10 Great Alternatives to RF Skin Tightening Devices

DIY RF or radiofrequency skin tightening devices are used for getting rid of saggy skin, wrinkles, excess fat and improving skin texture while at home. It is a very useful product that is proven and tested. But as time goes by, there are many alternative to facelift that are available in the market.

While surfing the web and searching for the best solution for your skin problems you end up considering the best alternatives below. You do not need to stick with one device if there are a lot of choices in the market, especially when they work really well.

But for people who have graver problems than choice, they may have no other way to get the effect of RF treatments. They might be allergic or their skin may not handle the treatment at all. But if they want the same results, they need to find alternatives. We’re here to help.

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Here are the 10 great alternatives to RF skin tightening devices.

1. Galvanic Technology

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II Ageloc

This works really well for firming and lifting of the skin. This treatment converts electricity into a direct current that let the electrons flow onto the skin. One of the best devices is the nu-skin galvanic spa. It helps the skin get rid of dirt and promotes heavy product absorption. This skin tightening device is also affordable and available in the market.

2. Ultrasonic

This is a good choice and considered as one of the best facelift alternatives. Ulthera is one of the common version of the devices used by many dermatologists for this type of skin tightening. This device delivers a focused beam of heat through the skin that makes the skin firmer. It is safe to use and also give a satisfactory result to the skin.

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3. Micro-current

This facelift treatment is a micro-current or anti aging device. This product works well by simply delivering a small charge that helps stimulate the facial muscles, and make the skin more toned than the usual. If you can’t handle RF treatment or other facelift methods, you can ask your dermatologist about this treatment or for a referral.

4. Derma Roller

The process is called Derma rolling, everyone can find it in the market, especially in many online stores. There are different types of derma roller, as well as needle sizes that can fit any type of skin. You might think that it really hurts, but in reality it doesn’t. It helps a lot of people to get rid of acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and many skin problems, along with a great tightening effect.

5. Platinum Roller Massager 3D Y Shape

This device is advisable for face and body tightening and it is a very high quality product. It absorbs the solar energy and turns it into a kinetic energy. If you have very sensitive skin, this one is good for you. You will never get any problems using this device. It is a perfect facelift alternative, a very affordable product that is available in the market, and it will enhance the skin immunity and activate skin cells.

6. Oxygen Facial Injection Hydration Spa

It is one of the facelift alternatives available worldwide and it helps the skin rejuvenate itself, get rid of blemishes, tighten large pores and cleanse the layers deeply. This device can inject oxygen and activate all the nutrition in the deeper parts of the skin. It also helps the cell metabolism accelerate which is really good for this skin improvement. This device helps the user to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

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7. Skin Tightening Auto Massager

One of the common devices for this facelift alternative is Missha, a very popular brand in Korea. It helps the skin glow and it also gives relaxation to the body. This is very easy to use, because it has a touch sensor that makes the device work automatically when put in contact with the skin. If you want to have elastic skin and a youthful glow, you might want to try this.

8. Thermal Theraphy

This device is a big help for those who have skin problems, especially when it comes to uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines. The product is very safe to use at a very affordable price. One of the popular thermal therapy brands is the 2-in-1 cryotheraphy. This product is small, and you can bring it anywhere or even use it any time you want.

9. Photo Rejuvenation Kit

Trophy Skin Labelle Ultrasonic Gentle Stainless Steel Facial Skin Scrubber Spatula with Infusion for Exfoliation and Anti-Aging

This device is from project E beauty. It helps the skin recover from any damages, and get rid of the problems in the outer layer of the skin. It also helps the skin to become tighter and get rid of many skin issues. It helps the skin to replace the dead cells, using light

Trophy skin labelle ultrasonic skin spatula.

This device might be a little bit pricier than others, but this one will get rid of your dead skin cells. It will remove the dirt, and will give you safe peeling treatment for your skin. It is also a big help for uneven skin tone, removing clogged pores and unwanted oil as it is also one of the great alternatives to facelift devices.

10. A Good Dermatologist is Always Needed

alternative to rf treatment


The list of alternatives above are tried and tested by many users, and work well with different skin types. Finding the best device and knowing the right one for your skin depends on how good your dermatologist is.

Make sure you ask the right questions and even bring the device to your doctor. You can also ask for a second opinion on any treatment offered to you by other clinics and doctors.

We strongly advise that you also check the products you use for warranties and reviews online before you administer them on your skin--you may already have a documented allergy or contraindication to these products.

Taking care of your skin is always good. 

If you’re concerned about the cost of a face lift alternative, you can always temper your treatments with DIY home devices. Instead of bi-monthly visits or monthly spa days, you can lessen the frequency and use home kits in the interim.

This saves you money and still gets you closer to the skin you’ve always wanted.


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