10 Foods High In Hyaluronic Acid (RICH FOODS FOR HEALTH)

Find 10 foods high in hyaluronic acid (rich foods for health) in our article!


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If you’re looking for more information on how to eat right to improve the health and wellbeing of your skin, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we'll give you a list of foods that contain levels of hyaluronic acid so you’ll never again have to wonder about what to have for dinner when you’re looking for a healthy choice. Read on to learn more!

Our *TOP* 10 Foods High In Hyaluronic Acid:

To give your body the best opportunity to produce its own hyaluronic acid, you should stock up on plenty of foods that are packed with it naturally. These foods will encourage your body to produce more and give your skin a healthy, natural glow without having to rely on any injections or costly serums to make that happen. Although some of these foods may take a little getting used to, many of them are easy to enjoy and easy to find, too. Look up interesting ways to cook and prepare them so you’ll never run out of ideas!

  • Bone broth. This is one of the easier options from this list, and it’s a tasty one that can be used in a wide variety of different ways in your cooking, too. There are plenty of recipes for homemade bone broth that can help you get started.
  • Sweet potatoes. Cooked or raw, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of hyaluronic acid. Try them on salads or cooked as a side dish.
  • Organ meat. You may take some time to develop a taste for organ meat, but it’s the best source of hyaluronic acid out there, so it pays to learn how to enjoy it. Offal is a good way to try it if you are willing to.
  • Kale and other leafy greens. Blend kale or spinach into a fruit smoothie if you’re not a fan of eating either of these foods in a salad.
  • Soybeans and other soy food. While edamame is one of the better ways to get the health benefits of soybeans in your diet, you can also enjoy soy milk, tofu, and other foods that are derived from soy to get the same results.
  • Cashews, almonds, and many other nuts. Most types of nuts are very good for you, and especially for your skin. Peanuts don’t have as many health benefits as the rest, however, so keep that in mind when making your choice.
  • Bananas, cherries, and mangoes. If you’re a fruit lover, you’re going to really enjoy this option. You can get a lot of vitamins as well as hyaluronic acid and other important substances for your body from consuming bananas, cherries, and mangoes—though bananas are your best bet.
  • Red wine. Have a small glass of red wine at night to improve your skin and joint health.
  • Dark chocolate. Enjoy a small serving of dark chocolate (maybe with your wine) to get tons of great benefits.
  • Bell peppers. Last but not least, cook up some bell peppers or eat them raw on a salad or sandwich. The color doesn’t matter, as they all contain hyaluronic acid.

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What is hyaluronic acid? How can foods high in hyaluronic acid help?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that’s found in the body naturally. Mostly, it’s located around the eyes, but it can also be found in the joints. In some instances, the body doesn’t make enough of this substance, or you may just need a little more to help take care of problems. For example, some people use this supplement to treat osteoarthritis.

The type of hyaluronic acid used in this kind of treatment is derived from roosters. It may also be lab-made, depending on the specific situation. When used on the skin, this product can help reduce or reverse the signs of aging.

3 Best sources of hyaluronic acid (Other than Foods High In Hyaluronic Acid)

There are more ways to get hyaluronic acid in your body than simply by eating the right foods. However, for the most part, changing your diet is the best course of action, especially if you’re not trying to treat a very severe problem. Be sure to speak to your dermatologist to find out if there are other methods you should consider in conjunction with your dietary changes. Your regular healthcare provider may be able to give you more information about this, too, especially if you’re trying to treat other problems aside from your skin.

  • Serums. Hyaluronic acid serums can be purchased over-the-counter and come in varying degrees of strength. They are intended to be rubbed directly on the problem area on your face or elsewhere on your body.
  • Gels. These are often injected by a trained and licensed professional into the problem areas of your face or any other part of your body that may need a boost.
  • Food. Last but not least, your diet can make a huge difference in the amount of hyaluronic acid present in your body. You can change your diet to improve your chances, as well.

Try Foods High In Hyaluronic Acid Today

There are tons of options for you to choose from when you’re trying to decide the best course of action for getting enough hyaluronic acid in your body. While you can certainly use serums if you’re only trying to treat topical problems and you can go for injections if you want something more targeted, changing your diet can be the best possible way to encourage your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and help improve your skin as well as other areas that may be affected.

Don’t forget to try several of the foods listed above to find the ones that work best for you. You might start by incorporating these foods into your diet three times a week, then working up from there. This can be an especially good option if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like many of the foods listed above or who is a little picky about flavors or food textures.

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With the right attention to your diet, you should be able to improve your skin’s health and appearance in no time simply by consuming more foods that are high in hyaluronic acid. The list above is just scratching the surface of the great options out there!

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