3 Foods Killing You From The Inside: Know The Facts (Anti Aging Q&A)

Are you trying to implement a new diet plan that will improve your health overall?

Do you often eat junk food, processed foods and fast food and are worried how these could damage your health?

Would you like to understand more about why it is important to eat a healthy and balanced meal and avoid eating the unhealthy ones as much as possible?

If you answered yes, we could help out with some information about why you need to take a look at your meals and what potential damage you could be doing to your body, if you are regularly eating junk.

Today, we talk about whether or not eating the wrong kinds of foods can actually damage your health and what kind of health issues these could put you at risk of. We also talk about some very common everyday foods that you may be reaching out for unsuspectingly, but that are actually causing you more harm than doing you any good. Last but not the least, we will tell you how you can replace these ‘bad’ food items with healthier choices to make you healthier.

3 Everyday Foods That Are Seemingly Harmless, But Could Really Be Doing Serious Damage To Your Body

Here is a list of 3 foods that are killing you from the inside, even as you unsuspectingly reach out for them almost regularly.

1. Sugar replacements or artificial sweeteners: 

foods killing you

The empty calories in artificial sweeteners do nothing for your health. Instead, the taste tricks your brain into thinking that you are having something sweet, and this triggers the release of insulin. When this happens regularly and your body is not able to use the insulin effectively, it actually makes you insulin resistant and can put you at a very high risk of type II diabetes.

2. Deli or processed meats: 

what foods killing you from the inside

Most of the processed or deli meats that you eat contain a very high amount of additives such as salt, sweeteners, phosphates and nitrates that can significantly increase your risk of contracting some serious form of cancer or put you at risk for cardiovascular diseases, both of which can be extremely serious and can also result in the loss of life in serious cases.  

3. Margarine: 

foods killing you from the inside

Eating margarine can actually be more harmful than eating butter, because it contains a very high amount of trans fats that can really make your risk of heart diseases shoot up. It can also increase your risk of a heart attack, increase your cholesterol levels and reduce your insulin response, increasing your risk of diabetes.

In place of these 3 bad foods, what are 3 good things you must add to your diet plan?

Instead of going for these artificial ‘healthy’ foods, switching back to butter is better, but in small amounts. You can also use raw sugar or jaggery for sweet and have fresher cuts of chicken, tuna or even eggs.

How much damage can eating the wrong kinds of foods do?

balanced diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can definitely do wonders for your body and improve your overall health, eating the wrong kinds of foods can cause almost irreparable damage, especially if you continue eating them over a long period of time.

When you don’t eat the right type of food and instead opt for fast food, junk food and processed food, you starve your body of the necessary nutrients that are otherwise helpful in fighting off a host of diseases. There are many benefits of eating a healthy and balanced diet, and when you do not do that, it can increase your risk of various health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, excessive weight gain and obesity, stroke and even some types of cancer.

Here are a few of the different types of problems that your body could go through if you eat more of the wrong types of foods instead of a healthy and balanced diet.

1. Cause you headaches: 

good or bad food

A lot of the fast foods are filled with excessive sodium that can trigger your headaches, especially headaches that are a result of migraines.

2. Make you depressed: 

The artificial ingredients and preservatives can have a negative effect on your neurological health and also lead to mood swings and depression.

3. Make you break out in acne and pimples: 

The carbs that are present in unhealthy and junk foods are the culprits that could make you break out in pimples and acne.

4. Bad for your overall dental hygiene: 

what foods that are killing you from the inside

Fast food and processed or junk food is loaded with added sugars, salt and preservatives, all of which can cause the production of acids that can have a damaging effect on the enamel on your tooth and also cause cavities.

5. Increase your cholesterol levels: 

Foods that are fried contain a lot of trans fats that can increase the amount of bad cholesterol in your body, which is also known as LDL.

6. Make you short of breath: 

When you regularly eat fast foods, junk food and unhealthy food, it makes your body fill up with empty calories that provide no nutrition but only make you put on more weight. This increases your risk of becoming obese. It also makes it more and more difficult for you to exercise and stay fit. This can make you short of breath even when you are doing something that barely requires much stamina or physical exertion. It can also lead to wheezing.

7. Increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke: 

Eating all the junk foods or eating foods that are unhealthy can also increase the levels of cholesterol in your body that can be potentially dangerous for the health of your heart and can put you at a much higher risk of heart attack, cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

unhealthy food

8. Cause a rush in your blood sugar levels: 

Fast food is especially bad because it contains a lot of empty carbs which can cause sudden and very fast increase in the levels of insulin in your body. As a result, it can interfere with your body’s natural response to insulin and may lead to insulin related problems that can put your blood sugar levels in a toss and also cause them to shoot up high.

9. Increase your blood pressure levels: 

Almost all types of fast food contain very high amounts of sodium that can send your blood pressure levels soaring high and can put you at a very high risk of heart related diseases or worsen an already existing heart disease. It is especially also bad as it can lead to congestive heart failure.

foods that are killing you from the inside

10. Make you feel bloated or puffy:

If you ever felt that your body seems to be more bloated after you have had a meal that is heavy with junk food, it could be because when you eat a lot of sodium, which is typically found in all junk foods, your water tends to store it in the form of water. This excessive water retention in your body can make you feel bloated or puffy.

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