11 Great RF Frequency Skin Products Available Online


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Radiofrequency skin tightening technology has come a long way. Nowadays, there are RF frequency products available all over and they have even permeated our homes and living spaces. With the advent of RF home devices, some of which can literally fit in your bag or suitcase, everyone can now have the chance to use these products to their advantage. There is just so much goodness to gain from these devices that I just had to make a round up for all my beloved disciples!

So, here it is! Enjoy reading up on another one of the Sage’s EPIC ARTICLES… this time we will cover RF frequency treatment in general and a whole slew of great Radiofrequency skin products that you can order right to your doorstep.

11 Great RF Frequency Skin Products Available Online

Grab a cup of joe… and away we go!

There are a whole slew of these products out there and I made sure to include one for pretty much every price point.

Check them out and order one for your home today:

1. Portable Radio Frequency Face Lift Device

This portable RF face lift device will give you all the manageable skin you’ll need on the road. RF waves penetrate the skin and promote new collagen formation, increases oxygenation and gives you great tissue circulation wherever and whenever you need it and you won’t have to spend so much to get it.

Depending on portable device should be noticeable after 8-15 sessions, but this won’t be hard to maintain with something as portable as this. You can literally bring it with you in your purse.

This is one of the most affordable options on this list… there’s no way to go but UP UP UP!

2. Micro Current RF Face Lifting Massager TimeMaster for NEW SPA with Organic Conductive Gel

Similar to the previous offering, this compact and portable RF face lifting massager comes with organic conductive gel right out of the box. It’s a great value, as some of these gel packs can get pricey for some budgets! At the very least, this product gets you good to go right out of the gate–no extra purchases necessary.

3. Project E Beauty Hand Held Vibrational Monopolar RF Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Wrinkle Machine

Another compact offering comes from Project E Beauty in this stylish, hand-held monopolar radiofrequency skin tightening machine. This little number does it all: tighten up wrinkled skin, whiten and tenderize problem areas, burn fat, enhance elasticity and more.

Monopolar RF treatment uses polarized electronic motion to produce “biology heating”, or produce a natural state for Diathermy, or body heat energy that will channel all the benefits you’ll ever need from something small enough to tuck away into a drawer.

4. High Frequency D’arsonval Professional Grade Device with Argon Electrodes

High Frequency devices are similar to Radiofrequency products in that they will also produce heat within your skin tissue and improve circulation. This flows more nutrients to where they’re needed the most and aids with waste removal as well.

The D’arsonval Professional Grade Argon Electrode device will do all that for and more. It performs both direct and indirect HF application to your body and comes with a selection of 7 interchangeable glass electrodes for a whole variety of functionality.

5. Project E Beauty V Face Bio Micro-current Bi-polar Four-polar RF Lifting Facial Device

The Project E Beauty V Radiofrequnecy Facial device may come at a higher price than some of our earlier items but you are paying more for the machine itself and overall treatment quality.

Regenerate collagen and anti-aging proteins within your skin with the alternating electromagnetic waves produced by this device. This tightens sagging flabby skin by firming the dermis layer and getting rid of your wrinkles.

6. Tripollar STOP – Anti Aging Facial Skin Treatment

Any of you who may be familiar with Tripollar STOP may want to check it out. The relaxing, non-invasive treatment Tripollar STOP will give you noticeable effects from the very first session! Significantly lessen and reduce fine lines on your skin and say goodbye to your wrinkles while you’re at it.

STOP promises to bring you professional quality treatments to the comfort of your own bed or bathroom. Now anyone can enjoy their privacy and clinical tight skin without even leaving the house. Use it for only 12-15 minutes, two to three times a week and you’re good as gold.

Tripollar STOP is available in Elegant Black or Cool White.

7. Project E Beauty Professional Eliminates Wrinkles, Scar Remover, Acne, Dark Circles, Blemish Remover, Cellulite Body Shaping Weight Loss Machine

Moving up into the higher price points, we have another solid product from Project E Beauty in this do-it-all device! This beast may come at a heftier price than some but it does all sorts of things for you: scar, acne and dark circle removal, blemish removal, wrinkle removal, cellulite body shaping, weight loss and more!

If you have the budget, you may want to grab this miracle machine and give it a shot!

8. Project E Beauty Professional Eliminates Wrinkles, Scar Remover RF Cellulite Weight Loss Health Body Removal Fat Loss Machine

Another great offering from Project E Beauty is this wrinkle / scar removal, cellulite control machine. Yet again, multi-function and will bring you clinical-strength RF treatment at the tips of your fingers.

9. Project E Beauty Professional Cellulite Body Shaping Fat Removal System Home and Salon Use

Wow, Project E Beauty is really dominating this space. They have plenty of mid-level offerings and now we’re getting into some professional level products. This one can be used just as well at home but they indicate that this particular product tier is good for salon use as well.

This is a full-on professional body-shaping, cellulite-frying, fat removal system. Promote elasticity and rejuvenate your skin while melting excess fat cells. Sounds like a skin tightening dream!

10. Project E Beauty 7 in 1 Professional Eliminates Wrinkles, Scar Remover, Acne, Dark Circles, Blemish Remover, Cellulite Body Shaping Weight Loss Machine

This diamond microdermabrasion machine is another great offering from Project E Beauty. Remove scars, debris, blemishes, wrinkles and even uneven pigmentation. It comes with 7 functions out of the box, including cold hammer treatment, that can relieve pain and calm inflammation on the body, and warm hammer as well, which accelerates your blood flow and improves your metabolism.

RF treatment is also available within the unit’s feature set so that’s why I decided to include it here but go ahead and click here if you want to read more about skin resurfacing treatment.

11. Radio Frequency/Cavitation/Vacuum (Table Top)

OK! That pretty much brings us to our last item and it’s a crazy deal available for purchase and it delivers right to your doorstep!

This table top RF cavitation/vacuum dissolves your fat by lymphatic drainage. Break down fat wherever you need it the least (both body and face).

It should be important to mention though… if you’re in the market for something this pricey, always do the due diligence of researching it and getting to know more about it. It is a lot of money and it merits a bit more fact-finding (beyond this article, at least…) before dropping all that moolah on something that you may not even know how to operate properly! This device is the real deal folks.

I couldn’t resist putting it here for your eyes to feast on. Used or not, something like this will give you all the Radiofrequency treatment you’ll ever need!

BONUS RF Tightening Products!

12. Conductive Cream for Aesthetic Devices with Hyaluronic Acid, 500ml

So, if you’ve read through the article all the way through, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve included some BONUS products!

Not all the items above come ready to use out of the box and you’ll usually need some conductive cream or gel to get the full benefit out of these machines. Here is one of our favs…

It comes with enriched Hyaluronic acid that promotes skin hydration and it will allow you to prolong device use even at higher temperatures. Check it out!

13. Radio Frequency(RF) Massage Cream by Sharp&Botanica Slr. Italy

Another great cream product available for order online… this is more of the same but is rated for pretty much ANY procedure or treatment available in the Radiofrequency space. RF, IR, PDT, Ultrasound equipment, and more. It also prevent sparking by the way.

14. Dia Panda box RF Skin care Beauty Device For Skin Rejuvenation

This RF box unit from Dia Panda promises to aid in lifting saggy skin on your face, particularly around the eyes and neck. It will improve and tighten up your nose wrinkles as well if you want it to! The machine comes with two probes for treatment and one RF handle.


Learn more about the fascinating world of RF frequency treatment:

Radiofrequency – Magical Power for Cellulite and Skin Tightening

Radio frequency treatments are used to heat up and tighten tissues to increase the flow of blood and to break down fat and cellulite by using radio frequency devices. The radio frequency energy breaks down fatty cells without damaging the skin.

With deep heating of the fatty layers, RF treatment boosts blood circulation and tightens the skin tissues by breaking down fatty deposits. This drains out from the lymphatic system thereby resulting in reduced appearance of cellulite.

This process stimulates collagen production which improves skin elasticity. RF treatment is used to reduce the extra fat on hips, stomach and thighs and even to tighten saggy skin caused by pregnancy or weight loss.

Best of all, this treatment is totally safe!

What Is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is an effective method used to reduce pain. In this method, an electrical current created by a radio wave is used to heat up the nerve tissue of a small area to decrease the pain signals arising from that particular area.

Which conditions can be treated with RFA? RFA can be used to treat patients suffering from long-lasting neck pain, low-back and pain related to degeneration of joints from arthritis.

Is RFA safe? This is a safe and effective way to treat some types of pain and is well-tolerated with very few related complications.

What Is a Radio Frequency Machine and What Are Its Uses?

Radio frequency machine is a cosmetic machine which uses rf frequency waves for metastatic treatments like unwanted hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and blemish removal. Basically, it is used for skin tightening treatments.


These treatments are suitable for people suffering from sagging skin of low severity. By combining with laser technologies or intense pulse light, this machine can also be used for unwanted hair removal treatment.

How Radio Frequency Technology Works?

​Radio frequency devices used in the skin tightening treatment use radio waves so as to make water molecules vibrate within the tissues. This vibration causes friction which further produces heat. Heat then shrinks the collagen fibers, which causes skin tightening.

The radio waves are delivered deeply to penetrate through the skin into the fat and this ruptures the fat cells and extrudes their contents. In this way, shrinkage of the fat cells takes place which further reduces the thickness of the fatty skin layer. It is important to note here that no fat cells are actually destroyed or removed during the procedure.

Things To Know About RF Skin Tightening

  • Radio frequency skin tightening treatment is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment which is ideal for people suffering from early signs of sagging or loose skin
  • he treatment takes very little time and you can notice visible results in the very first session but complete results can be achieved in few weeks
  • It’s been approved as a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles by the FDA and is a popular choice for those professionals who are cautious about their looks. Is that YOU, perhaps? 😉
  • RF treatment provides amazing skin tightening results quickly as compared to other anti-aging skin care approaches.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment

Skin tightening treatment using radio waves is an effective method to reshape both face as well as body. It uses specific devices that emit radio frequency waves to reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite by using heat energy.

This is a pleasant non-surgical skin tightening treatment for wrinkles and saggy skin. It prevents and corrects aging signs on face and neck and provides an immediate younger look by revitalizing your skin.

When used on the body, it performs body slimming and therefore, it is sometimes also included in weight loss programs.

This treatment is quite effectively put to use for the following:

  • Fat Reduction
  • Cellulite
  • Acne Treatment
  • Skin Tightening
  • Contour Reshaping
  • Post Liposuction Tightening and Smoothing of Buttocks

Is Radio Frequency Slimming Treatment Right For You?

Who Should Use It? People who are unhappy with their sagging cheeks, neck and jowls and want to get rid of cellulite and fats from certain parts of their bodies without surgical treatments are the best candidates for radio frequency slimming treatment. Because this treatment isn’t associated with any adverse side-effects, pretty much anyone of any age and gender can use it.

Who Should Avoid It? People who should avoid this treatment are namely pregnant women and people who are prone to skin infection in the area to be treated. In addition, people with metal implants or pace-makers should avoid this treatment because radio frequency waves may interfere with these devices.

NOTE: Always make it a point to try and research on a bunch of radio frequency skin tightening reviews before purchasing your own RF device or undergoing treatment. There is plenty of feedback available online for almost any product you can find and these reviews will help you make the right choice, even with little to no experience with the technique.

For cases that require only mild tightening, desired results can be expected within three to six sessions. Usually, doctors suggest 6 to 10 treatment sessions for most beneficial results but they may vary depending on the area to be treated and the reaction of skin to the treatment.

Treatment sessions are generally held at the interval of one to two weeks. Maintenance after every six months of the initial treatment is advised to maintain the results. Older people with more sagginess to consider may require 10 to 15 treatments or more to get satisfactory results.

Q: What Is the Best Time to Start Skin Tightening Treatment?

It is usually good to start treatment at around 35 years of age because this will help you to get better results by spending less money. All these non-surgical treatments require good home care and maintenance and any efforts will be much more effective if you start them early.

Q: How Is the Treatment Done?

Depending on your pain tolerance, practitioner applies an anesthetic cream to the area to be treated to numb the skin. After that your practitioner will deliver the targeted RF energy across the treatment area. Once completed, a cold pack or a soothing gel will be applied to your skin.

Some Do’s and Don’ts before and after the RF Treatment

Don’t do anything that irritates your skin just before the treatment. For example, sunbathing can burn your skin that may become worse with further exposure to radio frequency for skin tightening.

Some people may experience mild redness immediately after the treatment but usually this disappears quickly. Since no external wounds are created most people DO return to normal activity and work immediately after the procedure.

Usually doctors advise patients to DO use certain soothing creams, gels or lotions to apply gently to the treated area. Cool moisturizing mists will also work well in some cases.

Q: Are There Any Risks or Side Effects Associated with Radio Frequency Therapy?

The most common side effects of radio frequency therapy are redness, swelling or bruising around the treated area but all these symptoms will typically disappear in few days.

Q: What Is a Radio Frequency Facial & What Are Its Benefits?

The field of radio frequency facial technology has expanded over the past few years. New skin tightening devices use radiofrequency to effectively tighten and rejuvenate the facial skin.

Basically, this radio frequency for tightening skin technique combines two RF modes in one device and delivers two treatments in one. Both unipolar and bipolar are used, focusing radio frequency on both shallow as well as deep tissue depths. One of these treats thinner skin and the other penetrates deeper into dermal and sub dermal tissues.

This effective and advanced technology can also be used to treat a large number of aesthetic conditions. This is a painless skin rejuvenation treatment and requires no anesthesia.

Q: What Can A Radio Frequency Facial Do For You?

  • Tightens and lifts flaccid areas of the face
  • Lifts neck
  • Enhances glow
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Tightens loose skin
  • Increases collagen level
  • Partial skin reconstruction

Q: Are the Effects of Radio Frequency Treatment for Face Permanent?

Sadly, nothing in this field is permanent due to body changes and aging which cannot be stopped. Most people think that the face lift usually lasts for several years but in people with very elastic skin, the results may start to subside within few months.

In some cases, facial skin tightening results gained by a radio frequency facial machine last up to two years but some people need to choose maintenance sessions to keep the effect going.

Since fat cells are very unusual and can swell to hundreds of times their original size, problems may reappear if you are not able to keep your weight stable. The treatment can be repeated as needed though, and if you are able to keep your weight stable then the results will be relatively longer lasting.



Rf frequency treatment is quickly becoming available to anyone who is willing to shell out some cash for either a clinical session or a product to use at home. There are plenty of options available and we hope this article has given you a bit more information to make the right choice for YOU!

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Check out these Radiofrequency treatment videos to get a good idea of how this all works in an actual clinic. A lot of the devices will all work under the same principle but I just figured this was important to include in the article for all of you who may be considering a skin professional for your treatment.


Please bear with this last video since it’s not in English… but it has a lengthy tutorial on how to use a home RF device on yourself. Quite useful as a visual, wouldn’t you say?

Wrinkled Skin Infographics

Check out this infographic on the causes of wrinkles on your skin. Early prevention is just as good, if not better, than fighting wrinkles when they are already there!

wrinkle causes

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