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Do you often wear closed shoes to hide the skin on your feet that does not look nice?

Do your feet smell and are you looking for something that could make it better, and make the skin softer?

Trying out a baby foot peel could be a great solution then!

Instead of asking you to buy something from the store, today we will share with you some very easy ideas on how you can make your very own baby foot peel at home. We will also discuss what it does and why users love it so much.

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*Easy-To-Make* DIY Foot Peel Recipes

1. DIY foot peel using lemon and aspirin 



  • 1 cup of Epsom salts
  • 1 lemon
  • 10 to 15 aspirin tablets
  • 4 litres of hot water
  • A plastic wrap
  • A pair of cotton or woollen socks

How it helps

  • Epsom salts can help to act as an exfoliator and remove the dead skin cells from your skin.
  • Aspirin tablets have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, and will help to reduce any signs of swelling or redness from your skin. These also help to naturally pull out dirt and make your skin more even toned.
  • Lemon is acidic in nature and acts as a natural skin whitening agent. It also has anti-bacterial properties and will remove any foot odour and prevent them from happening.

How to make 

  • 1
    Pour the water in a large pan or a sort of tub in which you can easily soak your feet.
  • 2
    Add the Epsom salts and soak your feet for at least half an hour.
  • 3
    Put the aspirin tablets in a bowl and squeeze out the juice of the lemon in it.
  • 4
    Keep mixing the two till it dissolves into a smooth and thick paste.
  • 5
    Cut out the plastic wrap in two pieces in such a way that each wrap is large enough to easily cover your feet.
  • 6
    Get your feet out of the water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • 7
    Take the aspirin and lemon juice paste in your hand and rub it all over your feet, especially around areas that are rough and where you notice cracks or calluses. This will help to loosen out any dead skin.
  • 8
    Also apply more of the paste wherever you feel the skin is excessively dry and rough.
  • 9
    Once you have applied the paste all over your feet, take the wrap and cover both your feet.
  • 10
    Wear the socks and keep them on for at least about six hours. Wash off with warm water and pat dry.
  • 11
    Apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your feet and wear the socks again. Leave on for the night.
  • 12
    Very soon you will notice the skin start to peel off. If you want, you can pull off some of it as long as it does not hurt you. Alternatively, you can also gently rub off the shedding skin with a pumice stone.

2. DIY foot peel using lemon and Vaseline 



  • 2 tsp of Vaseline
  • Juice of a lemon

How it helps

  • Vaseline will help to remove any signs of dryness and make your skin extra soft and smooth. It also contains zinc that will help to even out the skin tone and reduce spots and blemishes.
  • Lemon can counter the effects of zinc so that it does not harm the skin but only gives you the benefits that zinc provides. It also has natural bleaching properties which will lighten the skin and make it look clearer and more even toned.

How to make 

  • 1
    Take two tsp of Vaseline in a bowl and add the lemon juice.
  • 2
    Mix the ingredients well till it turns into a gel like consistency.
  • 3
    Apply this gel mix all over your feet and massage in a circular motion to loosen any dead skin.
  • 4
    Wear a pair of socks. Leave it on overnight.
  • 5
    Wash off in the morning and your dead skin cells will start to loosen and fall off, while your feet become super soft and bright.

What is a baby foot peel or DIY peel for dry, cracked feet? 

A baby foot peel is a type of skin mask that forms a dry layer on the top of your skin and makes the uppermost layer of your skin peel off.

best baby foot peels
  • The mask sucks out dirt and calluses from your feet, so that it all gets absorbed in the peel.
  • Unlike any other peel where you just apply it and let it sit, you have to wear socks or special gel filled wraps to let the peel really do its work.
  • This can happen over a period of days and even weeks in some cases.
  • Once the entire top layer of skin has peeled off, you will see soft, smooth, healthy and really clean skin on the surface, which looks as new as a baby’s skin.

Why do people love a great DIY peel for dry, cracked feet?

There are many reasons why people are raving about it and loving this type of peel so much.

diy baby foot peels
  • Feet feel really smooth and soft.
  • You don’t have to try and peel out the skin or scrub it off, it starts to shed on its own.
  • Any calluses that you may have had will be gone along with the dead skin that sheds off.

Can I make a DIY peel for dry, cracked feet using common household ingredients?

There are some common household ingredients that can give you similar results as using a baby foot peel that you buy from a store.

baby foot peel
  • These ingredients will help to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells, so that the upper layer of your skin sheds off.
  • These also have skin lightening properties that can make your skin look more even toned and cleaner.
  • While the results may not be exactly the same as that of a commercially produced product, you can still get very good results from using a homemade baby foot peel using basic ingredients.

3 Ways a DIY Foot Peel is Better than Store-Bought Foot Peels

  • You can make it easily using ingredients that are available at home.
  • All the ingredients used are more natural and will not cause any side effects on the skin, as may happen with certain chemicals or other ingredients that are found in store-bought foot peels.
  • Even if you wear the peel for longer and use a little more quantity here and there, it will not affect you in a negative way. Not using the store bought peels in the right way could cause skin problems.
how to make baby foot peels at home

3 Ways That a DIY Foot Peel is NOT Better than Store-Bought Foot Peels

best diy baby foot peel
  • A DIY foot peel may not have the effectiveness of a store bought foot peel that has been made by specialists who are aware of the exact specifications.
  • In addition to using the ingredients that you use at home for a DIY peel, there will be other ingredients that will give more benefits.
  • Making and using a DIY peel is messier than using one that you can buy at the store.

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