5 Great Gluten Intolerance Pills For Sale Online (HEAL YOUR GUT)


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Do you suffer from gluten intolerance?

Are you looking for supplements or options that can help you get rid of gluten intolerance?

Have you heard about gluten intolerance pills but are not sure whether they are effective or not?

If you too have asked these questions, we have the answers for you.

Today, we are talking about whether or not gluten intolerance pills can help if you suffer from gluten intolerance and if they have the same effect on everyone. We are also reviewing 5 of the best gluten intolerance pills that are available on Amazon, along with their price and pros and cons.

5 Awesome Gluten Intolerant Pill Options Available Online

1. NOW Gluten Digest, 60 Veg Capsules

NOW Supplements, Gluten Digest with BioCore®DPP IV, Gastrointestinal Support*, 60 Veg Capsules

This blend of enzymes is formulated to help with complete digestion especially of cereal grains. It contains DPP IV (Dipeptidyl peptidase IV)  that will specifically protect your body against the characteristic proline bonds that are found in the proteins in cereal grains. It contains protease and amylases will prevent against any other problems associated with carbohydrates or proteins. It is non-GMO, does not contain any gluten and is 100 percent vegetarian. You can have it alone or in combination with other nutritional enzymes.


  • Helps with complete digestion of cereal grains.
  • DPP IV to protect against the characteristic proline bonds found in proteins in cereal grains.
  • Protease and amylases prevent against carbohydrates or protein allergies.
  • Non-GMO, no gluten, 100 percent vegetarian.
  • Have it alone or with other nutritional enzymes.


  • May not always work after eating foods with ‘hidden’ gluten.
  • Not the best to take care of gluten and celiac issues.

2. Healthy Digestives Gluten Cutter enzyme formula – Helps Improve your bodies Gluten digestion and assist in breaking down Wheat, Dairy and Other Grains – 30 Servings, Capsules

Healthy Digestives Gluten Cutter Enzyme Formula - Helps Improve your Bodies Gluten Digestion and Assist in Breaking Down Wheat, Dairy and Other Grains - Capsules - 30 Servings

This will help your body to easily digest the gluten  that is found in the wheat and other grain based products that you eat. It also helps your body to effectively and easily digest the lactose that is found in milk and dairy based products. Also, using this formula will help your body to easily break down the other hard to digest foods that you eat. This mix claims to be the only one that contains the GCX50 blend of gluten which is a mix of various effective enzymes.


  • Easily digest gluten found in wheat and other grains.
  • Easily digest lactose found in milk and dairy products.
  • Easily break down other hard to digest foods.
  • Only one to contain GCX50 blend of gluten.


  • Not the most effective with stomach cramps.
  • May lead to gas formation and burps.

3. Enzymatic Therapy Gluten Defense Vegetarian Capsules, 120 Count

Nature's Way Gluten Defense Digestive Enzymes, Dairy and Wheat Digestive Support* Supplement, 120 Vegan Capsules

This is specifically formulated to protect you against the negative reactions of gluten. It contains DPP IV and protease enzymes  that will help with digestion, especially for gluten and casein. It also helps to digest other proteins, carbohydrates and fats, thus helping you stay healthier and avoid discomfort. It is completely vegetarian and does not contain gluten.


  • Protect against negative reactions of gluten.
  • DPP IV and protease enzymes.
  • Helps digest gluten, casein, proteins, carbohydrates, fats.
  • Completely vegetarian, no gluten.


  • May cause nausea and vomiting.

4. Me + My – Gluten Assist, Helping You Give Gluten the Boot, 60 Capsules

Me and My - Gluten Assist, Helping You Give Gluten the Boot, 60 Capsules

This formula will Me and My - Gluten Assist, Helping You Give Gluten the Boot, 60 Capsules  and even on those that you eat and that have hidden gluten in them. It contains a balanced blend of carbohydrates and gluten enzymes that will help to support your digestion. The formula acts fast and helps to prevent the buildup of gas and the feeling of bloating. It is easy to use and you need only one capsule to get the results any time you may be having anything that contains gluten. These capsules do not contain any gluten, have no dairy, artificial colouring or flavours and are vegan.


  • Work on regular and hidden gluten.
  • Balanced blend of carbohydrates and gluten enzymes.
  • Aid digestion, prevent gas buildup and bloating.
  • No gluten, dairy, artificial colouring or flavours. Vegan.


  • Results may not be as effective as claimed.
  • May not be best for serious celiac issues.

5. Enzymedica – GlutenEase, Complete Gluten & Casein Formula with Digestive Enzymes, 60 Capsules (FFP)

Enzymedica GlutenEase, Digestive Enzymes for Food Intolerance, Offers Fast Acting Gas & Bloating Relief, 60 Count (FFP)

This formula will help to improve your digestion system  and properly dissolve the gluten and casein in your body, without leaving residual traces. It contains protease and other enzymes that will help to reduce any pain, bloating or formation of gas, that are common symptoms of gluten intolerance. These will help to break down the gluten and the gliadin proteins which can help to reduce the onset of the gluten intolerance. It also helps you to digest the carbohydrates more effectively which reduces the triggers.

It is certified non-GMO, is vegan, Kosher and does not contain any gluten. It also contains thera-blend enzymes that are blended in the formula and that will help to cover the overall range of pH range in your body.


  • Improves digestion, dissolves gluten and casein. No residual traces.
  • Protease and other enzymes reduce pain, bloating, gas.
  • Break down gluten and gliadin proteins to reduce symptoms.
  • Digest carbohydrates more effectively to reduce triggers.
  • Certified non-GMO, vegan, Kosher, no gluten
  • Balances pH range.


  • The initial use may cause pain and discomfort.
  • Can cause some gas and bloated feeling initially.
  • May make you feel fatigued.

What kind of relief can pills for gluten intolerance bring to those who suffer from gluten issues?

According to scientists, having a gluten intolerance pill can partially help people who are sensitive to gluten and can help them to have some amounts of gluten without going through the negative reactions against this wheat protein, such as pain in the abdomen, bloating or even diarrhoea.

gluten intolerance pills

Researchers who studied the effect of the gluten intolerance pills on people who suffer from gluten intolerance found that as even small amounts of gluten can affect those who are sensitive to it, taking a supplement for gluten intolerance can help by taking care of the remaining gluten in the system that can often be the source of all the discomfort that people face through gluten intolerance.

The way these tablets work is that, when you take the gluten intolerance pills that contain the enzyme, it can prevent the gluten to enter your small intestine, and as a result can reduce the way it can affect you. This helps to significantly bring down the effects of gluten intolerance.

Do gluten intolerance pills actually work?

pills for gluten intolerance

While research is still on and medical teams feel that taking gluten intolerance pills may help, this is still a subject that is under debate, as the effectiveness of these pills are not as medically recorded as they should. Also, it is not medically proven whether or not taking these pills will have the same effect on everyone who has a gluten intolerance problem.

To be sure that you do not suffer from any negative consequences of taking these pills, make sure to speak to your doctor and be careful about the amount of gluten based foods that you eat.

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