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Get hold of the best creams and moisturizers for dry crepey arms and legs in our best crepe skin damage products list.


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Do you often notice dry patches on your legs? Is the skin on your legs cracking or flaking? Are you looking for the offer that can keep your legs hydrated for long?

Today, we take a look at how severe dryness can affect the skin on your legs and how to know if this is just a cosmetic condition or something more serious. We will also do a detailed review of 5 choices that will help to take care of very dry skin problems on the legs. Read the pros and cons of each before you decide which products will work the best for you.

5 Lotions That Are The Best For Managing Extremely Dry Skin On The Legs

Lotions For Crepey Skin #1

BerbereX Foot & Leg Cream Advanced Skin Repair Foot Cream for Cracked Heels & Rough Dry Feet

BerbereX Foot & Leg Cream Advanced Skin Repair 6.5 oz Best Foot Cream for Cracked Heels & Rough Dry Feet! Moisturizing Hydrating Soothing Natural Relief for Your Skin! Diabetic Dry Skin Care!

This foot cream  helps to lock in the moisture and treat tough calluses to improve the skin’s elasticity and texture. This offer contains natural organic ingredients such as goldenseal, vitamin E, olive fruit oil, allantoin, grapefruit peel oil, American ginseng and natural aloe vera leaf extract that will give you soft and glowing skin. This choice will also exfoliate the dry dead cells to help the formation of healthy skin cells. Massaging with this cream will also improve blood circulation and reduce conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, foot corn, dry feet due to diabetes, athletes’ foot and psoriasis. The texture is thick and creamy and gets absorbed easily, without feeling greasy.


  • Locks in moisture, treats calluses, improves skin elasticity and texture.
  • Natural organic ingredients such as goldenseal, vitamin E, olive fruit oil, allantoin, grapefruit peel oil, American ginseng, natural aloe vera leaf extract.
  • Exfoliate dry dead cells, help form healthy skin cells.
  • This offer improves blood circulation, reduces eczema, dermatitis, foot corn, dry feet due to diabetes, athletes’ foot and psoriasis.
  • Absorbs easily, not greasy.


  • This offer may not be the best for extremely dry skin.
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Lotions For Crepey Skin #2

Shikai – Borage Therapy Plant-Based Dry Skin Foot Cream, Combat Dry, Cracked & Flakey Skin On Feet & Lower Legs

Shikai - Borage Therapy Plant-Based Dry Skin Foot Cream, Combat Dry, Cracked & Flakey Skin On Feet & Lower Legs, Good For Dry Skin Caused By Diabetes, Non-Greasy (Unscented, 4.2 Ounces)

This is a fast relief foot cream  that will give instant protection from dry, itchy and cracked skin. This best body lotions for crepey skin product has omega 6 products that are especially effective in healing cracked skin in a few days. This offer also boosts the growth of new skin cells for healthy skin. This choice contains Shikai and borage oil that will penetrate deep into the skin and help retain the moisture. Regular use will keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated for longer hours and prevent the loss of moisture. This best body lotions for crepey skin product will also heal problems such as flaky and crusty skin and ulcers or wounds. This offer does not have any scent, which makes it ideal for those who are sensitive to use products that contain any scent.


  • Heal dry, itchy, cracked skin.
  • Omega 6, shikai, borage oil.
  • Fast and effective results.
  • Boosts new skin cell growth for healthy and soft skin.
  • No scent.


  • This choice may not be best for very dry skin problems.
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Lotions For Crepey Skin #3

AMLACTIN Alpha-Hydroxy Ceramide Therapy Rapid Relief Restoring Lotion

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AmLactin Rapid Relief Restoring Lotion + Ceramides | 24-Hr Dry Skin Relief | Powerful Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Gently Exfoliates | Lactic Acid (AHA) Restores Rough Flaky Dry Skin | Paraben-Free 7.9 oz.

This foot cream  can work on very rough, dry and flaky skin and will give you 24 hour protection against dryness. This choice contains alpha hydroxy and ceramides that are known to provide intense moisture to the skin. The cream does not have any fragrance and gets easily absorbed in the skin, without making it feel greasy. You will start noticing almost instant results.


  • Treats very rough, dry, flaky skin.
  • 24 hour protection.
  • Alpha hydroxy and ceramides for intense moisture.
  • No fragrance, absorbs easily, not greasy. Instant results.


  • This choice can actually feel sticky.
  • This offer may not work on skin that has thickened due to dryness.
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Lotions For Crepey Skin #4

St. Ives Smooth Legs Shave Minimizing Moisturizer for Dry Skin

St. Ives Smooth Legs Shave Minimizing Moisturizer for Dry Skin - 14 fl oz

This rapid relief restoring lotion  has chapparal and Swiss botanicals that will help to make the skin soft and keep it hydrated for longer hours. This best body lotions for crepey skin product has an emollient-rich formula that will seal in the moisture and improve your skin’s overall texture to give you softer and smoother skin. With regular use, you will not have any more itching or burning sensation. This offer is ideal to be used after shaving and will keep the skin soft and not cause any shaving burn. Regular use will also reduce the appearance of hair on the legs.


  • Chapparal and Swiss botanicals.
  • Emollient-rich formula, improved texture, softer smoother skin.
  • Reduce itching or burning.
  • Ideal after shaving, reduce appearance of hair on the legs.


  • None as yet.
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Lotions For Crepey Skin #5

Aloe All Over BEST Skin Lotion For Moisturizing Severe Dry Flaky Itchy Skin Legs Arms Hands Glowing Baby-Soft Skin by Miracle of Aloe

This is a therapeutic skin lotion that can be used on the entire body. This best body lotions for crepey skin product contains soothing chamomile, vitamin E and evening primrose that will provide extra hydration to very dry skin. The formula also contains 72 percent pure aloe gel which will seal the hydration for longer.


  • Therapeutic, can be used on entire body.
  • Chamomile, vitamin E, evening primrose.
  • Extra hydration for very dry skin.
  • Pure aloe gel.


  • It has a strong scent that may not work for everyone.

What does it look like when you have extremely dry skin on the legs?

It’s true that the skin on our limbs will be different compared to the skin on our face. In fact, there may be different products better for your face and specifically designed for face use. The same goes for products meant for our legs rather than our face. The skin on your legs can get dry or very dry irrespective of your age. Here are some of the symptoms you might notice.

  • Your legs will tend to have more dry skin as compared to your face.
  • The skin can tend to feel tight and stretched.
  • You may notice redness and experience mild to intense itching on the affected area, depending on the severity of the dryness.
  • In very severe cases, the skin can also show very deep fissures that may start to bleed.
  • With constant scratching, the wound can develop into ulcers or open sores.

Could skin crack and flake? How bad can it actually get?

Yes, in severe cases, you may also notice flaking or very white patches on the skin that can look as if they are about to peel off.

Is extremely dry skin on the legs a cosmetic issue or could this indicate more serious health issues that need to be addressed?

In some cases, the extremely dry skin on your legs could be more than just a cosmetic issue, and point to a more serious health or medical issue. In such a case, you should get immediate medical opinion to make sure things are in control and you can get the right treatment at the right time.

  • There are some skin conditions such as atomic dermatitis that may initially look like a case of severe dryness on the skin.
  • It can cause the skin to become severely red and itchy.
  • In very serious cases, the affected area will look extremely dry and you may also notice patches and scales.
  • This condition mainly affects the skin on the feet and the ankles.
  • If you notice excessive dryness around the varicose veins area, it could be a condition known as varicose eczema.

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