What Are The Long Term Side Effects Of Botox (And Should You Be Worried?)

Are you considering getting a Botox treatment?

Do you want firm skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles?

Before you try Botox, it is important to know what you can expect from the procedure. Today we discuss what’s safe and if there are side effects. Read till the end to get all information about the pros and cons of Botox treatment before you decide to go ahead with it.

What is the proper dosage of Botox? 

The dosage that will work for you may not be the same for others. Before you begin, check the following about the proper dosage.

long term side effects of botox
  • For most adults, maximum dosage should not be more than 400 units. This should be at an interval of three months.
  • Dosage also depends on the area where you inject Botox.
  • For instance, for your underarm area, the dosage will be about 50 units under each arm.
  • If you are using Botox for the forehead, a safe dosage count is between 6 and 15 units.

If your dosage is near the 2500 and 3000 unit mark, this could be a warning sign as it can be toxic and lead to serious negative effects.

Is it advisable to continue this type of cosmetic treatment over long periods of time or is it suited for short-term use only?

Before you decide whether or not you want to do a Botox treatment long term or for a shorter period of time, it is important to know what it does.

  • Botox weakens the muscles, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Prolonged use of Botox means you keep on making your muscles weak.
long term side effect of botox

Botox is after all a prescription drug. Any medication that you keep injecting in your body for long is not a good option. Similarly, using Botox over a long period of time can increase your chances of the side effects.

In order to reduce the risk of side effects, it is best to use Botox treatments for a short period of time.

5 Potential Side Effects That Prolonged Use Of Botox Can Possibly Have On A User

If the Botox is injected the right way, most users do not experience any side effects. However, in case the procedure is not done the correct way, it can cause reactions that could harm the muscles and impact them in negative ways.

Check out these 5 potential side effects of using Botox.

1. Allergic reactions 

  • If Botox treatment is done on a regular basis and over a long period of time, it can cause different types of allergic reactions in the users.
  • For instance, some people complain of pain or discomfort in the chest area, or may also have problem in breathing. In some other cases, users may feel difficulty in speaking, or may speak slowly. Some users also experience a breakout of hives.
  • In more serious cases, the users can experience abnormal changes in heartbeat or even seizure. Some users also experience bleeding at the site where Botox was injected or may have abnormal bleeding from elsewhere.
side effects of botox

How serious is it and what major harm can it do to a person?

These allergic reactions can be extremely dangerous, and even fatal if they are not treated on time.

How can it be corrected or treated?

Immediate medical care is required to treat these reactions.

2. Paralysis

  • When you inject Botox into your muscles, it reduces the functioning of your muscles and puts them in a state of some form of paralysis. This is an intended function of Botox because, when the muscles become weak, it helps to delay and reduce the signs of aging.
  • When done over a period of time, and when the Botox injections are taken for a long time, it can lead to a loss of control in the muscles. This also reduces the overall strength of the muscles in the particular area where the Botox is injected.
  • When these injections are administered in the same area over and over again, it can lead to permanent paralysis in that particular muscle.
what is botox

How serious is it and what major harm can it do to a person?

It can lead to permanent paralysis.

How can it be corrected or treated?

Timely treatment and physiotherapy may reduce the damage.

3. Muscle damage 

  • When the Botox injections are repeatedly given at the same area over and over again, it can make the muscles go weak.
  • The intended purpose of Botox is to weaken the muscles of that particular area. When injected, it stops the release of acetylocholine and reduces muscle contractions and activity in that area.
  • In such a case, the endings of the nerves get bound together and as a result it causes damage and weakness in the muscles.
side effect of botox

How serious is it and what major harm can it do to a person?

Muscle damage due to Botox is a serious issue and can lead to permanent paralysis and loss of muscle function. It can also cause the eyelids to droop and cause vision problems such as double vision.

How can it be corrected or treated?

Medical treatment and intervention is needed to treat this condition.

4. Spread of toxins in the body

  • This is one of the most serious and even dangerous complications that can arise as a result of long term use of Botox.
  • The toxins from the Botox injections can move into the nearby tissues where the Botox is originally injected and intended for.
  • This is not a regular occurrence but can happen when the dosage is large or when it has been injected due to reasons other than cosmetic.
effects of botox

How serious is it and what major harm can it do to a person?

The spread of toxins in the body can be very serious and even fatal if not treated in time.

How can it be corrected or treated?

Immediate medical help should be given to a person in case it is suspected that the toxins have spread in the body.

5. Eye irritation

  • Those who regularly take Botox injections, especially near the eye area, can feel side effects and problems in their eyes and vision.
  • Various eye infections such as irritation in the eye, dry eyes, bloodshot red eyes and so on are common side effects in users who are affected with eye problems due to Botox.
  • It can also cause blurry vision, watery and itchy eyes, drooping in the eyelids and so on.
botox results

How serious is it and what major harm can it do to a person?

This is a serious problem and if not taken care of immediately, it can lead to permanent loss of vision.

How can it be corrected or treated?

An ophthalmologist, in consultation with the doctor who injected the Botox, may be able to help.

Has there been any instance where Botox use resulted in a fatality? 

Yes, Botox has resulted in death and can lead to serious side effects that can be fatal. Doctors warn that if you notice any discomfort after a Botox procedure, such as difficulty in swallowing, speaking, breathing, or any discomfort, get medical help immediately.


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