Esthetician Business Tips: 9 Simple Ways To Win Customers

Running a business can be quite the challenge, but once you get the ball rolling and find the right people to work with, everything can get much easier. But if you’re running a cosmetology business, it can be a bit more challenging since beauty trends come and go--and your clients aren’t buying just one thing.

With a beauty business, you not only have to make everyone’s best traits come to the fore, ut you also have to make sure you’re styling them with updated looks. Add to that, you also have to develop a great rapport with your clients--especially if you want them to come back.

If you keep your customers happy, then they will continue to come back and even recommend you to their friends and family. Unlike other industries where the product can speak for itself,  the salon and spa business lives and breathes on word-of-mouth.

Did you know that most women would go to small salons and spas if they knew that there was a very good hairdresser or beautician who worked there?

If you’ve already started an esthetician business and need some tips on how to make it even better, then you’ve come to the right place.

Through this article, you will find 9 tips to getting more customers for your beauty business.

9 Simple Ways To Win Customers For Your Beauty Spa or Salon

1. Keep your area clean an​​​​d sterilized

No customer likes to step into any business and see it dirty. It is essential that you should clean your salon of fallen hair by sweeping away in between customers. Keeping all your tools and products in one place is a good idea.

Clean your area. Tell your clients how each station is sterilized and what measures you’ve taken to make sure the whole location is free of germs. Take note of which clients will appreciate and remember the most during their stay.

Make sure your clients also see that you use sterile tools and you open new, disposable products with every use instead of reusing the same tools.

Show them that you get fresh cotton pads, cotton balls, wooden sticks and even tweezers and scissors when you can.

2. Make it convenient for your customers to visit you

Is the location of your salon easily reached via private transport or via commute? Does it offer a lot of services and can it easily turn into the go to place for those who want to pamper themselves? Can the client easily schedule appointments?

These are just some questions you have to ask if you want to determine if your salon offers convenience or if you’re asking too much of your clients to come visit you.

Give priority to long-term clients and returning customers. Let your clients set appointments easily. Offer parking space.

3. Collaborate with other businesses

Teamwork really helps to promote businesses. Find other local businesses that are willing to help promote your business.

A good idea is to find a bigger commercial complex near your area that gets a lot of foot traffic. Ask to have your special offers and location advertised within the premises.

You can also collaborate with beauty outlets near your location. Offer some shelf space for beauty brands near you and include samples and freebies in your services. Ask local outlets to collaborate on looks and other promotions.

4. Create Beautiful Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to promote your work. Hand out your beauty salon business cards to first time clients, and remember to keep a handful of them at the front desk. A few tips to remember when designing business cards:

  • Ensure legibility
  • Ensure a coherent color scheme with your store and website
  • Include complete contact information
  • Include website links or QR codes that can be scanned to take your clients to special offers or specific pages on your website or social media
  • Print on high quality material

5. Offer Daily Deals

Daily Deals are offers that only last for 24-36 hours. Daily Deals are used by some of today’s greatest online businesses which include Google, Amazon and even Facebook. Who’s to say that you can’t make it big?

Business experts say that daily deals are a good way to promote your business faster through your website. By offering services at prices much lower than regular, you compel your clients to check on your business daily, and slowly reinforce your brand with their subconscious.

New customers may just be waiting for the right deal to start their beauty relationship with you.

To help you with offering Daily Deals, here are a few useful tips for you and your beauty business:

  • Customers > Profit. The main purpose of Daily Deals is not to get an increase in sales, but to get new customers. Daily Deals provide business owners a chance to attract new customers with irresistible deals.
  • Prepare for increase in traffic. Discounts excite people, and this means your store will have a lot more people than usual. Prepare yourself and remember to stock equipment and products like shampoos, wax, makeup and whatever else you need for your beauty business.
  • Train employees to work better under pressure. Remember that employees are people too, and they get tired after working for hours. Train your employees to manage their stress and be able to be pleasant even if it is getting crazy in your salon. You should also take a few notes on how to handle customers and provide a consistent quality of service.
  • Put a limit on the number of deals. Know your limits, and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Putting a limited number of daily deals will guarantee customers better service and let your staff be more prepared. It could also lead your clients to avail of the deals early, so they don’t miss out. Publish how many daily deals are still available in real time on your website.
  • Print vouchers with special serial numbers or don’t allow more than one voucher per customer. There have been recorded incidents where vouchers were reused by customers. Educate yourself on what fake vouchers look like, and invest in software that can limit the number of times vouchers can be printed from your site.
  • Remember to set a time frame. Set a specific time frame on when to offer your daily deals to your customers. Set an expiration date for the deal you are offering.
  • Ensure everything you offer is in writing. When making offers through Daily Deals, ensure that everything is in writing and can be easily understood. Otherwise, you could be facing a lawsuit which could have been avoided if you just took the time to put everything on paper. You can keep soft copies of these offers, but keeping a hard copy is always the best way to go.

6. Offer referral discounts

When you have finally established a regular client base, get leverage by offering your regular clients a referral discount. Have them refer new customers to you and offer the new client and the regular client a discount on certain services.

Make full use of your blogs and social media pages by promoting the referral discount to encourage more customers to come in and try your services.

Apart from these traditional tips, taking your business online can really help to bring in more people as more and more people are busy living their lives through their online selves. Utilize the internet with these simple online aesthetician beauty tips:

7. Build an active website

A great way to promote your beauty business is by creating a way in which clients can have a look into your store without actually being there.

In today’s modern world, the internet is your friend especially when it comes to running a business. A good advantage of having a website is that you can showcase a lot about your business and your services and the client will have a good idea on what to expect when they finally decide to give your salon a try.

When it comes to building a beauty website, here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Choose colors carefully. When choosing colors for your website, make the color scheme and design as close or complementary to your actual storefront as possible. this creates a coherence and reinforces your brand in the minds of your clients. What’s more, your customers will appreciate the coherence of your design esthetique.
  • Include all your services and prices. List all your services on your website along with the price of each service. This makes it convenient for your clients snce they know how much your services are. Include all modes of payments so they don’t take up time with your receptionist in the storefront.
  • Include digital media. Pictures of your facilities and services can give potential clients a good idea on what you are using for your services and how they are done. Videos are also a good idea. Post a good promotional video showcasing some of the best services your business can offer its clients.
  • Contact information. There are websites that forget to include the much-needed contact information. Remember to set aside a page for these so potential clients can easily find them and reach you.
  • Include a sitemap. A sitemap can help Google index your website better and help clients search for your services. Make sure your website was built by a professional who has experience in building sites for brick-and-mortar businesses.

8. Create and manage engaging social media accounts

The first thing a person does when they go online is check their social media. A good businessperson knows how to utilize their resources, and you can do this by creating a social media page for your business.

Social media experts recommend using tools that help you create an engaging presence online.

With the use of your social media page, you can promote special offers and discounts and let more people know instead of just your regular clientele. There are a few things to remember when running a social media page for your business:

  • Create accounts on big social media sites. When it comes to big social media sites, nothing is bigger than Facebook. It’s convenient because you can create and manage your account for free. You can also make use of Twitter and Google+, both have a large following of people.
  • Post regularly. Regularly posting updates on your social media page can make or break your business. Things you can post on your social media include current deals, offers, and so much more.
  • Promote. Promote. Promote. Make sure your clients reach you by including your Facebook URL in the contact section of your website, and by putting it in flyers and posters about your store. These are surefire ways to promote your business and reach a larger audience.
  • Answer inquiries. People interested in your business will send you questions and other inquiries usually via social media as it is the easiest way to do so. With this in mind, remember to check your business page regularly and to answer any questions from clients. Just think of it as another form of customer service.

9. Create a blog

Blogs are a great way to promote your business.  Business experts recommend a blog that engages and touches on what your target market is looking for in your brand. Keeping and maintaining a blog is a lot like keeping a website, but it can be more personal.

If you’re a beauty expert, giving free advice and letting your clients in on industry secrets can make your blog flourish. What’s more, if your blog grabs a large enough readership, beauty brands may even want to place advertisements or pay for posts on your blog.

Workers can interview clients on their experience in the salon, or they can utilize the blog to promote new services and present the different styles that can be done to you and your hair, as well as promote discounts and other offers that are available for a limited time period.

If you’re a first timer when it comes to blogging, then here are a few useful tips to remember when managing a business blog:

  • Ask your clients what beauty tips and secrets they want to know about. If you already have a business page on social media, you can start a thread asking what it is clients want to know about. Be it basic skin care, hair styles and any other things you can find inspiration from online or in the real world.
  • Ask your clients what beauty tips and secrets they want to know about. If you already have a business page on social media, you can start a thread asking what it is clients want to know about. Be it basic skin care, hair styles and any other things you can find inspiration from online or in the real world.
  • Make use of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is vital especially for small businesses wanting to make it big. Do research and learn the basics of analytics and in no time at all, you can get more traffic to your blog.
  • Produce original content. Borrowing images and videos from other websites is not always allowed (and can sometimes end in copyright infringement), so think how much better it is when it’s your own. That’s because when you use your own media content such as photos and videos for your blog, it can enhance SEO as others may use your content’s link in their work.
  • Buy your own domain. There are a lot of free blog platforms available like WordPress or Blogger. Having your own domain gives you security compared to relying on free domains. Because when you run it, everything is yours and you are always in control. Not to mention the fact that it sounds more professional when it’s your own domain.
  • Do Interviews and Webinars. Make connections and interview someone notable and read worthy for your blog. It can be anyone with great experience in the industry.
  • Have giveaways and promotions exclusively on your blog. You should make it so people have an incentive to go on your blog and read your content. Offer special deals for your readers to use in your spa or salon.

Great beauty salon business ideas aren’t formed overnight, so once you have finally taken your idea and made it into a reality, there really isn’t any reason for you to start lazing around.

Let these simple beauty salon business tips serve as a guide when you are stumped on ideas to win customers. Days will be hard, but if you do your research and provide the best customer service alongside reasonable prices, your goal will surely be met in no time at all.


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