonated drinks are excluded from the list.

It is important to keep your body hydrated to help your skin recover fast and make it more young-looking. Drinking coffee and other beverages that have caffeine can dehydrate the body rather than rehydrate it.

On the other hand, water helps in reducing excess fat in the body, thus making the rf treatment results more visible and achievable. So, after your session, stay away from fast food chains or coffee shops no matter how alluring they may seem. You know that looks can be deceiving. So, be loyal to water.

6. Hot shower or hot baths and saunas post radiofrequency skin tightening treatment or RF microneedling

rf treatment maintenance

We definitely understand that hot shower, hot bath, spa and sauna are all relaxing. However, instead of offering your rf treated skin with relaxation, these things might rather cause trauma or irritation on the body parts treated.

It is advisable that you shower with cool water. But if you really want something warm to rinse your body, a lukewarm bath is okay.

Keep in mind that the water’s temperature shouldn’t be too high. Hot temperature could aggravate the condition of the skin that has been through intense radio frequencies and delay its recovery.

7. Touching or manipulating the affected area too much

radiofrequency treatment red skin and swelling

If you checked yourself in the mirror and you notice that your skin is reddish or there’s mild swelling, avoid touching the affected area. Touching or manipulating it could cause infection and this may spell more trouble instead of the desirable results you’re aiming for.

Meanwhile, to ease the swelling, you may apply a clean icepack to the affected area for 15 minutes three to four times a day. To relieve the redness of your skin, you can apply soothing gels or creams. Your doctor may also advise that you use cool moisturizing mists on the irritated areas.

If there are open sores, gently put an antibiotic ointment. On your face, you may also use a hydrating mask.

8. Keeping your sedentary lifestyle

Now that you lose cellulite, the appearance of stretchmarks, and eased your sagging skin, just sit back and relax. Oops, that’s what you might be thinking right now.

Once you’re done with your Rf session, the effort doesn’t end there. You need to stay active and drop that sedentary lifestyle, otherwise, your treatment will be no use after all.

You would likely experience the same problem over and over if you don’t exercise for at least 20 minutes after your session. Brisk walking is one form of exercise that’s sometimes recommended for patients who underwent RF treatment.

9. Eating more fatty and unhealthy food

Giant hamburgers, freshly cooked French fries, popcorns, chips- they are all tempting if you’re a fast food junkie. But, it’s completely a no-no to eat fatty and unhealthy food right after your radio frequency skin tightening session.

Q: What Happens To Your Skin post radiofrequency skin tightening treatment or RF microneedling?

As the radio frequency energy enters your skin and penetrates deep down the epidermis and dermis, you could expect that the heat generated could cause typical reactions.

Usually, post RF procedure reactions of the skin may include redness, sensitivity, swelling, heated sensations, and in some cases, mild pain. If the radio frequency skin tightening session comes with a peel treatment, tiny scabs might also appear.

These effects naturally occur and are generally considered as normal. However, RF-treated skin demands a specific list of the things you should or shouldn’t do. This is to achieve the best results possible and avoid worst-case scenarios that could happen to your skin.

You would never wish to waste the money you’ve invested by breaking the guidelines after undergoing a certain treatment. Just like all the other skincare regimens, you are required to follow post RF treatment guidelines.

Q: How do you take care of RF tightened skin after your experience of RF skin tightening?

Let's not let all that great RF tightening go to waste!
It's time for some preventive maintenance:

  • check
    Do not waste your money on unhealthy diet. Invest in good food.
  • check
    On your grocery list, include more fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. Great example is a bunch of berries.
  • check
    Learn to make low fat vegetable salads you can enjoy.

Take Care Of Your Skin Post Radiofrequency Skin Tightening with the Right Attitude

You have come this far. You won’t wish to go back to same problem over and over. That’s why utmost care is needed to maintain positive results.

That’s right. No matter how many rf sessions you’ve finished, the time, money, energy and effort will be wasted if you do not apply the necessary changes or refrain from unhealthy habits.

With self-discipline, effort, and persistence, remember to avoid these things after your rf session: scratching, alcohol, fatty and unhealthy diet, tanning, sunbathing, sedentary lifestyle, caffeine, hot baths and touching or manipulating swelling or reddish skin surfaces.

In addition, in case more serious side effects occur, consult your dermatologist right away. Keep your skin healthy. Stop unhealthy practices. Start with the healthy ones.

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