Q: Using A Microderm And Chemical Peel Together: Is It Safe?

Are you looking to get a microderm or a chemical peel?

Do you want to get one of these but are not sure if you have to take a break between the two?

Do you want to know if you can do these two skin treatments together and if it is safe?

If you have questions regarding a microderm or a chemical peel procedure, we could help you with some important information. We will talk a little about both the procedures and also take a look at whether you can do these in succession, or whether it is better to maintain some time gap between the two to get the maximum benefits. We also talk about why some people want to do both the treatments together, and if there are any positive results out of it, or if it can cause any negative side effects.

What is Microderm? 

Microderm, which is also known as microdermabrasion, or even a power peel, is a type of cosmetic skin surgery.

microderm and chemical peel together
  • In this procedure, the outermost layer of the skin, or the layer that is on top and that you can notice the most, is removed from the skin, with the help of a fine type of abrasive procedure that a professional will apply very gently to the skin.
  • Microderm is not a treatment that you can do only for one time and expect to see results. In this form of treatment, you may require regular sessions at suggested intervals that will help your skin look and feel smoother.
  • During the treatment procedure, as the outermost layer of the skin is removed, the dead skin cells will gradually move away from the surface of your skin, and will make your skin look younger and smoother.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a type of skin treatment procedure in which your skin will become soft and smooth, and also look much younger.

microderm and chemical peel
  • In this skin procedure, a toxic chemical solution will be applied to your skin in a controlled manner. This will cause controlled death of the tissues in the particular area.
  • Applying this toxic chemical solution will also create a type of superficial wound on the skin.
  • As the wound starts to get better with your skin’s natural healing process, it will help to give a younger and clearer appearance to your skin.

Do the microderm and chemical peel treatments complement each other?

One theory that a lot of skin care professionals and practitioners seem to agree upon is that, if you are looking to do a microderm procedure or get a chemical peel treatment done, maybe you should think of going for both.

what is microderm and chemical peel together
  • One of the principal thought behind getting a microderm treatment and a chemical peel treatment together is that while one will help to remove the negative effects from the surface and layers of the skin, the other will help to add various benefits to the skin.
  • As a result, it is believed that, both the skin care treatment procedures will help to complement each other, instead of negating out the effects of one another.
  • When you do both the procedures together, one in succession with the other after you have done a proper consultation and after understanding how much time you need to keep between the two, you will most likely get the best and most effective results.
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    These results are thought to be much more visible, long lasting and superior than when you do any of the treatment in a stand-alone fashion. 

Why do people desire to combine these two treatments? What positive or negative results can be expected?

effects of microderm and chemical peel together
  • When you go for a microderm procedure, the professional will remove most of the epidermis, which is the top layer on your skin.
  • On the other hand, when you do a chemical peel after the microderm procedure, it will help to put back antioxidants in the parts of your skin where the tissues are still alive. This part of the skin is known as the dermis.
  • In the specific sense that the treatment procedures are carried out and in what they do to your skin, the microderm procedure will act as a mechanical exfoliation process for your skin that will help to remove all the impurities and the dead skin cells, while the chemical peel treatment will act as a type of chemical exfoliation, which will essentially help to add nourishing elements back into the layers of your skin.  

Is it safe to get a Microderm treatment and a chemical peel together? 

While a microderm treatment and a chemical peel treatment will give you great benefits when you do them separately, they will give you even faster and more effective results if you combine the two upon consultation with a good skin care professional.

microderm and chemical peel benefits
  • Both these skin care treatments will help to give you skin that looks like new, and will help to rejuvenate your skin, with practically no time needed to bring it back to its improved state.
  • When you do both these skin care treatment procedures together, they will first help to remove the dead skin cells that are mostly present on the surface of your skin, and help your skin breath.
  • After the dead skin cells are removed from the surface of your skin, both these treatments will also help to stimulate and activate the growth of new skin cells in your skin.
  • When you do only a microderm skin care treatment procedure, you will get very effective exfoliating benefits, but you will get much more effective and visible results when you do it together with a chemical peel.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you go for both the skin care treatments together:

  • First of all, speak to the skin care professional who will do a consultation of your skin and will carry out both the procedures for you.
  • The doctor will make an assessment of your skin and let you know if you can go ahead with both the procedures or not.
  • One of the ways you can do this is that you can first go for a microderm procedure and alternate it with a chemical peel treatment. In this case, you will do one of the treatment once in every two weeks, and alternate it.
  • In another way, you can go for a microderm treatment, and in the same session itself, follow it up with a chemical peel. When done in the same session, it can give far superior benefits for anti-ageing and exfoliating purposes.

Are there any short-term or long-term side effects to be concerned with?

If done the right way and if done under the supervision of the skin care professional, there are no side effects that you should worry about. Also, to make sure you do not suffer from any negative effects after doing both the treatments together, you should apply a sunscreen and a moisturizer before you leave the room and go out after the treatment, so that you do not have any side effect from stepping out into the sun. Speak to your doctor to know more about the post care tips you need to follow.


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