6 Enticing Ways to Improve your Esthetician Skills

If you think you’ve learned everything you need to know about being an esthetician when you graduated from beauty school, think again. Like any other practice, the beauty business is always evolving with new esthetician skills, which is why it is a good idea to brush up on the skills you already have, and learn new ones to keep up with the ever changing demands of clients.

if you’re a cosmetologist in training in search of ways to keep your skills sharp and learn new ones, here are six effective ways to get the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to set you above the rest of your colleagues.

1. Cosmetology Training Requirements

Before you can get any kind of training done, you have to first know what you need to have. Training for Cosmetology has a few set rules in place to help ensure that the person in the program is qualified and prepared for the job at hand.

The requirement for cosmetologist training consists of the following:

  • Formal education

They must have had formal training in the field of cosmetology in order to qualify for additional training. There are a lot of beauty schools in the country that students interested in learning basic cosmetologist skills can start attending. A lot of them even come with a variety of financial aid for the program.

  • Certificate or associate’s degree

In order to prove that they have passed and qualified in their profession, aspiring beauticians must come up with a certificate or degree proving that they have accomplished what they need to do. A certificate from an accredited school is preferred but not required.

  • State Licensing Requirements

In each state, there are a set of rules to fulfill in order to be able to qualify for a cosmetology license. Practicing cosmetology without a licensing is not only frowned upon, but is also subject to proper legal action.

If you have complied with the above requirements for training, now you may set your eyes on more training to greatly improve your skills as an esthetician. Below are just a few ways to improve those skills.

2. Cosmetology Training Centers

What better way to get some work on your skills than by getting back into school? Enrolling in training centers allow the student to learn new skills in a friendly environment. There are a lot of schools that take on specific skills training like:

  • Cosmetology Training Center, LA

 CTC provides professional training as well as hands on learning experience for their students. Not only that, they also give their students the opportunity to work according to their schedule, making it perfect for those busy with their careers to learn new skills.

  • Cosmetology Training Center, MN

Providing one of the best refresher courses for cosmetologists, the CTC in Minnesota will allow their students to brush up on their skills as well as learn a few new tricks to help them maintain their confidence and to keep their license up to date.

  • Shore Beauty School

To really be able to focus on your weak points, Shore Beauty School provides its students a personalized curriculum that is designed after the student’s skills are tested and evaluated. After which, the 250-hour refresher program will be dedicated in fixing the problem skills, and maybe even to develop newer techniques.

3. Communication Skills Training

Being able to effectively cut someone’s hair and color their nails are both very important skills to learn in cosmetologist training. However, there is another skill that most forget in the whirlwind of training: communication.

Communication between the esthetician and the client is very important. That’s because your skills with the scissors will be forgotten if you ignore the requests of your client; the one who will have to live with your style in the next few months.

Engaging clients is also important since this is the next best way to keep clients coming back to you. Even if you do their hair and nails great, a bad impression and personality can keep you from building a set of regular clients.

You can brush up on your communication skills with clients by having a friend work with you. Read up on some articles that can help you improve in communicating with friends. Check out the article links below that can serve as your reference:

Learn to listen and understand what your client wants. And always remember that a happy client who has experienced great customer service from their hairdresser is most likely to come back, and recommend you to friends and family.

4. Skin Care Training

A new skill is always nice to learn, especially in a field where bringing out a person’s inner beauty to the surface is key. And what better way to do that than by learning all the trades and skills when it comes to skin care?

An advantage to learning new skills in skin care is that it will allow you to get a leg up in your career. You also might not mind the revenue it will bring, because a lot of people from all walks of life are willing to spend the money to retain their youthful glow.

All you have to do is overcome the challenges that skin care training will impose upon you and you are all set. There are a variety of ways to learn these skin care techniques, but the best way of course is to formally learn it in a cosmetology training center.

Refresher courses for professionals are available in a lot of beauty schools, as well as online courses for those who don’t have the time to enroll in regular skin care courses.

5. Cosmetic Laser Training

Everyone wants to keep the youthful glow of their skin. This is why a lot of cosmetic laser technicians are in demand. It is because of this demand that you should consider enrolling yourself into a cosmetic laser training program to give employers more reason to hire you for their spa.

Training usually doesn’t last more than a few weeks.

You can easily find schools that provide this kind of training and below are links to some of those schools:

These are just some of the hundreds of schools that will provide you the training you seek, and after the short training, you will be a certified cosmetic laser technician.

6. Online Courses

The great thing about cosmetology education and training is that you can learn additional skills on your own through the use of online courses.

Online courses don't require the user to install or purchase any special software to take these classes. You would usually need a computer, an internet connection, a browser and speakers to participate.

You can find both free and paid courses online.

It’s perfect for those professionals who want to learn new skills of the trade. Below are a few things to remember when deciding to take an online course:

  • Ensure your equipment is reliable. Your cosmetology tools are a must, but since you’re taking an online course, it is best to ensure that your computer and internet connection won’t go out on you in the middle of the class. Make sure your laptop, desktop, tablet or whatever other device you will be using is stable.
  • Find time. Online courses are just the same as school classes, find a time frame where you can fully dedicate yourself to learning the prescribed online course. It can be after your work day, or on weekends. Just make sure you are going to dedicate yourself.
  • Deadlines are real. You know how in school you have to submit your homework and projects on time? Deadlines like that are also real when it comes to online courses. Set the time to do your work and make sure you treat this course like how you would regular school.

There are hundreds of online courses students can choose from, below are just a few notable cosmetology online courses you can take:

7. YouTube Video Tutorials (BONUS)

Can’t find the time to for online course and real training? You can still learn some new ways to style hair, paint nails, and makeup application through everyone’s instruction manual: YouTube.

Learn from fellow cosmetologists and estheticians who make video tutorials of their skills and you can easily take note and follow them. And before you know it, you’ll be doing new styles and learning new skills in no time.

Some beauty schools also offer video tutorials for free like Empire Beauty School so that everyone can easily learn new ways to style hair.


Other notable YouTube cosmetology channels are as follows:

Kaushal Beauty

Beauty Health Travel

Once you get your esthetician license, don’t think that you have learned everything and that you are already the best, because that is simply not true. If everyone who got their license thought that they were the best, there wouldn’t be the need for refresher courses and online courses and tutorials.

As estheticians and cosmetologists, you should know that new skills are being developed every day, and you have to constantly keep up with the times. New trends and products are always emerging. There is no choice but to keep up or lose clients.

Never be afraid to ask a question from your mentor, and never be ashamed to watch YouTube video tutorials, especially if it will mean that you will learn a new skill along the way.

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