10 Reasons Why Portable RF Beauty Machines Are Great

Learn about 10 reasons why portable rf beauty machines are great for skin tightening on the road!


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When you’re on the road all the time or living a life of travel, your skin suffers.


You’re exposed to all the world’s different climates and pollution. You pass by cities that mess with the balance of your skin and you get weird sleep schedules thanks to the red eye flights and jet lag.

The food you eat can also affect your skin. Changing diets and unhealthy meals can do serious harm to your skin thanks to spices and oils. Changing diets so often also creates an imbalance in the nutrients in your body and can make your skin look sallow or be very dry.

What’s more, you may not be getting the exercise you need thanks to your lifestyle.

The weather and pollution you find in different countries can also wreak havoc on your complexion. Your skin might just be getting used to the sun and heat then you have to fly somewhere cold and dry. Constant changes can be hard and can make you look dull and tired.

Traveling is glamorous but can be very hard on your skin. Before you know it, you’re a haggard traveler who looks like you’ve been through a war zone instead of a tour.

10 reasons why portable RF tightening (Radio Frequency) beauty machines will change your life on the road:

  1. This portable RF machine will give you numerous skin benefits such as skin lifting, wrinkle removal, removes blemishes, skin lightening, removing fine lines, anti aging and anti acne.
  2. The portable high frequency of this machine will help your skin produce new collagen, increases the oxygenation and will give you improvement to your blood circulation. This can help your skin look younger.
  3. This portable high frequency machine is not just helping tightening the skin but also help you burn fats and make your skin more elastic.
  4. By the help of the portable high frequency, the flabby skin will become firmer without any damage; it will also give you smoother and whiter skin.
  5. Aside from improvement from the result of signstek portable high frequency skin tightening, it will also give your body a relaxed, rejuvenated feeling.
  6. The portable radio frequency face lift device is less expensive than the regular sessions at most clinics. You can use it anywhere and it will give you quality treatments at your own location at any time.
  7. The portable radio frequency machine is relatively painless and may cause only slight discoloration.
  8. This portable high frequency facial machine helps the skin to easily absorb any creams and vitamins. Simply rubbing the cream onto your skin does not guarantee absorption.
  9. The signstek portable high frequency skin tightening is generally advisable for everyone, even if you have sensitive skin or allergies. But consult a doctor first to be sure.
  10. This portable radio frequency face lift device is easy to use--you don’t need to be an expert to use this. You can simply follow the steps on their instruction manuals or on their videos online.

How can portable RF beauty machines help?

Just like any other person who wants great skin, you can start a skincare regimen. But how do you maintain your complexion when you’re in a different part of the world every month? You certainly can’t buy skincare packages. You may not even get to see the same doctor.

The solution is to have your own skincare routine with you all the time. This is where RF tightening products come in.

These devices can give you a constant source of facial treatments without the need for an appointment or a doctor. If you need to look great for a meeting tomorrow or a sudden night out with friends in another city, this device could be your very best friend.

But what is it?

What’s a portable RF (radio frequency) beauty machine?

A portable rf machine is a high quality product that is developed by an expert to give you the tightened skin, less scars and a brighter complexion (for starters). It may also help you get a naturally full recovery for your body and skin.

This portable high frequency machine is user friendly and easy to operate; it is also suitable for home and travel use. It is used to enhance your beauty and skin appearance.

This product is proven and tested by many users around the world. Though there are many RF machine developers that introduce new designs, all of these devices have one purpose and that is to help you improve your skin.

If you want to see the portable high frequency machine reviews and feedbacks by many users, as well as the prices, you can check it here.

But what can a portable RF beauty machine actually do for you?

Skin experts say that at very low frequency and in the right amount of exposure, radiofrequency treatments can burn away dead, stubborn skin cells that exacerbate your wrinkles. Adding other treatments can moisturize skin and help heal scars and lighten your complexion.

Depending on the machine, your skin type, the number of sessions and the creams and beauty regimen you use with the treatment, you may see great improvement after several sessions.

But if you live on the road and can’t go for multiple sessions with a dermatologist regularly, what do you do?

You buy a DIY kit.

When to consider using a portable radio frequency beauty machine?

Here are reasons why you should have a portable radio frequency machine on hand. You don’t even have to be a traveler to want one of these devices at home.

  • If you have slight to moderately loose skin on your body, such as face, arms, neck and stomach.
  • If you like to improve the texture and color of your skin.
  • If you are afraid of surgical operations for skin improvements.
  • If you are a very busy person and do not have the time to go to the clinics.
  • If you want to lose cellulite and at the same time give your body a good rest.

But for busy travelers (whether for work or for play), a DIY RF kit may be even more invaluable for healthy-looking skin.

How does a portable RF beauty machine work?

This machine work in conjunction with high frequency electrodes which are usually made of clear tempered glass.

This device operates when the high frequency electrode is inserted into the machine. It produces electrical current that passes through glass when applied or in contact with the skin. It produces healing electrical energy which helps the skin to rejuvenate and produce natural moisture.

There are many designs and devices that are available in both online stores and markets. However the purpose and functions are all the same.

There are different methods on how this product is being used, but these are the common steps for each device. Take heed to consult a doctor before doing any medical procedure on any part of the body:

  • Relax as much as you can before the procedure.
  • Take a bath and wash your face twice with mild facial cleanser.
  • If possible, steam your face with a warm towel after cleansing.
  • Dry your face using a clean towel. Pat only.
  • Clean your face using astringents, this is to remove the remaining dirts from your skin.
  • Apply any cream or serum that you want to use. For many users, if you want to get whiter skin, creams with vitamin C plus moisturizer are the best choice.
  • Use the portable radio frequency machine to your face and body. Depending on the device, you may be using the instrument on your face for 5 to 15 minutes. Ask your doctor for the best amount of time to do so.
  • If you will apply another cream or serum to seal everything in, do it at this stage.
  • Use the machine 2 to 3 times per week and no more than that.

When you do buy an RF machine for travel use, it’s important that you use it carefully.

Always remember the following:

  • Make sure that you will buy a brand new product. You do not want to get any problems such as malfunction of the device or even skin disease from using an old machine.
  • Make sure to read the full instructions inside the box of the product before using it. In every product and device, reading all the details is necessary in order to avoid mistakes.
  • Do some research and comparison of these devices in order to get the product that fits to your budgets and needs. You do not want to buy something that will give you regrets in the end because you are not sure.
  • ​Avoid using this machine on your eyes and other sensitive area. The product can remove dark circles, but applying it directly to your eyes is not applicable.
  • Don’t overuse the machine--follow the instruction for better results. Don’t abuse your skin and the machine.
  • ​Don’t spend too much time in one area of your body. It is not good for your skin to be overexposed; mild is better and safe.
  • ​This device is for personal use only, you don’t want to get any skin diseases like warts, bacteria, etc., from other people.
  • Make sure that you keep your device away from kids and store it in a clean area. You don’t want to get your machine damaged.

Portable Radio Frequency Wattage Level and Oscillation Rates

Both power and strength of the high frequency machine are very important to consider. The power level is different from the level of wattage.

You need to choose a product with a high rate of oscillation and a very low wattage level. Make sure that it is less than 10 watts.

The combination of this will be very effective and efficient. You need to avoid buying a product that does not meet this since it will never work effectively.

Shapes and sizes matter for Portable RF

Since there are many products available in the market, the shape and sizes are also important.

You need to first consider if you only want to use this device for face or just for body, or even both. The small rf machine is only used for face, while the big rf machine is only used for the body.

There is also an available machine that is considered as 2-in-1 or all-in-one. It can be used for both face and body: it is called a medium RF machine. Of course the result is different from a machine for a specific part of the body.

On the other hand, if you want to save money and you need it for more than just your face, then go for the 2-in-1 device.

Body and skin are considered an asset for both male and female. Portable devices that produce high frequency is one of the advisable products from experts, medical professionals, as well as a dermatologist.

For many, following all kinds of procedures works really well, but in reality eveyone has different skin types and conditions. You might have a similar problems with others, but not exactly the same.

The results might be different. For some it will take a short period of time, but for others it may take more time and patience before seeing a small improvements.

Make sure that you follow the instructions on the device and that you never use it for other purposes. Check the machine for damage before using and clean it regularly according to instruction.

Make sure that the RF machine is clinically tested and that it did not bring any problems for many users or satisfied customers.

Experimenting using Portable RF (Radio Frequency) Beauty Machines is highly inadvisable


Isn’t this device very useful and designed as a personal tool? What dangers does it pose?

Even if this device is good to use for amateurs without medical training, it can have adverse effects on the body. Follow the instructions in the booklet or you may be over-exposing yourself to harmful radio frequencies for extended amounts of time.

This should not be used on extremely sensitive parts of the body such as the groin and armpit unless the product has been expressly designed for those areas.

Having a medical complication on the road is even more difficult than having it while you’re at home or at the office--you won’t have a your regular doctor see you and you may be in a place without good medical facilities.

This is why you should show a doctor the device first before you use it on yourself while on the road--medical help may be too far when an emergency strikes because of a bad machine or incompatibility with your skin.

How often should you use portable radio frequency beauty machines to get the results you want?

Since you’re on the road and not able to get clinic-level skincare, it may take a few months before you see any results with your portable RF machine. You also have to keep in mind that your skin type and skin problems determine how great your results will be in the amount of time you expect.

Consult a dermatologist in the area about your device. This way, you can get good, solid advice on how often, how much and what creams should go with your portable skincare machine.

How do you maximize the use of your Portable RF Beauty Machine?

Getting clinical treatments may be the best way to get the skin you want as fast as possible. But with your travelling, it can be impossible.

What you can do is visit reputable clinics in the area and have a session whenever you can. Supplement the radiofrequency treatments with your home kit in between and get a spa session when you have the time and resources.

If you’re going to a country with a high dollar exchange rate, you may consider buying your machine there to save on costs. You may even buy a kit from the dermatologist in the area--where you can also ask how to use the device and some secret tips and tricks.

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