25 Best Beauty/Skincare Fan Pages to Follow on Facebook


Admit it, you probably spend a lot of time on Facebook mooning over your first love (married with 8 children), avidly following the saga of the heated political debate between two of your friends, or maybe playing Kitchen Scramble. That’s all good, but Facebook has a lot more to offer out there, especially for you fashionistas and beauty budget babes out to seen the latest at its cheapest.

Your beloved Sage would like to help and while I can’t promise you both, you will probably get a coupon or two. Here’s a listing of 25 best beauty and skincare fan pages to follow on Facebook, in no particular order of preference.

1. A Model Recommends

This is a no-brainer, as long as the said model is not paid to endorse a particular product. This fanpage is the creation of fashion model Ruth Crilly and provides an insider’s view of what goes on in the life of a model off the runway. She discusses tips, provides how-tos and recommends products that you know are the cat’s whiskers

2. Aveda

It is interesting to see the evolution of this hair and skincare brand’s fanpage in its goal to engage its fanbase. Tips and contests are much in evidence, but the page encourages fans to share their own tips and stories and to talk to each other and to Aveda. It is a great complement to its official website

3. Bare Escentuals

If you want to see what the common folk are thinking, though, you should go to this fanpage, which is practically all user posts. It is a great place to get suggestions on how to use products

4. BeautySweetSpot

Ever wondered how celebrities manage to look the way they do? Well, this is the fanpage for you. It features interviews with professional hairstylists and makeup artists to find out their dirty little secrets

5. Chanel

You don’t have to be Coco to love the fanpage. It uses Timeline and the high-resolution images are large and inspiring; no wonder it has more than 7 million followers

6. Clear 

German brand known primarily for its anti-dandruff hair products, Clear is off to a good start with close to 100,000 fans in its roster. Hair care is always a good crowd-drawer

7. CoverGirl

We love the simple layout and easy navigation to the sections we want to see, and it is chockfull of tips, news, tools, and go-girl quotes from celebrities. They have also been quite successful in their promotions, such as the Covergirl movement, which gave out free samples and let participants upload videos of their own efforts at becoming a Covergirl

8. Cult Pretty

Cult of Pretty serves up unbiased, un-B.S. information about fresh beauty brands you’ve never heard of. For nearly a decade they’ve connected ladies and guys with great product and helped countless founders to share their dream.

9. DevaCurl

Straight is out, curl is in! If you have always battled the frizz, here is a fanpage where you can feel vindicated. Get tips and tricks straight from the curl!

10. DonnaDaily

The page may have been meant to showcase the prowess of founder Donna Kim on how to be beautiful, but it certainly makes style and beauty much more accessible to its fans. It features tutorials on hairstyling techniques and reviews on new product lines so you are always in the forefront of fashion

11. Dove 

Another popular kid on the block is this beauty brand beloved of divas and domestics. It inspires women of all ages and shapes to be the best they can be

12. MAC Cosmetics

A relatively newcomer, this product line attracts millions of Facebook fans (They just surpassed the 11 million mark as of this writing!). It is always changing, too, so you never know what you will see at each visit. It also has Aside from the usual tips and promos, MAC also exercises its social conscience with its Corporate Social Responsibility page. Mac focuses on engagement and not sales, always a crowd pleaser

13. Martinis and Mascara

This is an honest-to-goodness rants of a beauty-obsessed writer on practical beauty advice i.e. eyelash extensions, what gives? and do-it-yourself projects. It also gives away freebies, such as $75 Walgreens gift card for signing up

14. Maybelline 

We’ve always admired how Maybelline has held its own despite the onslaught of high-end, exotic sounding competitors. Maybe because its unpretentious and consumer-friendly, as evidenced by its fun quizzes and how-to videos

15. Meg’s Makeup

Buying or getting a beauty product is fine, but using it properly is another thing altogether. This fanpage offers practical make-up tips and tricks that will make you give a glossy smile, and they also have a lot of contests

16. Old Spice

***REDUCE face lines and wrinkles by over 46% in less than a minute - Eye Secrets 1 Minute Lift cream gives an instant lift without side effects. Enjoy the benefits for 10-12 hours!

Yes, men are vain, too, as evidenced by the number of fans it has and no wonder; it is highly entertaining with tongue-in-cheek videos and quotes that only a man can truly appreciate.

17. Sale.com 

Do we really have to say what this fanpage is all about? Okay, we will. The page will not only alert fans about sales on beauty products, but other products as well. The page also features a Daily Coupon, “fan-only” giveaways on sites like Cargo Cosmetics and Dolce and & Gabbana

18. Sephora 

If you like Sephora in real life, you’d love it in the virtual world! The fanpage offers the latest in its line of beauty products, online-only promotions, and great health and beauty advice

19. Spoiled Pretty 

Fans on this Facebook page will be spoiled rotten with as many product giveaways they can manage from nail polish to fake eyelashes

20. The Find 

Can you guess what this fanpage has to offer? No, it’s better. It works like the Google of freebies, searching out the best give-aways and promotions on offer. Like and you will be informed!

21. ThisThatBeauty  

This is a great resource for non-brand beauty and skincare suggestions and tutorials, but they also feature popular brand promotions so you can get your coupons and freebies. However, their product reviews are objective. It also alerts you about the latest trends and where to buy the latest products

22. Too Faced Cosmetics 

Don’t be fazed by the name, they are not going to stab you in the back! It is high in energy and features make-up tips, inspirational photos, and contests that engage its fan base

23. TotalBeauty  

Straight-up beauty resource page which alerts fans about freebies, giveaways, contests, and helpful tips and tricks that will make you look as gorgeous as you can be

24. Victoria Secret

Is it a wonder that this sexy fan page got into the top 20 fanpages on Facebook with more than 27 million fans (at last count anyway)? We bet a majority are men, but it is a great place to get helpful hints to make women more attractive (and tear their locks out in envy) and besides, the perfume line is wonderful

25. Zara 

A family-friendly site, Zara’s fan page also enjoys a huge fanbase of 18 million. For the latest in international fashion trends and products for men, women, and children, this is a great page to follow


​There are a ton more beauty and skincare Fan pages out there to follow on Facebook, but these are the ones I have enjoyed the most so far… I hope you enjoy them, too!

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