What Exactly Is Intense Pulsed Light?


IPL treatment is a relatively popular technique used to deal with certain skin imperfections and skin tightening as well. It has the ability to treat melanin damage like dark age spots and broken capillaries (spider veins and other vascular problems) and it also tightens or plumps skin, giving you a fresher, youthful look. It can even be used to remove unwanted hair as well!

With all the benefits available from this technique, your Skin Tightening Sage thought it was only imperative to beg the question: What exactly is intense pulsed light?

What Exactly Is Intense Pulsed Light?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) was first developed and used in the 1990’s as a broad approach to skin damage repair. It uses high-intensity polychromatic blasts of light to affect the skin layers underneath your skin’s surface.

Aside from promoting elastin and collagen growth (these are both great for beautifully tight skin), these short blasts damage or eliminate targeted problems, like melanin build-up for age-spots or broken capillaries for spider veins. Your body then repairs the damage naturally and this leaves you with better skin tone and a more firm, full complexion.

IPL will usually take a series of procedures to garner the most ideal results. Usually these will be a month or so apart and you can expect 3-6 treatment sessions, depending on the condition you are treating.

Laser vs. IPL

Many of you may think that IPL is the same as laser treatment.  They may both use light to affect your skin but they are quite different in methodology!

Laser light treatment focuses high-intensity light on your targeted problem and even zeroes in on a particular frequency to affect a specific condition in mind. IPL on the other hand has more of a jack-of-all-trades approach and uses a more broad blast of light and heat to affect more issues at once.

It is because of this broad approach that the treatment is usually more affordable than laser treatments and thus makes IPL a good starting point if your worried about breaking the bank!

Here is a relevant video that discusses even more about the differences of both procedures:


When you are in search for some treatment for your own aging skin problems, its important to know everything that’s available at your disposal. For some people, laser may be financially out of the question, or maybe your condition needs just a tad of fine-tuning in a bunch of areas, rather than a targeted overhaul! Whichever the case may be, an IPL procedure may be the perfect thing for you.

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I must say that reading up on a topic of interest is great fun in its own right but there is also wondrous understanding to be gained from a few informative videos on YouTube!

Here are some IPL videos I found that may help you to better understand the procedure. Enjoy!

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