Can Low Blood Sugar Cause Anxiety In People? (Anti Aging Q&A)

Do you suffer from symptoms of low blood sugar and anxiety?

Are you worried how to keep these in check?

Do you wonder if there is any connection between the two?

Today, we will answer your queries on whether these two conditions are connected and if you can mistake the symptoms of one with the other. We also talk about ways you can better manage these symptoms and improve the quality of your life.

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Is there any known connection between low blood sugar and anxiety?

In many cases, regular symptoms of anxiety mimic those of low blood sugar levels, or hypoglycaemia. The symptoms are so similar that you may often mistake one for the other.

can low blood sugar cause anxiety
  • If blood sugar levels are mostly off the normal range and you often suffer from anxiety attacks, there could be a connection, but it is not always medically backed and it can also be more of a psychological thing, where monitoring blood sugar levels may cause anxiety.
  • If you have diabetes and regularly monitor your blood pressure levels, it may stress you and make you more anxious.
  • You then experience symptoms that may resemble low blood sugar and this can make you more anxious and the cycle continues.

Can the symptoms of low blood sugar be mistaken for anxiety? 

The symptoms of low blood sugar and anxiety can sometimes be similar and you may confuse one with the other. When you are anxious you may feel discomfort, dizziness and excess fatigue. These signs are also very common when you have low blood sugar levels.

However, there are ways that can help you to spot the difference between the signs and symptoms of anxiety as well as that of low blood sugar and help take the required steps to care for your health immediately.

Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of low blood sugar:

anxiety on low blood sugar
  • Feeling weak
  • Suddenly sweating even if the temperature is not too hot
  • May start to look pale
  • May feel a kind of agitation, distress and discomfort
  • Start to feel excessively tired even though you may have rested or slept enough and did not do anything to cause you exertion or tiredness recently
  • May start noticing difficulties in vision and experience blurry vision
  • Your heartbeat increases rapidly
  • You start trembling
  • It is difficult for you to concentrate or focus or pay attention
  • You may start feeling hungry though this is not the time that you normally eat or even if you have recently eaten something
  • You may feel some changes in your mood and may feel irritable

Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of an anxiety attack:

signs of anxiety attack
  • You start breathing at a rapid rate or start to breathe faster or more than you need to, which is also known as hyperventilating
  • You may feel changes in your heartbeat and your heart starts to beat faster than it usually does, and your heartbeats become rapid
  • You may start to sweat suddenly even though the temperature is not too hot
  • You may feel as if you are choking even if you are not eating or drinking anything
  • You could be feeling nauseous or some sort of discomfort in your stomach and abdominal area
  • You may experience a feeling of shaking or tremors in your body
  • You could be feeling as if you are short of breath without really doing anything that could exert you, and there is a feeling as if you are being smothered and are not able to breathe
  • You may feel a kind of discomfort or pain in or around the chest area
  • You may suddenly feel faintish, dizzy, may feel as if you are unsteady and can feel light headed
  • You may experience numbness or tingling sensations on your body
  • You could also be feeling sudden chills or hot flashes
  • A sudden fear of losing all control or losing any sense of what’s going on is also a common sign
  • You may feel as if you are going to die or that something bad is happening to you or is about to
  • You could also be feeling a gagging sensation

While many symptoms are different there are a few that may feel similar and can make you feel confused about what it is.

How can you find out if what you are thinking of as anxiety is not something else?

Yes, it can be difficult to immediately understand if what you are going through is a panic attack or something else, but there are a few ways in which you can determine if this is really a panic attack.

what is anxiety attack

One of the first signs that you could be having a panic attack is that you will be having a sensation in which you face a sudden, an overwhelming and an extreme rush of different types of emotions that all seem to be beyond your control. For instance, you could be having feelings of fear, extreme nervousness, panic, feel as if you are really stressed out, feel as if you are unwell and are about to die, feel as if you are losing control over everything and on the immediate situation and that no one will be able to help you from what you are going through.

All these sudden and extreme emotions that make you feel scared, fearful, worried, more anxious and make you feel helpless and uncomfortable could be definite signs that you are having a panic attack.

How can anxiety-like low blood sugar symptoms be avoided?

If you often experience low blood sugar levels that you feel are because of your anxiety levels, the good news is that you can definitely overcome these feelings and take back control of your life and of your overall health.

Using various forms of cognitive interventions, such as focusing on different things and changing your thought process towards something else is one of the major ways that therapists try to help their patients. Here are a few things that can help you to avoid the low blood sugar symptoms that are very similar to the signs and symptoms of anxiety.

how to avoid anxiety attack
  • Trying to change your thoughts: You can try to take a more realistic view of your surroundings and take a look at whether the dangers you think you are in are really going to happen or if you are thinking about it.
  • Avoid getting stressed with your sugar readings: If you have to regularly monitor your blood sugar levels, accept the fact that this is something you cannot do without and something that has to be done in order to take care of your health. In such a situation, also remember that it is natural for your blood sugar levels to go a little high or low on an everyday basis, and instead of getting worried about it, write it down and share with your practitioner.

The more you stress, the more your blood sugar levels and anxiety levels can get affected, so try and practice relaxing methods at home.


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