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Have you been asked by your doctor to avoid foods rich in glucose?

Are you trying to reduce the amount of glucose you consume in your daily diet?

Do you worry if you could have any health issues by regularly consuming glucose containing foods?

If you are looking for answers to the same, this article can help you find information about foods that are rich in glucose and that you should avoid. We are also talking about what can happen if you regularly eat these foods and what you need to avoid.

What is glucose? 

foods high in glucose

Glucose is a type of sugar and is a very important way through which your body gets the energy to carry out its regular day to day functions. It is a form of sugar that is naturally found in different types of fruits and vegetables and is used by your body as a natural source of energy. When the glucose moves through your bloods and reaches towards the cells, it is known as blood sugar or blood glucose.

Is glucose naturally-occurring and typically found in food? What foods have glucose in them? 

Glucose is naturally present in those foods that are typically high in their carbohydrate count, such as potatoes, breads and most fruits. If you have high blood sugar or blood glucose levels, you should speak to your doctor to understand what glucose intolerance foods to avoid.

Top 10 foods that contain very high amounts of glucose

Here is a list of foods containing glucose that you should try and avoid as much as you can.

1. Pasta: 

foods with high glucose

Pasta is a food item that does not contain any sugar but contains very high amounts of carbohydrates in the form of starch that is found in it. For instance, the amount of carbohydrate that you will get from three cups of cooked pasta will be equal to what you get in about nine to ten slices of bread. Also, a lot of the sauces that you use to cook pasta are high in the amount of added sugars that they contain, which increases the amount of carbohydrate and sugar content that they have.

2. Potatoes: 

foods containing glucose

Potato is a vegetable but is actually a type of starchy root that is very high in its carbohydrate content. Eating a large baked potato is also almost equal to eating about two to three slices of bread. Also, eating other forms of foods that are made out of potato, such as potato fries, mashed potatoes and potato chips can all cause the same amount of harm in terms of increasing your blood glucose levels.

3. White rice: 

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White rice contains very small amounts of fibre especially in comparison with brown rice. Having foods that are rich in fibre can help to keep your blood glucose levels in check, but not doing so can have adverse effects on your health. According to studies that were done by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health to conduct the amount of glucose found in white rice, it was found that those who eat more than five or more servings of white rice in a week have a much higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, whereas those who have something else instead of white rice and replace at least a third of it with brown rice can reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 16 percent.

4. White bread: 

glucose containing foods

Just as it is not good to have white rice if you are trying to avoid foods that have very high amounts of glucose in them, you should also avoid eating white bread. White bread is made out of refined flour, and when you eat it, your body digests it very quickly. This is not good, because it means that the speedy process of digestion can cause a spike in your blood glucose levels, and also the fact that the digestion happens too fast will make you hungry too soon, and can make you reach out for junk food or processed foods that again may contain very high amounts of glucose.

5. Aerated and sweet beverages: 

high glucose containing foods

All the aerated and sweet beverages that you see contain a high amount of added sugar and these are most commonly found in sports drinks, fruit punches, energy drinks, variations of sweetened coffees, soft drinks and so on. All these drinks contain a very high amount of carbohydrates that gets digested very fast by your body and can really make your blood glucose levels go up very high.

6. Baked food items: 

foods rich in glucose

Most types of baked goods, such as croissants, pies, cakes, muffins, rolls and cookies are also very high in the amount of carbohydrate that they have, especially because they contain a lot of added sugars in them. Whether these goods are made out of refined flour or whole grain flour, they can still be bad for your blood glucose levels, especially because the flour in itself contains a high amount of starch or carbohydrate. The starch that is present in the flour, as well as the amount of added sugar if any, can form a potent mix and cause an almost instant spike in your blood glucose levels.

7. Red meat: 

what foods are rich in glucose

If you eat a lot of red meat, especially bacon or cold cuts, reducing it will be good, as red meats contain a high amount of saturated fats that can also increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that if you eat red meat once a day in the form of hot dogs, bacon, sausage and so on, it can increase your risk of developing diabetes by more than double as compared to those who do not consume red meats in such proportions.

8. Junk, processed and fast foods: 

glucose intolerance foods to avoid

These types of foods, especially the heat and eat types, are super high in the amount of added sugars and starch they contain, along with fats and salts. These can not only increase your blood glucose levels but also increase your weight, put you at risk of diabetes, heart disease and more.

9. Packaged foods: 

what foods have glucose in them

These are almost always high in trans-fat that can increase the amount of bad cholesterol and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol which can cause a spike in blood glucose levels and also put you at a higher risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

10. Whole milk: 

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This also contains a lot of saturated fats and can spike your blood glucose levels, as well as cause insulin resistance, especially if you are already at risk of diabetes.

What could happen if you consistently eat foods that are high in glucose? Can this be very bad for your health?

Carbohydrates turn into blood sugar, so the more carbohydrate rich foods you eat, your body releases more amounts of blood sugar as this food gets digested and gets absorbed in your blood. Liquid foods that are high in carbohydrate get absorbed faster than solid foods rich in carbohydrate.

 High blood glucose levels causes a condition known as hyperglycaemia where you see an increase in thirst levels, blurry vision, frequent urination, suffer headaches and excessive fatigue.



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