C02 Fractional Laser Lowdown

Aging, sagging skin will take any individual down a couple of pegs and when skin creams and tape lifts aren’t enough, what recourse do you have left? This article is about a particular treatment that may be worth your while, considering that it’s both non-invasive and probably has the most money-to-results value that you can find! So gather around, my disciples, and take in the skin tightening sage’s knowledge about C02 fractional laser treatments.


Your C02 Fractional Laser Lowdown

If there is one particular skin tightening technique that is worth checking out it is C02 fractional laser skin resurfacing. This is an all-encompassing skin resurfacing treatment that actually gives you benefits achievable through several smaller procedures, all in one package. In fact, few other treatments have as much pound-for-pound value as this particular procedure and this is why I decided that you should definitely know more about it!

C02 fractional laser treatment consists of removing skin tissue layers in columns. The surrounding skin around these areas then heal and in the process aid in treating all sorts of skin problems such as wrinkles, scarring, coloration issues, thinning collagen layers, looseness or laxity of the skin and even age-spotting (lentigines, sun spots or freckles, etc.)

In most cases, the results are incredibly significant and you can expect a noticeable effect right away and these should continue to improve for 6 to 9 months after the treatment. Awesome! Of course, these benefits are directly related to proper skincare and minimized exposure to the sun, to give your new look some time to come into its own.

There are some cases that will not appear significant until the very end of the 6-9 month period, but this is dependent on a number of factors like patient age, smoking history, general lifestyle and more. Make sure to discuss things with your chosen skin or cosmetic professional before hand to find out if you would be a great candidate!

OK, So What’s the Catch?

So it can’t be ALL good, right? Like most things in life, there is bad that comes with the good and the same is true for this great skin treatment.

The downtime is probably the worst part about C02 fractional laser procedures. It is the healing process that actually provides the benefits of this procedure and this will include crusting and significant redness of the skin, minor bleeding (depending on the level of treatment), flaking and dryness, peeling skin and the like. This is why it is important to keep your skin under intensive care throughout the recovery period to maximize the results!

Naturally, this means that your day-to-day activities and rituals may have to take a back seat for the meantime, but you can expect to be back on your feet and capable of working from home in just 2-3 days after the procedure. The actual process may be very painful so make sure your specialist provides you with anesthesia during the procedure and some prescription medication for the long road to recovery and new found beauty!

What to Expect After Your C02 Fractional Laser Procedure

Here’s what you can expect right away after the treatment. Your skin will feel raw for a few days for sure and you will hopefully be preoccupied making sure you’re taking care of it properly. Some have said that it is similar to having a bad sunburn.

After a 7-14 days, it should be safe to head back out into the world again. Just make sure to get used to applying makeup because your skin will be a bright pinkish hue for the better part of the next quarter.

Your will also be given a strict routine to follow to ensure the next six months of your recovery is safeguarded. That means extra care against exposure to the sun, fighting against dryness with the proper skin moisturizers, and more. Remember: this is the crucial part of the procedure and failure to follow your specialist’s instructions may have a detrimental effect on the treatment or even unwanted side-effects.

In most cases, only one treatment will be recommended but in some cases some maintenance treatment may be needed after your initial session. This would be the case if you are treating an area that is more delicate or cannot be treated aggressively. Also, exposing yourself to too much sun damage or not taking care of your skin after the procedure will certainly raise your chances for follow-up procedures to optimize your results.


There are many different ways to beat the clock and bring back that beautiful youthful glow to your body and C02 fractional laser procedures will do a lot of the heavy-lifting if you can deal with the recovery time. If you are interested in this kind of treatment, ask your favorite cosmetic specialist for some more information and take the plunge toward a new, more skin-tight version of yourself!

Thank you for lending me your eyes for while, my disciples! After all, beauty is only skin-tight as long as you’re with the Skin Tightening Sage!


Check out these videos below to get a better understanding for some of the concepts I’ve discussed above. There are also some great before and after C02 fractional laser video diaries so if you’re still on the fence you can get more info to help make up your mind. Enjoy!

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