Can You Use Botox To Raise Eyebrows Successfully? (Explained)

Are you looking for some ways to raise your eyebrows?

Do you want to try some procedure that will help to improve your sagging eyebrows?

Do you want to try out Botox to raise your eyebrows but are not sure if it will help?

If these are your questions, we might have just the answers for you. Today we will talk extensively about how Botox can help to raise sagging eyebrows and how the procedure works. We tell you whether this is a good alternative to surgery, if this is a better option to other procedures, how it works, whether or not it is worth it and some other things you should definitely keep in mind.

Is Botox to lift eyebrow a good alternative to surgery?

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No matter what type of procedure you go for, if you are planning to use Botox to lift your eyebrows, remember that it is not an exact match or replacement to surgery. However, while the procedure of a Botox procedure and a surgery to do the eyebrow lift may not be same in nature, the results will be somewhat similar.

Common surgical procedures people look for to get a brow lift

Brow lifts essentially are a type of surgical procedure in which you will have to get some type of an incision. The size of the exact incision as well as the exact location will also be decided based on what type of a brow lift you are looking to get. Once your surgeon does a physical examination and talks to you about what type of results you are looking for, they will give you a better understanding of the exact type of procedure you need to get done.

Here are some of the more common surgical procedures that people like to go for, when they are looking to get a brow lift done.

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1. The coronal brow lift procedure: 

  • This is considered as the classic brow lift procedure that has been really popular, and is also known as the forehead lift.
  • This type of brow lift works in a similar way as that of a face lift, but here, it puts more focus on the brow area instead of targeting the other areas such as the neck, the side of the face or the cheeks.
  • Using this procedure will help to tighten the skin on your brow area and will also help to reduce the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles.
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    This is also a good option when the eye brow area seems to droop downwards towards the eye lids.
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    For this procedure, the surgeon will make a long incision either right at the front of your hairline, or make it just behind it, from one ear towards the other. The exact location will also be based on the shape of your hairline.
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    After the surgeon makes the incision, they will then pull tight at the skin of the forehead. During this time, the surgeon will also lift the skin in this area and remove the fat, as well as make some adjustments in the muscles.

2. The endoscopic brow lift procedure:

  • This is also a very popular choice when it comes to a surgical option to get a brow lift done, and is a very popular alternative to the classic coronal brow lift procedure.
  • In this procedure, the surgeon will make a number of small incisions around your hairline area from one ear to the other.
  • Once the incisions are done, the surgeon will then use a small camera device known as the endoscope and insert it through the incisions to put it under the skin.
  • This will help them see underneath the surface of the skin, and the surgeon will then do the changes required on the skin, in the fat as well as in the muscles. 

Is Botox a better option if you are looking for a less invasive procedure? 

If you are not very comfortable with getting a proper surgical procedure done and are not comfortable in getting an incision, you can look at Botox for your eyebrow lift. This is also a good choice if you are looking for something that requires less recovery time.

The procedure for Botox to lift eyebrows

botox to lift eyebrow
  • Your doctor may first apply an anaesthetic cream on the area where the needle will be placed for the Botox procedure.
  • Once the area is numb enough, they will inject the Botox in the area that will help to lift the brow.
  • There is barely any pain or discomfort during the procedure, and it usually takes only a few minutes for the procedure to be completed.   

Where is the injection administered?

When Botox is injected into the muscle, it makes that particular muscle really relaxed. It is important to remember that every muscle has an opposing muscle, which means that you should be prepared for an opposing reaction.

To get an eyebrow lift done with the help of a Botox procedure, the person will inject Botox into the muscle that is pulling the eyebrow down. In most cases, this will be done in the muscle that is present just under the eyebrow area. Once the Botox is injected here, the opposing muscle will help to pull up the brow.

What results can you hope to achieve from Botox for raising the eyebrows? How effective is Botox compared to its surgical counterpart? 

When you get a Botox treatment done for lifting the eyebrows, you can see the results almost immediately, which is, as early as within a week of getting it done. However, it takes about a month at least from the time of getting the injections to see the results to their full effect. However, what you do need to remember is that this is not a permanent procedure.

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How can you discern if Botox will be enough for you or if surgery is really a better option?

If you are above the age of 18 and if you have moderately sagging skin around the eyebrow area, you can go in for a Botox procedure to lift your eyebrows. However, if you have severe folds around the eyelids or if you have excessively drooping eyebrows, or if you have extreme lines around the particular area, you may get better results through a surgical procedure.

Your doctor will first do a physical examination and then suggest what will suit you the best.

How much money should you set aside for a Botox brow lift? How does this cost compare to the price of a surgical lift?

The exact cost of your brow lift procedure using Botox will depend on whether your doctor is charging you based on the number of units of Botox that have been used, or if they are charging you based on the area that has been covered with the use of Botox. A brow lift uses slightly more Botox than other areas, such as using Botox to remove the wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, which are known as crow’s feet. On a usual level, one session of using Botox to do a brow lift procedure may cost about $800.


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