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Running a beauty business can be frustrating for people who are just starting out in the industry. Being a business owner, there are a lot of things that you need to be on top of – finances, marketing, human resources, and product and service offerings. Let’s not forget that there’s also that struggle to make a name for one’s self in the beauty industry to ensure longevity. Wouldn’t it be easier if we had that fairy godmother who, with a single wave of her wand, could get everything we need to do done with sound advice on managing the business to boot?

Fairy godmothers may not be real but don’t lose hope!

What if beauty experts could mentor us and impart words of wisdom to guide us as we start our very own beauty business? With that in mind, we contacted some seasoned professionals in the beauty industry and asked them THIS question:

If you could go back in time and meet your younger self when you were just getting started in the beauty industry, what would be the one piece of advice you would give yourself?

Here’s what some of our best skin experts have to say TO their younger selves. Take these words of wisdom and let them guide you in building your own skincare empire!

Believe and Love What You Do

​Belief in one’s self and love for the profession give the best boost for getting into the beauty industry. Practicing the profession that you love is one thing, and making a business out of it is another. The following tips tell us that being knowledgeable and passionate is not enough.
Amy Forman Taub, MD

In any industry, “Believe in yourself and your perceptions.” I realize this is a cliché but without this you have nothing.
Larry K. Fan, MD

Make sure you love what you do. There’s a lot of hard work involved, and it’s not always as glamorous as you might think. On top of that, ask yourself – why beauty versus health? I feel lucky that I love what I do.

          Just one more thought: There are a lot of starving people in the world. Why do you want to spend your life dedicated to something so trivial? Or is it?​

Market Yourself Well

The business will not build clients on its own. We need to do our part in getting our business out there. How do we make our business known then? Here’s Dr. Cheng’s advice:
Charles Cheng, MD

It is a simple answer for myself as I started very early in the non-surgical medical aesthetic arena… be more proactive in marketing. Even now, we are still very conservative in marketing ourselves. This is from my medical background. However, we are an odd ball in this field as we do not have social media, or even a completed website. We have built up our practice and reputation on quality and value of service provided. Fortunately, we are already very busy without the marketing.

          For those starting out, a solid foundation of referral sources are your clients. Nothing beats words of mouth. Quality and value of service provided are paramount. In order to achieve this, each professional must acquire knowledge, skills and experience and continue to do so throughout their career.

Earn Their Trust and Respect

Winning clients is one thing, but keeping them coming back and earning their trust and respect is a challenge. What do our experts have to say about this?
Steven E. Zimmet, MD

It’s always best to do what is best for your client/patient. Everything else takes care of itself.
Sonny J.H. Wong, MD

There are people out there with unrealistic expectations of what their bodies or face are capable of and it’s your job to know when to say no to someone. Some people just aren’t good candidates and even though it may upset them, it’s important to set yourself apart from the place down the road who’s just trying to make a buck. People will respect you for your honesty.

Trust Yourself And Never Stop Learning

Aside from the clients, you will also be dealing with colleagues and other professionals in the beauty industry. We need to be knowledgeable and skilled enough to provide the best possible treatment for our clients yet be humble enough to seek wisdom from other successful practitioners. Here are some pieces of advice from our experts.
Tina S. Alster, MD

Don’t be timid about asking others for advice or assistance. Most people are flattered to provide mentorship. I never asked anyone for help, but have mentored many others over the past 25 years.

          Another piece of advice: Please make sure to be appreciative of the assistance you receive and avoid bombarding your mentors with multiple questions and requests. Remember that they are offering their time and professional wisdom to you – do not abuse their good will.
Mitchel P. Goldman, MD

          Stay true to yourself and do not give in to financial or pressure from others. If your ideals and ideas are correct you will succeed. Finally, you always need to be having fun as well as be grateful to those around you.
Alexander Z. Rivkin, MD

I think that I would tell myself to not be intimidated by the more experienced people in the industry. I would tell me to listen and learn from everyone, but to be confident that my instincts and eye is just as good as that of anyone else. There is a lot of hype in this industry and a lot of distinguished opinions, but not a lot of hard science and empirical evidence. I would tell myself to be skeptical of many of the claims that I would hear, whether they were at conferences, in magazines or in scientific papers.

Help Yourself So That You Can Help Others

One of the best things to remember apart from loving what you do, is loving yourself. Keeping ourselves healthy and stress-free will help us provide better service to our clients.
Randee McDuffie, RN

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I am asked the same question on a weekly basis, “How do you get into your profession?” First of all, you really need to love being up close & personal with people on a daily basis. You must genuinely want to help and take care of people from all walks of life.

          If I could go back in time and give my younger self good advice, take care of yourself (eat healthy, exercise, pray daily) in order to be able to give your best service possible on a daily basis. Secondly, research a good esthetician school and nursing school preferably a community college. Don’t quit even on the worst and hardest days. It is very challenging but keep pushing through, you will make it!

Follow Your Own Advice

Practice what you preach is another thing you need to keep in mind. You simply cannot become a credible beauty industry professional if you don’t follow your own advice when it comes to caring for one’s skin.
Lizette Altieri, MD

Use sunscreen everyday!! An ounce of prevention is worth a cupful of correction!
Joyce Davis, MD

Always wear sunblock!

Fountain Of Youth?

If you could travel back in time to give your younger self some sound advice, you would definitely share the secret recipe for beautiful skin for years to come!
Mitchell A. Kline, MD

As every dermatologist who sees gorgeous skin in older people I see that the one thing they all have in common is the twice daily use of moisturizer and sunscreen.

Believe In Yourself

And finally, if you feel that you’re on to something great, do it! You’ll probably thank your younger self and advise him/her to not change anything you did as you build up your beauty business.
Mary Lupo, MD

As a dermatologist, I would not change a thing. In 1983, I made the decision to start my own practice and branded it as a cosmetic dermatology practice that specializes in natural, meaningful improvement without surgery. At that time, this was not even being discussed. I would not change a thing.

Getting into the beauty business is hard work and there is no single way of doing business and ensuring its success. Everyone who made it big in the beauty industry started out with some form of struggle or challenge along the way. But having these pieces of advice from renowned experts in the field should get us all set and ready to face those challenges!

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