50 Simple Ways to Avoid Burning Out as an Esthetician

There is no denying it; there are days when you simply just want to hand in the tools of the trade and call it quits from being a professional esthetician.


It takes a lot of effort to keep providing the services that you do, but you know in the end that it’s worth it when you see a patient leave with a satisfied smile on their face and an Instagram photo where she’s the belle of the ball.

So don’t let the stress of the job get to you just yet. Follow these simple and easy ways to distress and stop yourself from burning out as an esthetician. After all, how many people get to do something they’re passionate about and get paid for it?

#1 – Don’t worry about getting a permanent job right away.

You may be in and out of a job as a professional beautician for a while after you’ve decided to pursue this career path, but just like any other career it will take time to find the right employer or the right time to start your own business. Opportunity is right around the corner; you just have to be patient and optimistic.

#2 – Find the right “home” for your skills and talents as an esthetician.

There are many different employment opportunities for you as an esthetician. An important part in staying interested in a job is looking for a place where your talents and skills will be put to use the right way. If you’re into spa treatments or into cosmetics, look for a place that will help you grow as a professional.

#3 – Make friends, not just co-workers.

Just like any other job, it’s crucial to make connections with the people you are working with. Your co-workers will be the people you can rely on to help you and to understand your situation. Making strong bonds with them will help you love the job even more!

#4 – Expect difficult patients and clients.

It will be a miracle if you don’t have at least one client who does not have an issue with you. Expecting these types of customers prepares you on how to deal with bad situations associated with difficult clients.

#5 – Make your own hours.

One benefit of being an esthetician or salon and spa worker is that you have full-time and part-time job choices. If you can choose when to come into the salon and balance it with your other interests you can have the freedom to work and still pursue another passion on your free time.

#6 – Stay positive!

There will always be days that aren’t so great, but that’s okay. You can bounce back even from the nastiest Yelp review of your beauty services by working twice as hard to ensure other clients are satisfied.

#7 – Be patient with patients.

Some people will take a while to warm up to their esthetician and may be wary about someone new addressing their skin problems. Don’t worry, just make them feel comfortable and they will eventually open up and be truthful about their daily skin care routines.

#8 – Build rapport with clients.

One necessity in the beauty industry is to build your own client base. By starting a rapport with current clients you are starting your own line of loyal patrons who will keep on coming back to give you business and even recommend you to others.

#9 – Never stop learning!

A big reason why estheticians leave their jobs to find something else is because they feel like they have outgrown the industry. This is simply just wrong thinking. There are many fields in the beauty industry that can be explored and you can learn many new skills you can apply to your job as a professional beautician.

#10 – Create a balanced schedule.

Maintaining a well-balanced schedule of work and free time helps deal with the stress at the salon. Never overbook yourself for too many sessions and too many clients as this can take a toll on your passion and drive in the long run. The more fatigued you are, the more prone you are to mistakes, too.

#11 – Give yourself a reward for your accomplishments.

Treating yourself once in a while boosts your morale. Whether it’s a fancy dinner or a small shopping spree, you deserve a reward for all your hard work at the salon or spa. Plus, this tip can also be an incentive to work harder during the week to make your reward much sweeter when you finally get it!

#12 - Try to mimic a client’s personality.

Building relationships is the main way to gain a steady repeat clientele. Since the beauty industry is built on maintaining relationships, making a client comfortable by mimicking their personality gives you a shot at being their go-to esthetician.

#13 – Don’t take everything too seriously.

There is a time to be serious and a time to have fun. Working so closely with people may sometimes be a trying job that requires concentration, but other times you can just have fun with what you’re doing and enjoy the job that you are very passionate about. Take everything with a grain of salt and keep moving forward.

#14 - Get organized.

Make things run smoothly at the salon or spa by organizing everything. By doing this you will lessen the chances of making simple mistakes and you also make your spa or salon run better in the long run. This will take away unnecessary stress about the little details in your place of business. Declutter, clean and create designated spaces for everything.

#15 – Take regular breaks.

Taking a break or a breather helps you refresh yourself. This type of break refers to the few minutes you take in a day just to unwind and gather your thoughts. By taking an appropriate break, especially on very busy days, you will be able to continue helping your patients without losing your patience along the way. A breather goes a long way in helping esthetician balance their work days and keeps them focused throughout the day.

# 16 – Get to know your clients.

Engaging with clients is a sure way of getting to know them and their needs better. Whether they’re at your salon to destress or to learn more about skin care, they have a goal in mind and talking to them lets you see clearly what they’re expectations are from their point of views.

#17 – Manage your expectations.

You cannot be the master of every beauty skill and field of expertise all at once. It takes time to learn these special skills whether they spa treatments or focusing on facials. Learn which of these skills you excel at and slowly master them one expertise at a time.

#18 – Manage your client’s expectations.

Do not make bold promises of clearer and younger skin after just one treatment; this may attract customers at first but they won’t stay for long if you do not deliver on your promise. Being realistic with your patient ensures that you are both on the same understanding level when it comes to expected results and future sessions.

#19 – Don’t forget that experience counts, but it’s not everything.

Admittedly it will be hard for fresh graduates to get employment right off the bat as most employers prefer estheticians with prior experience, but that does not mean you should give up right away. Having a great personality and the willingness to learn will help you get farther in the industry especially when you get the chance to work experienced professionals.

#20 – Be open to new experiences.

This is especially important for estheticians who are new to the beauty industry. Building up your resume and even working as an intern for spas and salons will help build your credibility and widen your skillset which will pay off in the future.

#21 – Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

A little help goes a long way especially in the service industry. Beauticians often have to deal with clients face to face and it can be a daunting task to answer their questions. Asking a senior member of the staff or a more experienced co-worker for help or for a second opinion will benefit both you and the patient you are treating.

#22 – Create a friendly workspace environment.

Salon and spa managers who work closely with their team can help by creating a workspace environment that isn’t just accommodating and comfortable for their clients, but also for their staff. This works well in boosting the morale of the salon staff and making them feel important and that their efforts are appreciated.

#23 – Try something new once in awhile.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a slump. If you’re on the verge of giving up because you’re stuck in a routine, mixing things up can often bring a ray of sunshine back into your gloomy day. Try new products, a current beauty trend or download a new beauty app on your mobile.

#24 – Travel and see the world.

Speaking of trying something new, travelling is the best way to experience new cultures and meet new people. You get to take your mind off the worries from the salon and just relax and recharge before heading back into work. You don’t have to go far; a day trip out of town may be all you need.

#25 – Set daily achievable goals.

Daily goals keep the mind on track the whole day. By setting these small daily goals you will feel more accomplished and productive at the end of the day. This is a big confidence boost that everyone needs! These goals could be to become more polite, to eat healthily or to push for referrals or more clients--choose one that is achievable everyday to add to your sense of accomplishment.

#26 – Set long term goals.

Daily achievable goals aside, as an esthetician it is also good to look at what’s in your future. Setting goals of what you want and where you want to be in years to come is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Consider starting your own business, buying a car or setting up a website as part of your long-term goals.

#27 – Treat yourself to the services you provide.

Drop the tools and let someone else pamper you for a change. Get a relaxing back massage or a mani-pedi you so greatly deserve. Enjoy all the wonders an esthetician can give you yourself, it’s worth it!

#28 – Make the best out of every situation.

Not everything you do will receive the praise it deserves. When one client comes out unhappy with the results of the treatment you’ve provided, learn how to properly address their issues and learn from the situation you have. Use the experience as a learning tool for the future.

#29 – Invest in your health.

It’s no joke that living a healthier lifestyle helps in living a happier live. Eat healthily as frequently as you can and get some fresh air by jogging. A shift in your lifestyle can be the distressing you need to cope with the demands of a busy salon. Go for regular checkups and take your vitamins!

#30 – Take up other hobbies.

You may be passionate as a beautician and enjoy the work you’re doing, but even then you can feel a little worn out. Taking up other interesting hobbies gives you the diversity in your daily activities to keep you from getting bored of pursuing your passion.

#31 – Be flexible when it comes to your work.

The ability to adapt to any situation is the key to success. With the unpredictable state of your job as an esthetician, combined with the different personalities and needs of your clients being flexible on the job is a must.

#32 – Invest in good tools.

Having the right equipment in your facial and spa arsenal will be very helpful. You can rely on those tools to give the best results and give your patients with consistent and dependable results. When your tools work for you really well, you have less to worry about when plying your trade!

#33 – Love your job.

As the saying goes, “Do something you love and never work a day in your life”. It’s true that when you are passionate about your job you will enjoy every minute of it.

#34 – Having too many nail polish colors is never a bad thing.

You may think that having over 50 shades of nail polish colors in your studio may be overdoing it, but that added color will bring life to your salon and impress even the pickiest of clients. Arrange your makeup, massage oils, creams and other products in a pleasing manner. The hoarder in you and in your clients can surely appreciate this.

#35 – Learn to admit your shortcomings.

There is no shame in admitting you’ve made a mistake. In fact, being humble is an admirable trait. The best thing to do in situations like this is to apologize and learn from your mistake. Ask your boss in advance what to do if you and your client have come to a misunderstanding. You’re not the first and last one to have problems with a client.

#36 – Always listen to your clients.

You may be the master of your skin and spa treatments, but sometimes a client will have an opinion that can help you improve your skills further. It won’t happen often, but your patients will be grateful that you’ve lent them an ear and that you value their thoughts.

#37 – Accept that you have limits.

Being gung-ho about taking on as many clients and patients in one day will prove that you are a hard working esthetician, but doing that too many times can result in disaster. By doing more than you are capable and over committing you are headed for a burn out sooner rather than later (or better yet never!).

#38 – Be your own cheerleader.

Don’t expect everyone to cheer you on after every successful treatment or satisfied patient. The competition in the beauty industry is harsh and by constantly affirming yourself and not relying on the praise of others you can survive the cutthroat attitude of the industry.

#39 – Never overbook your salon.

If you’re not sure you can accommodate more clients in one day, advise them to come back the following day. Turning back clients because you’re short-handed is better than letting them down by making them wait and not giving them the treatments they desire.

#40 – Don’t judge the state of your patient’s skin.

No matter how many times you have told them to moisturize daily or to use sunscreen religiously there will always be a time where they will forget. If and when they visit your clinic and they’ve forgotten a few steps in your recommended regime just kindly remind them, never judge nor reprimand.

#41 – Don’t be afraid of posting your accomplishments on social media.

If you feel proud of the job you’ve done or the creativity you’ve put to use don’t be ashamed of posting it on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the hard work you’ve put into making a client happy.

#42 – Avoid getting angry.

Yes, there will be times where you will be faced with a patient that drives you over the edge. If you feel like you’re about to throw in the towel and fight back, step out for a few minutes to clear your head instead of bursting in anger. It’s not easy dealing with hard-headed customers, but it’s also not worth losing them over petty arguments.

#43 – Make coffee breaks with co-workers a bonding experience.

Your co-workers are your lifeline in the beauty industry. You work with them to have a salon or a spa that attracts loyal clients. By bonding together during simple coffee breaks you make your relationship with them more important than disagreements over techniques and opinions.

#44 – Dress to impress.

As an esthetician you are working in the beauty industry and looks matter. If you are well-dressed you will inspire confidence in your clients and they will trust you in doing a good job. Maybe you can even make them look as good as you do!

#45 – Have fun in the salon or spa.

This doesn’t mean you have to throw a party or to be foolish inside the workplace, it just means you can lighten the mood by being pleasant and funny at the same time. Crack a few jokes, laugh, and just enjoy being in the company of your fellow estheticians and your patients.

#46 – Aspire to something bigger.

You may be starting out as an intern esthetician or a salon helper in the beginning, but setting your aspirations for something greater like having your own establishment is an inspiration to help you work harder.

#47 – Follow your beauty inspirations on social media

Check out #beauty, #hair, #beautytrends and start following celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and other personalities on Instagram and Twitter. Follow your favorite brands on Facebook and other sites. You’ll draw your daily beauty inspiration from them.

#48 – Have a night out with friends.

Nothing quite takes a mind off work than having a good time with friends. A hearty (not necessarily fancy) dinner and then a few drinks is the best way to forget the stress you’ve been feeling at work. Friends give you the comfort and the break you need to keep yourself going and ready for another day of working at the clinic or spa.

#49 – Take the day off.

Take a day or a weekend off from work. Don’t make a habit out of it though. If you really feel like you need some time off from work, take it before you decide on giving up. Getting the chance to clear your head and let go of some of the work-related stress that’s been piling up can do wonders for your morale. Making rash decisions is never the answer. So breathe and rethink during your day off and you will feel better when you go back to the salon.

#50 – Smile!

Putting on a smile can do wonders for your mood and the mood of everyone around. Even on those days that you just don’t feel 100%, a smile can lift up your spirits and change the way you feel throughout the day. A beaming smile is the cheapest and easiest way to avoid burning out on your job. Plus, it will also encourage everyone around you to smile as well.

The little things make the biggest difference

Working as an esthetician is a demanding and sometimes stressful job, there’s no denying that. Just like any other job in any other industry there will come a point where you will feel like it’s time to just give up, but you shouldn’t be so quick in making that decision.

Adjusting and using some of these tips and ideas can help you prepare for another day of work. It’s the little things that can make a big difference after all.

These tips may seem like they’re just small things but they can be of help in your everyday work life in the beauty industry.

Don’t give up on your passion just yet, there’s more to being an esthetician than just giving out spa and skin care treatments. You help the world become a more beautiful and confident place for everyone. Go and pursue your passion and keep helping your clients achieve the results they yearn for!