8 Great Summer Skin Tightening Tips (You Need To Know)

Everybody loves summer because it means great weather for trips to the beach and other outdoor fun. Unfortunately, it can also mean death to your skin. The heat, the sun, and the dust can all make the skin on your face dry, flaky, and environmentally stressed. Sagging skin, fine lines, and sunburn can make you look and feel old. Here are a few awesome skin tightening tips you need to know to beat the heat this summer.

1. Always have a ready supply of water.

Whether you are going to the beach or hanging out in the yard having a barbeque, always have cool drinking water at hand. An ice-cold beer or softdrink is nice, but it is not going to help you tighten and hydrate your skin. Drinking water, green tea, or any unsugared, non-caffeine drink will do to keep dehydration away. You can also feast on slices of cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, watermelon or cantaloupe. If you are sweating a lot, make sure to replenish your body’s water often.

2. Use sunblock.

The best way to keep your skin tight and hydrated under the heat of the sun is to stay out of it! The best natural facial sunscreen is staying indoors, bar none. If that isn’t in the cards, you will need to use a moisturizing sunblock for body and facial sun protection. The best facial sunblock would be one that has a minimum rating of SPF 15 with hydrating properties.


The best facial sunscreens for your face will depend on your skin type. The best facial sunscreen for sensitive skin may work for someone with oily skin, which will benefit best from an oil free facial sunscreen. Some organic facial sunscreen products use mostly natural ingredients to cut down on allergens and other chemical additives, but they will not always be the best ones for you. Do your research, consult your dermatologist, and read the reviews to find one that will truly protect and tighten your skin under the sun. There are a multitude of sunscreen products out there, online or at your favorite store, so take your time and choose wisely!

3. Physical shield

You can wear a hat or scarf and dark shades to minimize your exposure to the sun and heat, especially around the sensitive areas of the eyes. Shades will also eliminate the need to squint, so you reduce your tendency to form crow’s feet and lines on your forehead. Wear loose clothing to improve air flow around your body. This will keep you cool and prevent excessive sweating. It also

4. Use a hydrating spray.

Even if you block the UV rays from your skin, you still have to deal with the ambient heat. You can keep your face and neck from overheating by keeping a hydrating spray handy. The best types of hydrating spray have essential oils such as lemon, peppermint, and lavender oil which are wonderfully rejuvenating. You can make your own from green tea, vitamin E and lemon essential oil, or you may prefer one made from cucumber, rosewater, aloe vera, and peppermint essential oil. All you need is a spritz bottle and you’re good to go!

5. Treat your sunburn immediately.

If you got carried away and came home with a sunburn, don’t make the mistake of just letting it alone. It will eventually go away, that is true, but there are long-term consequences for the your skin’s health. As soon as you realize you have sunburn, prepare a mask to draw out the heat and soothe the affected area. There are commercial sunburn treatments available, but if you don’t have that on hand, you can make your own with very little trouble. You can mix up Greek yogurt, ground almonds and watermelon juice until you have a paste and apply it thickly on the affected areas. A simpler remedy would be to apply cool milk or witch hazel to the area using cotton balls and allowing it to dry. Witch hazel, in particular, is good for drawing tissue together for better skin tightening after the skin recovers from the burn.

6. Avoid salty and fried foods.

Salt draws moisture and fried foods make you feel warmer, so if you want to keep your skin tight and hydrated during your summer outing, stick to the salad and fruits. You can also feast on seafood as long as they are not too salty to satisfy your desire for protein. If the temptation is great and you have a hankering for these bad boys, don’t binge on them; taste. Eat a little at a time and make sure that you follow up with a lot of water.

7. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

Yes, beer and other alcoholic beverages will shrivel you up, and smoking will call all the free radicals in the air to land on your face! We’re kidding, but not too much. The ethanol in beer is a diuretic, which is why you keep needing to pee when drinking it. This also means you are getting dehydrated and probably screwing up your electrolyte balance. Cigarette smoke is full of toxins that can make your skin dry and ashy looking, so it is the natural enemy of smooth and tight skin. We’re just saying…

8. Clean, tone, moisturize.

Before heading out and before heading for your bed, make sure you follow your regular skin regimen. Leaving dust and grime on your face the whole day and night is a sure way to make your face look haggard and used up in a short time. Remove the dirt and makeup with a mild facial cleanser (or honey), tone with an alcohol-free astringent, and moisturize with your favorite day/night cream. Don’t skip, don’t skimp, do it right, day and night. No shortcuts to this, I’m afraid.


Keeping your skin tight is a matter of commonsense, really. The sun and heat are the prime suspects in dehydration, so lessening their impact on your facial skin should be a top priority. If you make your plans carefully, there is no reason why you cannot keep your skin tight and have your summer fun at the same time.

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