Find Your Microdermabrasion Clinic: How to Find the RIGHT Skin Specialist

Do you want to look fresh and beautiful? The first step to achieving that is to take care of your skin. Come to think of it, our skin is the largest organ in our body; it is the raw material we can work with to look vibrant and youthful.

Therefore, when it comes to seeking professional help to take care of it more effectively we simply cannot opt for less than reliable doctors. Skin damage due to poor decisions on choosing the right dermatologist is definitely something you don’t want to experience.

Microdermabrasion is an example of a non-invasive procedure that uses a hand-held tool to gently exfoliate your skin with a spray of microcrystals. In the hands of good doctors, a regular application of this treatment can make your skin look younger and more refined. But in the hands of incompetent, so-called professionals, the relatively low risks can endanger your skin.

How exactly do we find good dermatologists that can perform microdermabrasion procedures competently? Well, you will not find yourself clueless in this kind of situation because there are a couple of tips ahead that will be very useful for your search.

Tips on How to Find the Right Skin Specialist

1. Choose officially board-certified dermatologists

The most basic step of looking for the right medical expert for you is to ensure that your doctor is indeed a specialist in dermatology in the first place. Remember, any doctor can say that he or she is a skin specialist even if he or she is not.

For one to be a dermatologist, one has to take a special course on dermatology that will take three years to finish after graduating from medical school.

However, merely studying dermatology for three years won’t immediately make your doctor a certified skin specialist. He or she will still have to take and pass an inclusive exam that sets the standards of what a credible skin expert should know, which is famously called the board exam.

Now, the real question comes in: How are we supposed to check if the doctor in question passed the board exam for dermatology or not? There is a particular site called American Board of Dermatology, Incorporated. The link is right here. Go ahead, turn your detective mode on, and check out the site.

The handlers of the mentioned website are the very people who give out the board exam for dermatology. So we can pretty much conclude that it is a very reliable site to see who passed the board and who did not. All those whose names are listed in this site are known to be “officially board-certified”.

To be known as such is a foundation to be called a skin doctor. However, passing the board exam will not automatically guarantee that he or she is the right one for you, but this should be a standard for you to use in choosing the right skin professional fit for your needs.

2. Check credibility with credentials

After ensuring that your doctor is an official board-certified expert, it is now time to see if your doctor specializes in a field that will allow him or her to properly carry out dermatologist microdermabrasion procedures.

You see, dermatology itself is a broad field. This means that there are still many specific fields underneath the big umbrella. One skin doctor may specialize in Immunodermatology, while another may be into Pediatric dermatology.

Nope, you do not have to understand any of these terms, so there is no need to worry. What you do have to understand is this: Microdermabrasion requires a doctor that specializes in Cosmetic dermatology.

Cosmetic dermatology is a branch of dermatology that treats your skin through procedures that only aim to make your skin look better, and not to treat any diseases.

Microdermabrasion is merely an exfoliation process that will make your skin look younger and finer. Therefore, it is considered to be under cosmetic dermatology.

One way to know if your doctor knows how to perform microdermabrasion procedures is to visit the site called American Society of Plastic Surgeons; click here for easier access.

We know the name sounds a little out of place in this topic because it has the word “plastic surgery” in it, but contrary to its name it has a list of doctors who are not only skilled in surgical procedures, but in non-surgical procedures as well. Go ahead and visit the site, and click the “Cosmetic” button so you can see what we mean.

3. Watch out for Blogs or Official Websites for Customer Reviews

Cosmetic dermatologists often have their own official blogs or websites to show what services they offer in their microdermabrasion spa or dermatologist clinics. Often, there are customer reviews posted on the site to show that the doctor is actively practicing the said services.

Seeking other people’s opinions regarding their own experiences so you can have a picture of how the doctor handles his or her patients is a very wise thing to do. Just remember not to put all your trust in reviews, because you may never know how genuine they really are.

Generally speaking, the more reviews there are the greater possibility that they come from real patients/ customers. Also, pay attention to reviews that discuss not only the positive points, but also those aspects which have room for improvement. A good, authentic review will always talk about both the pros and cons of a dermatology clinic or spa.

Here is the most important part. In reading reviews, assume the role of a human relations manager screening job applications for hiring new employees. You have to search for that factor you are looking for in a doctor.

4. Availability

One particular factor that you have to find in a skin doctor, is whether the doctor offers an on-call service even during evenings and weekends.

This is an important point because the effects of the treatment happens after the treatment itself. If irritation occurs as a reaction to a particular treatment or cream, and you don’t know how in this big, wide world you are supposed to reach your doctor then you are in big trouble. Well, at least your skin is.

Bottom line? Look for a doctor who will be available for you in case of emergencies. One particular factor that you have to find in reading reviews, is whether the doctor offers an on-call service even during evenings and weekends.

5. Ask, ask, and ask the doctor

Reading customer reviews online can be very helpful in trimming down your options, but the deciding factor will ultimately lie in seeing the doctor personally. This way you get to see for yourself if the reviews you read were genuine, by checking to see if they are in line with your very own observations.

However, keep in mind that most skin professional clinics charge consultation fees. To make the most out of the money spent, it would be wise to prepare a list of good questions so you can measure the doctor’s credibility based on his or her answers.

For example, you can give a hint that you want to undergo microdermabrasion with a question like “Can a dermatologist help with stretch marks?” and pretend not to know too much about it, when in fact you did a lot of research beforehand, and ask him or her questions regarding the procedure.


  • Are his or her answers regarding the procedure to your liking? Check.
  • Was he or she patient with my questions? Double check.
  • Was he or she direct with the possible risks to undergoing microdermabrasion? Wait, he said it wasn’t risky at all.

Then we think it’s time to move on to the next candidate.

6. Take a look at the professionalism and ethics of the clinic

A doctor’s office must remain true to its purpose. Remember, a doctor’s main objective is to take care of its patient, and not merely to earn money from selling products and services. It is time to flip those antennas and search for any signals of aggressiveness that push you to buy products or avail services that are not necessary for your welfare.

The moment you step into the office, do you see too much advertisements around, with posters announcing the microdermabrasion specials and such? Are the staff constantly telling you about this product and that?

Or, does the doctor carefully explain to you how this remedy works, what the possible risks are, and what are the expected outcomes?

A good doctor will make sure that you understand what you are getting into, because he or she will want you to think things through before investing your time, money, and skin on it. Otherwise, if he or she does not seem to express any concern for you welfare, or a lack thereof, then he or she is more interested in gaining money.

7. Price Point

A good note that is to be considered is the price of a microdermabrasion treatment. The price of a single session ranges from $100-$200. If your doctor demands a higher price than this normal range then there must be something fishy going on.

While you may think that it’s impolite to ask about the price of the treatments, keep in mind that you’re simply inquiring why you should pay so much more. you can subtly ask what brand of creams, machines and facilities they have. This can give you a clue as to why their prices are wildly different than usual microdermabrasion fees.

8. Years of Experience

Most skin clinics or spas that do not have a good reputation simply do not last. They usually fail within the first 5 years due to customer complaints and such, which results to poor reputation and eventually, few customers.

Therefore, the number of years the spa or clinic has been running is an important factor to be considered. Those who remained in business for more than 5 years are considered credible and reliable.

These are some of the tips on how to find the right microdermabrasion dermatologist for you. Remember, all money, time, and effort spent on finding the right doctor will all be worth it once you finally see the results in your beautiful, revitalized skin.


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