Does Gluten Make You Bloated? Myth Or Not? (Know The Facts)

Are you suffering from a feeling of bloating in your stomach?

Is your stomach feeling tight and are you in pain or discomfort?

Do you think it could be due to a case of eating something that had gluten?

Are you worried if you have stomach bloating due to gluten or if this could just be a myth?

The feeling of bloating in the stomach can happen due to a lot of reasons and getting exposed to gluten could also be one of the reasons. Today, we first share the symptoms of stomach bloating and also share the signs of gluten exposure or intolerance. We also talk about why gluten could cause bloating in the stomach and what you can do about it to get some relief.

To know more, do read on.

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What are the symptoms of stomach bloating? What does it feel like? 

The exact symptoms that you may face if you are suffering from bloating in the summer may differ based on the actual reason and your overall health. However, here are some of the most common symptoms that could suggest that you are going through a bloated stomach.

does gluten make you bloated
  • You could have a fever which could be mild or high
  • You may feel itching in the eyes
  • Eyes could be red and watery or you may feel some discomfort in the eye
  • You could be suffering from problems of the bowel such as diarrhoea or constipation
  • You could suddenly be putting on weight without any apparent reason or change in diet or lifestyle
  • You may feel as if your stomach is always full and that there is a tightness and discomfort in the stomach
  • You may be feeling nauseous or suffer through bouts of vomiting
  • You may notice spotting in your urine or in your stool
  • Your periods could become irregular
  • You may be suffering from haemorrhoids that can cause a considerable amount of pain and discomfort
  • You may have some amount of swelling or pain around your groin area, around your armpits or even in your throat
  • You could be feeling excessively tired all the time
  • You may develop rashes or some form of hives on your body
  • You could be having trouble in concentrating and in thinking clear

Are there any visible manifestations too if you are suffering from a bloated stomach?

If your stomach is bloated, you may or may not be able to see any visual signs. However, in some cases, it is possible that you could notice a slight gain in weight, or you may notice that the area around your stomach looks a little heavy.

In some cases, you may also notice that your stomach looks a little tight and not taut, as compared to looking regular and fleshy.

Can stomach bloating be caused by gluten ingestion? Why so? 

You will be surprised at the amount of foods that contain gluten, and if you are sensitive to it, eating gluten can cause you to suffer bloating in the stomach.

Bloating is one of the symptoms that are most commonly associated with those who have a problem with gluten intolerance or have celiac disease.

what is gluten
  • If you are not tolerant to gluten and have eaten something that contains gluten, it can trigger an autoimmune response in your body. This can cause damage to the lining of your small intestine.
  • Over time, this lining suffers more and more damage and it makes it difficult for your small intestine to properly digest the food that you are eating.
  • When your body is not able to digest the food in the way it is supposed to, it can lead to a lot of discomfort and various problems that also include bloating and feeling gassy.
  • Also, a lot of the people who do not have any problems with gluten can also be prone to feeling bloated after being exposed to gluten. This is because a lot of our foods these days have a very high and unnatural amount of gluten, much more than our bodies are naturally programmed to comfortably digest.

Can this happen to anyone or are there any particular circumstances or conditions that might lead to this? 

Bloating due to gluten can happen to anyone, whether or not you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease. However, if you do have any of these two conditions, you will have a higher risk of suffering the bloating and may find it more difficult and uncomfortable. In this case, it could also take more time for the condition to get better.

How would you know if it is the gluten that is making you bloated?

Bloating in the stomach can happen due to a lot of different reasons. However, if you are experiencing bloating and discomfort in the stomach, you could watch out for these most common signs of gluten intolerance as well. If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself, along with the bloating in the stomach, it is possible that it is the gluten that you had in your food that is causing your stomach to feel bloated.

can gluten make you fat
  • You are also experiencing pain in the abdomen area along with the bloated feeling
  • You are suffering from headaches or even migraines that seem to be getting too frequent than you commonly experience
  • Your faeces is smelly
  • Your skin can start to act out funny and you notice very dry and itchy skin, signs of psoriasis, rashes or blisters
  • You’re having mood swings and experiencing anxiety and unnecessary worrying a lot
  • You experience pain in your joints or muscles and a kind of numb feeling in the legs or hands

If eating gluten happens to cause stomach bloating, what can you do to treat this? Are there any remedies for the condition or, at best, a way to manage its symptoms in order to give you some relief?

One of the best ways to manage any sort of bloating in the stomach that happens due to getting expose to gluten is to stop eating foods that you know contain gluten. Also, whenever you are eating, cooking or ordering food at a restaurant, or buying from outside, try and avoid all chances of having a gluten contamination.

The problem is that you have already been exposed to gluten and now your body is suffering due to it. So instead of only cutting out gluten from your future meals, here are some home remedies that you can try to get some relief:

1. Drink a lot of water: 

bloated with gluten

Drinking water helps to remove waste and toxins from your body and will also prevent you from getting dehydrated. It will keep you alert and prevent concentration problems and let you cope better with the condition.

2. Sleep and rest: 

why you are bloated

This is one of the best ways to let your body heal from the gluten exposure and let it detoxify naturally.

3. Have ginger or peppermint tea: 

gluten food

Both these teas can reduce inflammation and ease the pain and also prevent any nausea and vomiting.

Whether you are suffering symptoms that seem mild and go away on their own, and whether you are trying out any home remedies or not, it is important that you do get a proper examination done by a physician.


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