Does Grapefruit Lower Blood Sugar For Real? (Here’s What We Know)

Do you love eating grapefruits?

Do you also suffer frequently from low blood sugar?

Are you worried if eating grapefruits can bring down your blood sugar and cause further health problems?

If you are worried about these health issues, we can help you by sharing some of the details about the same. We first talk about some of the most popular health benefits that you can get from eating grapefruits, and also take a look at whether you can get the same benefit by eating it as a fruit as well as by having it in a juice form.

We also take a look at whether grapefruit can actually help to bring down your blood sugar levels and why it can be a good way to manage your blood sugar levels. We also talk about whether or not you should first consult with a doctor instead of directly going ahead and adding grapefruits to your diet.

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What are 3 known health benefits of grapefruit? 

Here are some of the top three health benefits of eating grapefruit:

1. It helps to improve your immune system

does grapefruit lower blood sugar
  • Grapefruit is a rich source of vitamin C which is a great natural way to improve your immunity levels.
  • In addition, grapefruit also contains other micronutrients. When the vitamin C of the grapefruit mixes with these micronutrients, it helps to supply a healthy stream of nourishment for your body.
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    As a result, your body gets a good dose of all the essential vitamins such as vitamins A, B6, C and E.
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    When you have a high amount of vitamin C in your body, it will also help to prevent any instances of cold and cough. The vitamin C in the body will act as a natural antihistamine which will also help to prevent any allergies by reducing the amount of histamine.
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    In fact, eating just about half of a grapefruit will give you almost 78 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C.

2. Improves your metabolism

grapefruit lower blood sugar
  • For people who try to lose weight in a healthy and natural way, grapefruit has for long remained a preferred choice.
  • Eating grapefruits will improve your metabolism to a significant level. This means that, your body will be able to burn the stored fat even when it is not active, and at a much better way as compared to those who do not eat grapefruit and do not have this boost in their metabolism.
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    Grapefruit contains a very high amount of enzymes and it also has a very high amount of water in it. In addition, it has very less amounts of sodium in it. As a result, this combination helps to burn the stored fat much easily as compared to when you do not eat grapefruits.
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    Grapefruit also contains very low amounts of calorie and has a very good amount of fibre in it, all of which combine to make it a great fruit if you are looking to lose some weight.
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    The water content in grapefruit and the high amount of fibre help to make you feel full for longer and also prevent you from snacking unnecessarily or overeating, all of which are great to avoid weight gain.

3. Reduces the risk of developing any kidney stone

how to lower blood sugar
  • Grapefruits are sour in taste because of a compound known as naringenin. This particular compound found in grapefruit also helps to prevent kidney stones and cysts from forming in your body.
  • This is a natural compound that is found in grapefruits and it helps to control the protein known as PKD2. This is the protein that otherwise leads to the formation of kidney stones in your body.
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    Grapefruit is also very high in its antioxidant and its anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, these properties help to prevent the formation of the kidney stones.
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    The anti-inflammatory and the antioxidant properties of the grapefruit also help to prevent or reduce any amount of swelling that is there in the kidneys. The fluid retention in the body is what mainly causes the kidney to become swollen, but eating grapefruit can prevent or reduce this from happening.

Do you get the same benefits from eating the fruit as you do when drinking grapefruit juice?

Whether you eat grapefruit as the fruit, or have it in a juice form, you will surely derive a lot of health benefits from this amazing fruit. However, if you have grapefruit in its regular fruit form instead of having it in the form of grapefruit juice, you will derive more benefits out of it.

Here is a look at the difference between having grapefruit as a fruit and as a juice.

does grapefruit lower your blood sugar
  • When you compare the serving size, grapefruit in the form of a fruit has more fibre than grapefruit in the same serving in the form of grapefruit juice.
  • Also, the amount of sugar and calories in grapefruit in the form of a fruit is lesser as compared to the amount of calories and sugar that you find in grapefruit juice.

Does grapefruit lower blood sugar? How? What are its properties that help manage blood sugar levels?

According to a study that was originally conducted on mice, it was found that consuming grapefruit could significantly bring down the blood sugar levels in the subjects that were tested for the same. In fact, the study showed that when the mice were given a steady diet of grapefruit juice, it improved their insulin sensitivity, which is often a problem that those who have diabetes face.

Here is how eating grapefruit can help to better manage your blood sugar levels:

can grapefruit lower blood sugar
  • Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that contains a good amount of soluble fibre. Eating foods that are high in their soluble fibre content can help to better manage the blood sugar levels and also bring them down to a healthy level.
  • This is because, when you eat something that has soluble fibre in it, your body slows down its absorption of sugar, or glucose. As a result, your blood sugar levels do not spike.
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    Adding grapefruit, not grapefruit juice, to your diet in the form of a fruit can also help to improve your body’s response to insulin. Insulin resistance is a problem that is faced by a lot of people who have diabetes. When you are resistant to insulin, your blood sugar levels also go high. Consuming grapefruit stabilizes insulin sensitivity and manages your blood sugar levels better.

Should diabetics consult with a doctor first before going ahead and adding grapefruit to their diets?

Even though adding grapefruit to your daily diet can bring in a lot of health benefits, and even though it is considered good for those with diabetes, you should always first consult with your doctor before doing so. This is important, because grapefruit can interact with certain medications, and if you already have some health condition that you are taking medicines for, you have to first speak about it with your doctor and then start on a grapefruit diet.

It is important to maintain your daily recommended intake for carbohydrate, which is found in grapefruit. Speak with your doctor to see how much you can safely consume in a day with other foods.


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