How To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck: Gobble, Gobble!

It’s practically inevitable—every one of us will slowly succumb to the terrible tragedy of the human body, that is turkey neck.

As we get older, our tight skin begins to relax into flaps of saggy, turkey-like skin and while muscle toning is great for the rest of our bodies, there is really only so much that you can do with your neck!

So, it begs the question: how do you get rid of turkey neck?

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Gobble Level 1 – Simply Subtle

Rule number one is hydration! Water in the body means more elasticity for your skin and this will help your skin stretch and tighten back into place in any situation. So make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times!

If your skin is not sagging too much, a subtle approach such as vitamin A cream, may be a perfect solution. Topical application of something like tretinoin cream can have a light tightening effect on your turkey neck. Just ask your local dermatologist for a prescription Retin-A topical product or something over-the-counter like Retinol.

If you’re out and about and in the sun, your neck is particularly at risk! Protect your skin at all times with powerful sunscreen, especially your thin neck skin which is usually overlooked by most people. Regular sunscreen application is a great way to prevent turkey neck.

Gobble Level 2 – Woah, Someone’s Getting Old

If you think that your turkey is past the point of topical creams, more potent treatments are available to you. Botox prevents stimulation to platysmal muscle bands, and this helps  prevent them from constriction, hence relaxing them into place. A similar product, Dysport, will also do the same thing.

The recent popularization of radiofrequency techniques and ultrasound can also minimize the appearance of your turkey neck skin. Radiofrequency treatment uses heat that penetrates the skin and this tightens and smoothens you right up.

Ultrasound techniques also use heat in this way and work very similarly. A relatively new treatment, Exilis, combines both to methods to melt underlying fat in the skin, while tightening it as well.

Thank your luck turkey stars for technology!

Gobble Level 3 – How To Get Rid of Turkey Neck for Good

Some times there is just too much gobble to handle! For extremely flappy situations, there are surgical procedures available. A simple neck lift may do wonders and most of these smaller procedures do not require too much recuperation time to complete.


Like many irritating situations the human body gets itself into through the years, turkey neck is probably going to be here flapping us over for many years to come. We will probably be asking each other how to get rid of turkey neck till the end of time!

Fortunately, modern science has gone through the gamut and has produced a number of techniques and methods to beautify that saggy old turkey neck of yours—the effect of which really just depends on the gobble-level of the turkey neck in question! Take a moment and evaluate the neck in question. By now, you should have a few ideas to mull over.


Below are some videos relevant to your turkey neck interests! There is an absolute wealth of information on YouTube on almost any subject. Getting rid of your gobble-gobble is no exception! Enjoy!

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