Q&A: Skincare For 30 Years Old Woman? (And Why You Should Care)

Are you in your 30s and are looking for a good skincare routine?

Do you want a specific skincare routine that addresses the concern of skin at this age?

Do you want to know about a few brands or products that can help you with the best skincare in your 30s?

If you have been searching for answers to any of these, you’ve reached the right place. Today we’re looking at the best skincare routine for woman in their 30s. We talk about the special needs of your skin at this age and share a detailed skincare routine, as well as products you can include.

3 special skin needs of women in their 30’s that they did not have to deal with when they were younger

As you grow in age, your skin also goes through a lot of changes, compared to how your skin was when you were in your 20s or probably even younger. Here are three of the most special needs for your skin once you reach your 30s.

1. Your skin starts to look dry and dull

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  • If you had glowing and naturally radiant plump skin in your 20s, chances are that now you mostly find it looking dull, dry and lifeless. The main reason for this is that now, the metabolism rate of your skin cells will start to become slower and your cell turnover will also go down.
  • This means that, the dead skin cells on your skin will stay on for longer, and it will take longer for the newer and healthier skin to show up. As a result, your old and damaged skin will give an appearance of a dry, dull and lifeless face.

2. You notice adult acne

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  • The biggest problem about treating acne is that the products can be very harsh on your skin and can dry out your skin. This can further bring on signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkle.
  • Use an anti-acne product that you can use on the specific areas, instead of applying it all over your face. This will help you take care of the problem and also prevent your skin from becoming too dry.

3. Your skin starts becoming loose and begins to sag

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  • As you progress in your 30s, the natural collagen that is produced by your body starts becoming lesser and your skin produces collagen slower. As a result, your skin will now start to lose its natural elasticity, which is due to the reduction in the collagen and elastin production.
  • This means that, as compared to the skin you had in your 20s, your skin will now be more prone to sagging and becoming loose. It will not look as naturally taut and firm as it looked when you were in your 20s or even younger.

Here are 5 essential steps that you should add to your daily skincare routine if you are a woman in your 30s:

1. Clean your face regularly to remove all residue

  • Cleaning your face will remove all dirt and prevent pores from getting clogged up. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning and before bedtime. You can also use facial wipes, baby wipes or makeup removing wipes during day. A liquid makeup remover can also help.
  • Do not rub around the eye area, because the skin around your eyes is the most delicate. Rubbing your eyes can damage the fine capillaries underneath and you may experience bruising which will show up as purple or dark eye circles.
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    Using cleansing milk is also a good idea as it will be very gentle as well as hydrating, and will not make your skin feel dry.

2. Use a sheet mask once you clean your face

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  • Using a sheet mask will ensure that whatever hydration and moisture you lost from your skin during the cleansing process gets put back right into your skin. It will help to balance out the hydration levels in your skin which is a critical part of your skincare routine in this age.
  • You can use a sheet mask and put it on your face. Do remember that different sheet masks have different specifications and requirements, which means that while you can use some of the masks every alternate day, some should be used only once or twice in a week.

3. Adding retinol in your skincare

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  • Retinol is derived from vitamin A and works great to fight the signs of ageing. It has very strong antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.
  • In some cases it can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that you already have and can even out your skin tone and make it firmer.
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    A lot of skincare creams and lotions contain retinol, as well as facial serums that come with retinol. You can apply some of these in the day to protect your skin, or apply some overnight to help your skin repair.
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    If you are pregnant, stop the use of retinol and check with your doctor first.

4. Use some form of facial massage to boost blood circulation

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  • For this particular step, you can either use your hands to massage your face, or use a facial massage tool. This should be done before you put on any healing or treatment product as a last step.
  • Massaging your face will improve the blood circulation and open up your pores, so that the product you use after will go inside your skin and do the work.
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    Make sure to massage around the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose area but not near the eyes.

5. Add glycolic acid

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  • Using glycolic acid as part of a last skincare step will help to repair any damage done to your skin. It is known for its skin benefits such as reducing and delaying signs of ageing, removing blackheads and giving you an even skin tone, balancing your skin’s oil levels and making your skin look healthier and naturally radiant.
  • You can use a cream, lotion or serum that contains glycolic acid. Putting it on overnight will help to repair your skin for the next few hours and give you fresher skin in the morning. Massage it in light circular motions so that it can penetrate your skin.

Are there any skincare lines or products that are specifically formulated for women in their 30’s?

While there are a range of brands and products out there that promise to give you the best in skincare when you are in your 30s, not all of them give results as promised. A serum that contains retinol can boost collagen, while a facial cream with vitamin C and E will prevent damage from free radicals that can bring on signs of ageing. A weekly mask and a sunscreen that works on the face and entire body is also a must.

One particular brand may not give you all the products you need, and also, not all brands will work for everyone. Test out a few before you find the ones that work best for you.


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