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TOP 7: Best Lotion For Peeling Skin From Sunburn

Do you constantly spend time outdoors and suffer sun exposure? Have you noticed any flaking or peeling on the exposed parts of the skin? Peeling of the skin shows that your skin has suffered enough sun damage and is now shedding off the damaged skin layer. Today, we will tell you why your skin starts to peel […]

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The Awesome World of IPL Photorejuvenation

With all the different skin/beauty techniques and procedures available these days, a simple inquiry at the clinic may completely bewilder you. The world of IPL Photorejuvenation is not so different, as there are several types of treatments available and they are all seemingly part of the same IPL family, or at least mentioned in the […]

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History of the IPL Laser

Hello my disciples! Gather around and lend me your ears, as I tell you the tale of IPL laser machines. They have had a long fruitful journey and if you are considering a treatment some time soon, knowing a little bit more about the technology wouldn’t hurt, right? We must never stop learning! Here we […]

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What Exactly Is Intense Pulsed Light?

  IPL treatment is a relatively popular technique used to deal with certain skin imperfections and skin tightening as well. It has the ability to treat melanin damage like dark age spots and broken capillaries (spider veins and other vascular problems) and it also tightens or plumps skin, giving you a fresher, youthful look. It […]

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