5 Easy Ways To Get A Cheek Reduction Without Surgery (w/ Videos For Each)

Are you thinking of getting a cheek reduction done but without surgery?

Do you want to know more about why a non-surgical procedure is better than a surgical one?

If you are looking for more information and answers related to cheek reduction procedure that does not involve surgery, you can get a lot of your answers here. We first talk about what a cheek reduction can do for you, why it is better to go for a non-surgical option instead of a surgical one, and also whether or not facial exercises are actually useful for this. In addition, we also give you step by step instructions on how you can try out some cheek reduction exercises that can help, and also talk about a few lifestyle changes you can make that will make these effects last longer.

Why would someone want a cheek reduction? Will this make you more attractive? How?

A cheek reduction procedure is generally done to remove the extra fat that is present around the cheek area. When you get a cheek reduction done, it can help you in the following ways:

cheek reduction without surgery
  • Your cheeks look more in shape
  • It makes your cheekbones show more prominently
  • It can make your face look slimmer
  • It can also make you look younger
  • Removing the amount of extra fat on the cheek area can make your features look sharper

Why is it beneficial to look for non-surgical alternatives for reducing cheek fat? What are the downsides or possible effects of surgery that you will want to avoid?

Going for a non-surgical alternative to a fat reduction procedure in the cheek that does not use any surgical method is that you will not be at the risk of any of the associated side effects.

A cheek reduction surgery is just like any other surgical procedure that can have its own share of side effects that you need to be aware of.

what is cheek reduction
  • You may not like the way your face looks after the surgery, as not all types of cheekbone structures and cheek shapes will be suitable for all face types.
  • In some cases, once you have done a cheekbone reduction surgery, it could end up making your cheekbones look wider. This may not always be the right shape for women who have otherwise very soft and feminine features.
  • In some cases, after the cheekbone reduction surgery, the cheekbones in men may end up looking too soft, which may otherwise prove a visual contrast with their masculine and rugged look.
  • In addition to these side effects that can alter the overall way that you look, you may also experience other side effects such as bruising, scarring, redness, pain, swelling and so on.

How effective is face yoga or facial exercise for cheek slimming? Why can this be considered one of the best non-surgical options? 

Doing facial exercises on a regular basis can surely help to reduce the amount of fat in your cheeks and give you the results you are looking for.

1. Cheap or free: 

One of the best benefits of doing these facial exercises is that they are free and will not cost you any money, but still give you the benefits that you are looking for.

benefits of cheek reduction

2. Non-invasive: 

Facial exercises are a non-invasive procedure in which there is no risk of a side effect and there will be no cuts or special needs as part of the procedure. This is especially good because you can avoid any risk of scarring that is often one of the biggest risks that is associated with surgery.

3. Can do anywhere: 

You can do a facial exercise anywhere, and are not restricted to being at a particular place or at a particular time. Also, the good thing about these exercises is that you can do them as many times as you want, in the comfort of your home, in your bath, in the kitchen, in the car, during your commute and even while at work.

Step-by-step instructions for face exercises that can help reduce Your cheek size

Here are some really simple but effective facial exercises that you can try that will help to reduce the size of your cheeks, without the need of a surgery.

1. Filling air in your cheeks

  • 1
    Breathe in air in huge gulps and fill up your cheeks.
  • 2
    Hold the air in and make sure that your cheeks and your face feel really tight with the effort.
  • 3
    Leave it and immediately fill in air again.
  • 4
    Keep repeating this exercise for at least 15 times at a go. Doing this twice or thrice a day will give you better results.

2. Opening the mouth wide

  • 1
    Open up your mouth as wide as you can, so that you feel a stretching feeling in your jaws and cheeks.
  • 2
    If you are doing it right, you will also be able to feel the pull in the muscles in your neck.
  • 3
    You can do this for about 30 to 40 times in the day and at least twice a day.

3. Tight grin from side to side

  • 1
    Sit straight and open your mouth in the shape of a grin, as if you are trying to grin from ear to ear.
  • 2
    You will feel a stretching sensation in your cheeks, around your ears and also in your neck area.
  • 3
    The aim will be to stretch your cheeks from side to side as much as you can.
  • 4
    Try and do this exercise about 50 times for at least twice a day, to get the maximum benefits.

4. Moving your mouth from side to side 

  • 1
    Close your mouth tight and move your mouth from side to side, in such a way that you just move the muscles in your cheeks for the desired movement.
  • 2
    First, purse your lips tight. Now move the mouth towards the left side, and stretch your mouth to the left ear as much as you can. You will feel the stretch in the muscles in your neck area, in your cheek as well as in the muscles of your ears and your mouth.
  • 3
    Next, move the mouth towards the right side, and stretch your mouth to the right ear as much as you can. You will feel the stretch in the muscles in your neck area, in your cheek as well as in the muscles of your ears and your mouth.
  • 4
    Try and do this at least 30 times with 15 sides on each side. It is best to do this twice a day.

5. Make the fish face

  • 1
    Squeeze your cheeks tightly inside, so that your lips are pursed together and your face takes the impression of a fish face.
  • 2
    You have to do this very tight, hold it and then open your mouth.
  • 3
    Keep repeating the exercise over and over again, without taking much breaks in between.
  • 4
    Do this 15 times a day and if possible, repeat it twice a day.

Are there any lifestyle changes that you can make to improve the effects of your facial exercises? 

In addition to doing the exercises, you should also take care about your diet and eat right, and avoid oily and greasy foods so that you can keep the fat in check. In addition, you should also get enough sleep.


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