23 Great Products for the Elusive Non Surgical Facelift

Skin Tightening is a task that doesn’t come easy and not every one of us has the commitment and the courage to get under the knife. Thankfully, there are several options for all you hesitant taut-skin hopefuls out there and several of them aren’t even painful, let alone invasive!

If a simpler, surgery-free solution to those sagging cheeks intrigues you then this article on the non surgical facelift is just for you. Read on my disciples, as the Sage enlightens you to the different non surgical facelift techniques available to you in this great, modern world!


Great Non Surgical Facelift Products Available Online

As one can imagine, there are a multitude of products and programs available for everyone these days and it’s exhausting just going through the options! Don’t you worry though, your beloved Skin Tightening Sage has rounded up a healthy selection of great products for you to check out, all of which are very-highly rated and reviewed by previous customers. Just click through to find out more about any of the products listed below!


Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Hyaluronic Acid is a trendy offering on the market these days thanks to the approval of mainstream media personalities like Dr. Oz and others. It is an acid that occurs naturally in humans in their youth that keeps our skin looking great when we are young. Alas, it does not stay with us forever, and as we age, products like these make more and more sense!

These concoctions promise to deliver a youthful vibrance to your skin almost immediately after application. This includes reduction of wrinkles and lines, puffiness and even dark circling. This is all done by promoting collagen production in your skin and HA is actually quite perfect for this.

These concentrated serums are usually used in tandem with your moisturizer and contain HA, Vitamin C and other ingredients that help to keep your skin supple and smooth.

Here are some of the best skincare Hyaluronic Acid serum products available online today.

Oz Naturals

non surgical facelift serum 1a


Vernal SkinCare

non surgical facelift serum 3a



non surgical facelift serum 2a


La Cerise

non surgical facelift serum 4a




Facelift Tape

Instant Face

non surgical facelift tape 1anon surgical facelift tape 2a

OK, facelift tape may strike some of you as something of a cop out but these products are so efficient in their simplicity and execution that there is almost no way that it would fail. Not to mention, that they really work!

Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror, pulling that unwanted neck back into place? Well, this particular product does just that and within a few minutes you will be looking great for parties, photo-taking, weddings, class reunions and more. Like a great magician, applying Secret Lift in just the right spot will transform you before your very eyes and no one will be the wiser! It’s all in the prestige, after all…

You can feel good about your look right away without any expensive surgery or recovery… just tape it back and you’re off to face the world again. Super simple yet effective!




Physical Conditioning Products

Facial-Flex Ultra

non surgical facelift assrtd 1a

Facial muscle tone and development will tighten things for you wherever you need it most. Just like resistance weight training at the gym, the Facial-Flex Ultra will work on your face, neck and chin muscles and this new found tone will bring a youthful glow to your face.

The whole concept of a “face workout” may seem a bit strange for some of you but click through and check the reviews for yourself… this product is actually rated quite highly!




Similar to HA serums, Phytoceramides are plant-based lipids that mimic ceramides that occur naturally in our young bodies. As we age, our bodies do not maintain the ceramide levels we have in our youth and these amazing supplements bring them back into our system, promoting great looking skin and fighting off several skin conditions, such as flakiness, wrinkling, puffiness in the eyes, crows feet, turkey neck and many more.

Ceramides have been available in solutions and topical products before but having them ingested into the body increases the effectiveness and give the supplements the opportunity to affect the body from the inside out. You gotta love science!

Gina de Rossi

non surgical facelift supplements 1a


Sublime Beauty

non surgical facelift supplements 2a



Other Cosmetic Products

A non surgical facelift can also come in the form of cosmetic creams and the like. Here are some great items available online.


Nu Skin Face Lift Powder with Activator


non surgical facelift assrtd 2a

This Nu Skin Face Lift Powder and Activator comes with two effective formulas: original and sensitive. The original formula has a firm pull on the applied area (i.e. your face) and the sensitive formula provides something a bit more temporary–same effect just not as intense.

Elastin and Albumin are the two main active ingredients that are working overtime here, the first of which naturally occurs as a protein in our skin. Albumin on the other hand is derived from egg whites!

Combined with other wholesome ingredients and good ‘ol aloe vera, Nu Skin promises to give you fuller, smoother and all-around healthier skin, creating more positive results with each application. Return your skin to it’s youthful vigor with Nu Skin Powder and Activator. BTW, it’s 100% fragrance free!




Beau Visage Face Lift Mask

non surgical facelift assrtd 3a

The Beau Visage Facelift Mask has it all–it will tone, firm, tighten and improve your overall look easily and without any painful surgery. Just apply the mask as instructed and let the magic begin!

As the mask hardens upon your face, isometric pressure builds up between your face muscles and the mask, promotes circulation and brings your aging skin back to life, restoring taut firmness to any unwanted sagging.

This product promises to give you results with only one application and they even have a money-back guarantee so click through below to find out more.




My Skin’s Friend Fast Firmming Facelift System

non surgical facelift packs 1a

Sometimes it’s a concern of keeping things Au Natural!

My Skin’s Friend Fast-Firming Facelift System promises younger and smoother skin without all the toxic chemicals that people may associate with some skin tightening procedures. These all-natural organic products will give you real, visible results within 15 minutes of use. Furthermore, regular and sustained use will improve you own natural skin tone and shine and will actually makes your skin healthier!

This all-encompassing kit provides you with everything you need to get fast, concrete results without all dangerous chemicals and ingredients used in some of today’s skin tightening lab concoctions!




Riiviva Microderm Facelift Kit


non surgical facelift packs 2a

Microdermabrasion does not guarantee results that can compete with the standard surgical facelift procedure but what it can provide is a non surgical option that won’t keep you down with a long recovery period or any super expensive bills to pay either.

This Riiviva Microderm Facelift Kit is super portable and easy to bring along with you almost anywhere. Finally you can enjoy the benefits of hand-held, medical-grade exfoliation wherever and whenever you need it most!




High Frequency Skin Tightening

What’s better than soothing magical skin tightening heat? Well, if that sounds pleasing to you, you may outright love High Frequency skin treatment.

These devices produce indirect electromagnetic high frequency waves that deliver oodles of goodness upon your tired, aging body. These instruments promise to smooth out imperfections like spotting or wrinkles and will also improve circulation under your skin layers, directly affecting cell metabolism and giving you younger looking skin. How clever is that?!

Besides the aforementioned benefits, HF treatment gives your skin strengthened lymph activity, diminished inflammation, improved PH value and gland secretion, all the while emanating a warm fuzzy glow that is actually quite soothing! Modern science is simply wonderful.

D’arsonval High frequency

non surgical facelift HF 2anon surgical facelift HF 2b


Lift Wand Portable High Frequency Facial Machine

non surgical facelift HF 1a




Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency skin tightening devices also use energy waves and heat to provide our skin with a fresh, youthful glow! Safely heating your deeper, collagen-rich skin layers with RF waves, the existing collagen begins to tighten more and more with each application. Formation of newer collagen is also stimulated to provide your skin with natural layers of youthful, skintight goodness!

These devices have become more and more popular in recent years and the industry has never been better as far as great product choices at even greater price points. The value you receive with any of these items is well worth the price of admission.

Be sure to check out another article I have worked on discussing several other Radiofrequency products available online today!

Handheld RF Thermage Massager

non surgical facelift RF 1a


Kendal Handheld Radio Frequency

non surgical facelift RF 2a


Tripollar Stop

non surgical facelift RF 3a

The Tripollar STOP may be a bit pricier than the other Radiofrequency skin tightening devices in this section but you are truly paying for a trusted, high-quality product. Check out my other article on the benefits of this incredible device!




Industrial Strength Options (!!!)

So, there are the weekend warriors, and then there are the lifers. I have included these products for all of you that may either be running your very own cosmetics clinic or are literally looking for unmatched skin tightening excellence 100% of the time! Read on and order at your own risk…


UltraRadiance: SkinVacMD Premium Microdermabrasion Conversion Kit

non surgical facelift assrtd 4a

Vacubrasion will provide you with great, professional-grade skin rejuvenating results at a fraction of the price of a visit to your local dermatologist.

Designed to be used in the comfort of your own home, this device will instantly change the look and feel of your skin, before your very eyes. Wrinkles, acne scarring, age spotting and slight scars will all be going the way of the dodo with the SkinVac in your arsenal.

It’s real, diamond-peel exfoliation and vacuum skin stimulation at your fingertips, whenever you want it. Check out the before and after pics!

non surgical facelift assrtd 4b




Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01

non surgical facelift industrial 4a

What could be better than a Diamond Microdermabrasion machine on your vanity table?

Seriously though, you’d better know how to use one of these things if you’re gonna get one. This is a real-deal, legit microdermabrasion device and you can literally have it delivered to your doorstep. There are no more crystals included in the design, as these have a tendency to fracture and split over time. Instead, you get a diamond tip wand!

As the diamond tip peels off dead skin cells at the top of your skin, a vacuum sucks the debris and dirt and your skin is rendered blemish-free! Well, I sure wish it was that simple… but I guess that’s why these machines are operated by professionals. So, better not buy on of these bad boys unless you know you can handle them.

Then again, if you know what you’re doing then why the heck not?




High Frequency Galvanic Roller Machine

non surgical facelift industrial 1a

Like the other HF devices mentioned above, this professional-grade High Frequency Galvanic Roller emits its energy waves onto the skin thereby accelerating the nutrition molecule absorption and creating the perfect environment for your skin to absorb all the goodness it can!

Instead of wasting the good ingredients we get when we apply lotions and other products to the top of our skin, this Galvanic Roller opens up the deeper layers for activation and this gives your skin every last drop of nutritional goodness to be applied.




Professional Microcurrent Anti-Aging Machine

non surgical facelift industrial 3a

Upgrade to this Professional Microcurrent Anti-Aging Machine for even more galvanic goodness!

The Beauty-Ion-Pro provides you with a superior instrument for reconditioning and toning the skin. This powerful system takes care of acne scars, wrinkling, fine lines and more, as well as shaping, cellulite and fat reduction and even stretch marks from pregnancy!

Galvanic technology has truly ushered in a new age in non-invasive procedures. As most areas do not even require a license to operate these devices, practically anyone can buy in and reap the benefits.




Professional Multifunction Galvanic Skincare Machine with Facial Brush

non surgical facelift industrial 2a

This 5-in-1 skin care instrument gives you the ability to perform several of the most popular procedures all from one unit!

With it’s high-quality vacuum pump, you can use it as a vacuum extractor to deliver suction wherever needed through the included attachments and fixtures. Easily clean and target dirt and skin imperfections like pimples, cysts, dirty pores and more. The galvanic function to achieve similar results to the product above, using electrical energy to stimulate the skin. The High Frequency function charges your skin with antibacterial energy.

It also includes a premium-grade pistol-grip facial brush which gently exfoliates the skin while providing a gentle, relaxing circular massage. Lastly, it also comes equipped with two spray diffusers that use a compressed air outlet to produce a fine mist that refreshes and hydrates the skin quickly and efficiently.

This thing is like a skin tightening buffet… definitely not for the faint of heart!



 Read on and discover more about keeping your youthful beauty WITHOUT going under the knife! 

The non surgical facelift is here to stay…


Au Natural, Skin Tight for All

Keeping your skin healthy and protected is a great way to avoid any unnecessary procedures in the future. Starting early and practicing preventive maintenance throughout the years will allow your skin to age gracefully and this is probably the best way to keep it looking young and beautiful.

Stay hydrated and keep your skin’s elasticity intact. Drink lots of water every day (preferably around two litres a day) and eat a healthy diet. Take the extra precautionary measure of sunscreen. Day in and day out, rain or shine, our fragile skin is susceptible the elements. Daily application of high-SPF sunscreen is a great way to maintain your youthful, tight skin!

Face alteration whatsoever may not even be required with the proper lifestyle and maintaining your youthful looks as long as possible maximizes your beauty naturally and without any surgery at all.


A Liquid Face Lift Cocktail, Anyone?


liquid facelift 1aAnother non surgical option would be the liquid face lift. Also known as a water facelift, it is a treatment or concoction of injectable fluids that will give the face a subtle yet poignant effect, lifting and tightening up the skin, where it needs it most.

This will most likely consist of substances like Botox, Restylane, hyaluronic acid and others, so make sure to have a capable and trustworthy doctor at hand before committing to anything!

This cocktail ain’t your average lychee martini, folks. Although there is no need to go under the knife, these injections may be painful… what we do for beauty!


Heating things up with Radiofrequency

A face lifting effect can also be achieved with radiofrequency skin treatment. As harmless radiofrequency energy is gently applied into the skin, it heats things up between your skin and fat layers, promoting and stimulating collagen production! Who thinks up this stuff??

The treatment itself is about as non-invasive as it gets and there is no pain or recovery time involved, whatsoever. The gentle heating is all that you feel and you can continue with the rest of your work day if needed. This is about as domesticated as it gets! It’s literally like plugging in a hairdryer.

Repeated applications are required with radiofrequency treatment and results will be more visible over time. Always remember to stay patient and keep your eye on the prize and RF treatment will deliver the goods without the pain of surgery!


Sounds Like Taut Skin to Me


ultherapy 1aUltherapy is a method that uses targeted sound wave application to produce a tightening effect on your skin.

It’s FDA approved and, similar to RF devices, has no little to no downtime whatsoever. Just like taking a peek at your child in the womb, your doctor can use this technique to actually see the layers of your skin while the treatment is happening and this drastically improves targeting problem areas.

Ultherapy can give you great results but it will leave you red-in-the-face after a session and some people experience slight swelling or tenderness to the touch. These are all temporary effects of course.

The treatment takes around 2-3 months for drastic results to take place but in most cases you can actually see visible effects right away after your first treatment.


The Pain of the Non Surgical FaceLift Intensifies

Spot RF treatment can also be achieved through facial rejuvenation. This is a non-invasive procedure that applies micro needles to your skin in order to provide super-targeted radiofrequency treatment where it’s needed most. This also creates small wounds in the process that makes your skin heal itself into a smoother, tighter version of itself, giving you a non surgical lift in the process!

As you can imagine, the procedure is painful so it is accomplished with local anaesthetic and you should allot yourself some downtime to recuperate. Some patients will experience bruising and bleeding but the results surpass your average radiofrequency treatments by far.

Oh, the price we pay for beautifully tight skin!


Laser Treatment

A non surgical facelift can also be achieved through laser treatment. Light energy is honed in on problem areas to target skin imperfections, all the while stimulating the collagen production in your skin to give you long-term benefits.

Lasers are a great way to treat all sorts of skin impurities, such as acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, spider veins and more. The results are quite impressive and your skin will come out of it looking smoother and less wrinkly. Consult with your favorite a cosmetic laser professional and reap the benefits of modern science today!



For anyone who is just about to get their feet wet with skin tightening treatments, a non surgical procedure is definitely the way to go. No expensive, scary invasive commitments or exaggerated recovery times—just quick and practical skin tightening for the lady or gent on the go!

Of course, the less obvious catch is that any particular treatment being performed on someone (invasive or not) is a LEARNED skill! That is why; I implore all of my skin tightening disciples: please spend an appropriate amount of time looking for someone capable and experienced before signing up for any of these treatments.

The non surgical face lift is within your reach and I hope you now have some ideas on how to attain one. Beat the knife today and tighten the years away with SkinTighteningSage.com!



Here are some videos of more non surgical facelift techniques and products that are widely used all over the world. Check them out and see what might be the best fit for you! Enjoy!

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