The 7 Biggest Radiofrequency Tightening Mistakes You can Easily Avoid


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Despite being idiot-proof and safe for the home practitioner, radiofrequency skin tightening equipment and procedures still have risks. The good news is that they’re easy to spot and avoid with these radiofrequency skin care tips.

You would have to be clueless to make these mistakes which could set your beauty clock back a couple of months. 

1. Using RF when you’re pregnant

If you’re pregnant, it simply means you can’t undergo the treatment. No ifs, ands or buts. Wait until you’re finished breastfeeding until you undergo any procedure that has nothing to do with your pregnancy.

Even if you chose to end the pregnancy, you have to wait for your hormones to stabilize before you get any skin treatments. Your hormonal imbalance may cause your skin to be too dry, too oily or bloated. This can lead to complications and possible failure of the treatment.

2. Using RF with pre-existing skin complications

As much as clinics want you to think that RF skin tightening is safe and applicable to almost everyone, it’s  not an option that everyone can take.

People with special skin conditions and disorders may react differently to the radio waves.

The worst part about this is that, you don’t know what radio waves could do to special skin conditions. There hasn’t been a lot research or literature in that direction.

Skin reactions to any sort of treatment is highly subjective and dependent on a myriad of factors. No one can really say how a procedure can affect your skin until you try it.

This means that you always undergo medical procedures like RF at your own risk.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to donate your situation all in the name of science, would it?

That is why it’s very important to really have a good sit-down, face-to-face consultation with your specialist to figure out if RF skin tightening is really for you.

3. Using Your RF Machine on Sensitive Areas

The reason why there’s a difference between hand soap and facial soap is the fact that the composition of the skin is different on the hands and on the face. You have thinner layers on the face compared to other parts of the body.

That means the penetration of the radio waves is going to be deeper and more powerful at certain sections of your skin such as the crotch and the underarms.

If your RF machine is not designed for sensitive areas, you could end up  doing more harm than good. It could mess up your hormones, cause scarring and intense irritation in these areas.

Checking the specifications of your machine and showing it to your doctor before using it will let you know if the machine can be used for these areas.

It’s also a good idea to get esthetician skin care tips on what machines are good for various areas of the body. It’s not that you can’t, it’s just that your machine isn’t probably built for those areas.

4. Failure to Read the Manual

This isn’t just something common with RF machines. Basically, anything electronic gets the same negligence from impatient users who want to start tightening their skin right away.

Forgetting to read the manual is one of the biggest radiofrequency mistakes you can make.

Although it’s true that radiofrequency skin tightening machines were constructed to for amateur usage, that doesn’t exempt people from reading the included literature.

It’s a big mistake not to read, but sadly,a large number of peoplestill skip this important step. Reading the manual is a good way for optimizing my rf tightening treatment.

In the end, when the machine doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, they end up getting returned while still in working condition.

On the other hand, these machines could end up getting overused because of improper care and handling. Anything could happen to an ill-informed user who thinks that calling customer support is the solution to everything. Being informed is always part of the best regimen to follow for rf tightening.

5. Staying under the wand for too long

Yes, it’s great to be thorough with the use of your RF machine because it helps boost collagen levels within the skin. RF machines get that done by heating the lower layers of the skin without even touching the outer epidermis.

It sounds safe on paper, but not everything is safe in large quantities.

RF machines heat up the skin by emitting radio waves that penetrate the outer layer and bounce back from the lower layers. It teaches the skin how to behave by shaking your dermis up a bit.

This makes people think that it’s safe to become subjected to these waves for long periods of time.

A single session should only take about 5 to 10 minutes on certain settings. There are some machines that come with adjustable strengths that need to be learned before you start tweaking with their buttons.

It’s easy to get lost in a method that’s worked for so many in the past. This is why it is very important to consult with your physician or dermatologist before getting one of these machines. Because they’re easy to use, that also makes them easy to abuse.

6. Expecting too much, too early

This can be blamed on all the hype this procedure is creating. There’s a tendency for some sites and manufacturers to promise too much too soon.

One of the biggest misconceptions about RF skin tightening machines is that it can supposedly make you thinner at once. This has to be the biggest mistake one can make when getting a machine. Most uninformed people would usually just get the machine and hope it burns all their fat away in just a few sessions.

Primarily, RF machines are used to instruct the skin on  how to behave. These machines don’t magically burn all your fat deposits.

The best that it can do for fat is to prevent the skin from sagging when you actually start losing weight using other means such as exercise, proper diet and even liposuction.  It’s not a solution to obesity, but it’s a great complimentary skin care method to keep your appearance in top condition.

Another misconception that many people make is that they’ll only need one treatment to look better. If that was actually possible, clinics all around the world would start selling all their other equipment and just focus on RF technologies.

It’s always better to be an informed shopper before committing to getting a machine for your personal use. What sorts of skin problems need fixing? Is this method the best way to handle them? The more you know, the more you can appreciate the effects of RF skin tightening machines.

7. Getting scammed with faulty machines and non-performing systems

As dumb as it may sound, anyone can fall  victim to the wrong clinic or machine. There are as many bad clinics and manufacturers as there are good ones.

Any good-meaning customer could fall prey to these unscrupulous skin spas. You could end up spending thousands of dollars on promises and counting on results timeframes that are impossible. Managing your expectations is the best way to avoid RF skin problems such as this.

The trick to finding a good clinic or product is really simple. These people and machines are all about your wellbeing. Usually, shady clinics and manufacturers will be in a hurry for you to purchase the product or to sign up for the service. They’re all about  getting you to pay as soon as possible.

You should understand that there should be consultations, confirmations, and a bunch of paperwork and doctor’s go signals before you can safely sign up for a clinical procedure or purchase a machine.

Of course, there are good clinics that will put your safety and satisfaction above everything else. Finding them is the tricky part. Try to find reviews and ask your friends about a clinic or machine you fancy. Getting a feel of how the market rates a certain clinic or product will help you avoid making a bad decision.

Research on Yelp and find other review websites that give ratings and reviews on various clinics. Check out bloggers who have visited the clinic. 

Take a look at this article on some of the Sage’s own great RF Clinic finds on Yelp!

How do you avoid these mistakes?

It’s also quite simple, really. Google is your friend, so a simple search can bring you to articles like this that keep you informed.

Asking a doctor or consulting your family physician before you go to a specialized skin expert is also a good way to avoid any untoward incident. Ask for a skin doctor recommendation from your family physician so you know you’re with a professional.

It’s easy to jump the gun and get on the hype train; but before getting a ticket, be sure to get the go signal from a licensed and trusted medical professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and your skin should be no exception to taking calculated risks and proper care.


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