History of the IPL Laser

Hello my disciples! Gather around and lend me your ears, as I tell you the tale of IPL laser machines. They have had a long fruitful journey and if you are considering a treatment some time soon, knowing a little bit more about the technology wouldn’t hurt, right?

We must never stop learning! Here we go…

Humble Beginnings

IPL laser technology has been around since the 1990’s and was originally used more in science experiments rather than in skin clinics. Once the technology got better, IPL laser machines were introduced as a permanent hair removal option (unfortunately, this was not exactly the case) and along with a steep buy-in, treatments were quite painful and didn’t even work half the time. Fortunately, as treatments continued, things got better and the industry began to produce more refined machines at lower costs. IPL treatment suddenly became a very useful and practical addition to any self-respecting skin establishment.

The IPL Laser Crash

Once the machines were deregulated and put into common manufacturers hands, production exploded and soon almost every one could get their hands on an IPL machine. The only catch was that a lot of these newer machines were cheaply manufactured and this flooded the market with bad products. Very quickly, the industry plateaued with very few expensive quality machines available at the top, and a whole slew of subpar IPL equipment available all over the place. This was certainly quite the situation!

A Bright Future

Fortunately, things have taken a turn for the better and nowadays those smaller IPL laser manufacturers have been culled into obscurity. The companies that do remain on top have made several positive changes to the industry and have introduced superior products that are covered with extensive training packages and programs, expert service and support, all available for a practical cost. Today, IPL machines are not only used specifically to treat hair removal. They are now used for a multitude of other procedures from removing broken capillaries (spider-veins), age-spots (sun damage freckling) and the like, to giving your skin a taught, youthful glow.


I hope this article has helped you find out more about the history and evolution of the IPL laser machine!


Your beloved Sage has found more great IPL laser videos on YouTube! Please check them out below and expand your horizons!

Writing this article has really given your beloved Sage some things to ponder over! The world is certainly a different place thanks to lasers. One thing is for sure, skin tight beauty would not be the same without them.

I included these last two videos on just as a tribute to this great scientific discovery. The multitude of uses and applications is mind-blowing!

Expand your horizons… and never stop learning–especially if your taught, tight skin has anything to do with it!

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