Looking For A Quick Face Lift Without Surgery? (Here Are Our Top 7 Options)

Have you noticed loose and sagging skin around your face and neck of late?

Are you looking for some ways to tone your facial skin and make it look firmer?

Do you want to try out a few options that will work like a face lift but without the surgery?

We’re talking today about what all a face lift surgery promises to do, and seven ways in which you can similar results without using any surgery. If any of this sounds worth a shot, take a look.

What are the positive effects promised by a face lift surgery? 

Most people who go for a face lift surgery do so because of the many positive promises and expectations they have from this procedure.

positive effects of face lift
  • A face lift reduces and removes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It reduces sagging around the lower parts of the face and around the jawline and neck area.
  • It makes cheekbones prominent and jawlines look more prominent.
  • Using a face lift procedure can also help you to remove the rounds of fat or extra skin that could be present around the jawline or the neck.

Is it possible to mimic the results of a face lift without having to go through an operation?

When you try to get a face lift without using any surgical procedure, there are certain limitations in the results that you should be prepared for.

results of face lift
  • One of the major differences is that when you go for a procedure that does not involve an operation to give you an effect that can mimic a face lift, it will not be able to help you around areas on the lower face or on the neck.
  • This means that, even if you try these other non-surgical methods to tone your face or make it firmer, you may not really see any difference on your lower face, jawline and neck at all.

7 quick and easy, nonsurgical ways to fake a facelift

Here are 7 types of quick and easy procedures that do not involve any surgery, and that will help you to get results that are similar to a face lift.

1. Using a firming facial mask 

effects of face lift
  • You can use a firming facial mask especially the night before you have to go for an important event.
  • These contain a host of natural ingredients that will help to tighten your skin.
  • They also make your skin look naturally radiant and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Using firming facial creams and serums 

how to do face lift
  • There are a host of firming facial creams and serums that promise to give you a more toned and firmer look.
  • Most of these products involve some massage that helps to boost circulation. Using these on a regular basis will improve your body’s collagen production and make it look younger and tighter.
  • You could also look for a primer which contains ingredients that will help to tighten your skin and also make it look more radiant.
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    You can also use this at night, especially if you are going out, and get an instantly toned look.
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    This is a temporary way to make your face look thinner and firmer.

3. By contouring with makeup 

what is quick face lift without surgery
  • There are various makeup options that are available that can help to give you a temporarily chiselled look.
  • The best part about using this option is that you don’t even need to go to any expert or professional for this.
  • You can very easily learn a few contouring tips and tricks online, and then use different types of makeup products and makeup techniques to achieve the kind of look you want to go for.
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    For instance, when you use a contouring kit and use a shade that is a little darker than your own skin tone, and apply it under your cheekbones, it will give you a more chiselled look.
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    This will make your cheekbones look more prominent and your cheeks look thinner.
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    You can also apply this on the sides of the bridge of your nose and around your jawline to make your nose appear slimmer and make your jaw area and your neck appear taut.

4. Through facial exercises and massages

what is face lift
  • It is said that some facial exercises and massages can actually give you results that mimic a facelift. However, the actual result and the time for which these results will last will depend on how regularly you do them.
  • Facial exercises and massages can help to lift certain areas of your face and also reduce the amount of sagging and wrinkles in the future.
  • In addition, these exercises and massage techniques will help to boost your blood circulation, which will make your skin look healthy, radiant and young.
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    The best part about this process is that you can do it anywhere and at any time of the day, and for as many times as you want to.

5. Getting Botox injections

face lift without surgery
  • Getting a Botox injection has become one of the most common ways to get a face lift these days, especially when you are looking at something that does not involve surgery.
  • Also, Botox injections now come in quick to use options, where you can have a procedure fast and get back to your everyday routine easily without spending too much time in recovery.
  • The most common way in which Botox is marketed is in the form of Dysport and Xeomin and these are also the types that are most popular among the customers.
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    The Botox injections are especially good for you if you want to remove the fine lines and wrinkles around your forehead, between your eyebrows and also the fine lines and crow’s feet on the sides of your eyes.
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    You may be able to see results within four to seven days of getting the procedure done.

6. Using laser lifts

quick face lift
  • A laser lift places laser energy underneath the skin.
  • It melts the fat that in the area and gives you tighter and firmer skin.
  • It works best on the lower part of your face and neck.
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    You’ll see almost instant and permanent results.
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    One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the person who is carrying out the procedure will have to make very tiny cuts behind your ears as well as under your chin. This will be used to let the laser enter under the layer of the skin and melt the fat, to make the area firmer.

7. Get peptides

quick face lift without surgery
  • Adding peptides in your skincare can be a good idea.
  • It will give your skin a lift as it will boost your skin’s natural collagen production.
  • It also helps your body create enough elastin.
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    This will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also prevent sagging.

How long do the results of these quick fixes last? Is there a way to prolong the effects?

The laser lift claims to give you permanent and long lasting results, while makeup will give you only temporary results as long as the product is there on your face. Also, most of these options give you results for about four to six months, after which you may have to go for another session.


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