Nu Skin Face Lift Reviews: Miracle Skin Firming Cream? (Here’s What We Know)


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Nu Skin Face Lift with Activator (Original Formula)
  • Contains albumen, an egg white-derived ingredient, and elastin, a structural protein found naturally in the skin
  • Revives dull, tired skin by improving the appearance of the skin's tone and texture, for a smoother, tighter,...
  • Delivers much-needed conditioning to the skin with a combination of wholesome ingredients

Are you looking for a high-quality product that will give you the results you’re looking for when it comes to your skin’s appearance?

Do you want something that many other customers have been happy with and continue to buy time and time again?

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When it comes to shopping for the perfect face cream, we know there are tons of options out there and it can be very confusing to find the right fit for you. Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone has different experiences with products on the market today.

That’s why we’ve gathered information from tons of Nu Skin Face Lift reviews to help you figure out if this product is one you’re interested in trying or not. This product hasn’t been on the market very long, but it’s already made dedicated customers of most of the people who have given it a try. Because of this, we feel like it’s worth your time to check it out and see if it can make a difference for your skin.

Below, we’ve got all the basics you’ll need to know about this great product. Read on to find out more!

Nu Skin Face Lift

Nu Skin Face Lift with Activator (Original Formula)

Nu Skin Face Lift is a great product that shows excellent results for most customers . It is designed to help tone and tighten the skin while encouraging elastin and collagen production in layers beneath the surface level. It also helps slough off dead skin cells on the surface so the healthy skin below can be seen more easily. Best of all, it helps moisturize and revitalize dull skin so you’re always sure to look as healthy and youthful as you want to. You’re sure to love the way your skin feels after just a few treatments with this popular product.

nu skin face lift reviews

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  • Nu Skin Face Lift contains albumin, which is an ingredient derived from egg whites to help tighten the skin and encourage collagen and elastin production.
  • This product also includes elastin as well, so your skin will be exposed to this natural form of protein that it needs in order to grow and look healthy.
  • The product helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while making your skin look glowing and vibrant.
  • There are also natural moisturizers found in this product, including aloe vera, which is included to help the skin feel soft and soothe it after any other more invasive treatments you may be trying.

What We Liked

  • We love that this product comes in both an original formula and a sensitive skin formula. This way, anyone who is interested in trying it will be able to do so without having to worry about causing any harm to their skin. The original formula tightens the skin a little bit more than the sensitive version, but both are very effective in helping get the results you’re looking for, especially with longer-term treatments. Keep up with using this cream regularly and you’re sure to see great results no matter which formula you choose.

What Could Be Improved

  • This product requires maintained usage to work as expected, so when you stop using it, you will no longer get the results you’re looking for. While this is true of just about any skin care cream for home use, it is something that could be improved with a little more attention to the formula itself. We feel that working on the formula of this product could help it last a little bit longer so that customers won’t see a negative impact on their skin’s appearance so quickly after stopping use of the product. However, despite this, many customers are happy to continue using it regularly anyway.


  • As soon as you apply this product to your skin, you’ll start to see positive results that will last throughout the day and longer the more you use it.
  • Customers have reported having no issue with skin irritation even when they accidentally leave this product on the face longer than it is supposed to be used.
  • Customers are happy with the way this product feels on the face while it’s in the process of treating the skin.
  • Most customers do not have a problem with the smell of this product and do not seem to notice any kind of aroma from the fragrance-free formula.


  • You will need to use this product daily in order to keep seeing the results you’re looking for, so it’s a bit of a commitment.
  • Some customers do not like the tight way the skin feels while this product is on, although others are happy with this feeling and its results.
  • You will need to take this product off after ten minutes, and you won’t be able to just put it on and go about your day, so it’s not as easy for on-the-go use as some other similar products out there.
  • You cannot wear makeup over this product.


As you can see, Nu Skin is a great product from a company that cares, and we highly recommend giving it a try. This product has shown great results for those who have given it a try, and we feel that you’ll enjoy the results you get with it as well. Although not everyone has the same results from products like this one, we believe that there have been significant positive outcomes from using Nu Skin, and because of this as well as its commitment to ingredients that work, we think this product is a great option.

nu skin face lift review

With that said, however, if you have any questions or concerns about it, you should always speak to your dermatologist or other skin care professional to determine whether or not you can really use it. You should ensure you’re a good candidate for this product before giving it a try, and pay close attention to the ingredients list too, to determine whether or not you have any allergies to anything that can be found in it. With just a little bit of prep work and research before hand, you’re sure to enjoy your Nu Skin experience from day one!

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