Botox For Migraines Before And After Walkthrough (Know The Facts)

Do you or a loved one regularly suffer from migraine attacks?

Have you heard about Botox and its so called use for migraine pain?

Do you want to know more about the use of Botox to help treat migraine but are not sure whether or not it works?

If you are looking for a cure for migraines, especially with the help of Botox, then you can find a lot of the information on the topic here. Today we discuss whether or not Botox has been certified as a treatment option for migraine instead of just being used for cosmetic purposes. We also discuss a few symptoms of migraines and how it affects the person who is suffering from it. We also share some information about how long the effects of Botox might last to treat a migraine pain, and also on how soon after a dose you can go back for the next session.

Is Botox recognized or certified as a treatment for migraines?

Botox is actually the only such treatment option that has been approved by the FDA to use in case of migraine pain to give relief from the symptoms.

botox for migraines before and after
  • In fact, in the year 2010, the FDA approved Botox to be used in cases where the person was suffering from migraines.
  • Botox is considered to be a preventive treatment against migraine attacks.
  • It is one of the only such preventive care that your doctor can inject after a gap of every 12 weeks in an adult, especially in the case of those who suffer from chronic migraine attacks.
  • However, do keep in mind that if you, or the person is seeking this preventive treatment, has 14 or lesser migraine headache days in a month, then the person will not be given the said treatment with the help of Botox.
  • Botox treatment for migraine headaches is only approved by the FDA for those people who have at least 15 or more migraine headache days in a month.

How does it feel to have a migraine? Symptoms?

For those who do not suffer from a migraine attack, it can be a little difficult to understand just what it feels like. Here is a look at how it feels for someone who is about to or is suffering a migraine attack.

Before the migraine pain begins:

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  • You may start feeling uncomfortable and irritable a few hours or even a day before the migraine pain actually sets in.
  • Some people can experience strange cravings for food items.
  • It can start getting difficult to speak properly or make much sense of the words you hear.
  • Some people can have difficulty in finding the right words to say what they want.
  • In some cases, the person can start feeling excessively sleepy before the pain hits and may also yawn a lot more than they usually do.
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    In cases where the person is about to suffer an aura in the migraine, they may start seeing small black or dark spots in their vision or may have blurry or moving vision which can seem like the heat waves one sees on the road on a very hot day.
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    Some people experiencing a numbing sensation in the face or a tingling in the hands or on the fingertips.
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    It can get a little difficult to remember things, and you may forget what you were about to say.

Once the migraine pain has begun:

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  • It can feel as if you have placed a screwdriver on your temple and are drilling it in, in one particular spot, continuously.
  • In addition to the pain, it can also feel as if your entire head is on fire and that there is something really hot going on inside your heat, in a very burning and bad way.
  • The pain will be so extreme that it will spread to the eye, often making it difficult to open the eye and see.
  • This pain is usually in just one eye, but can be so extreme that it can spread from a normal condition to extreme pain and inability to open the eye within just a few minutes of being exposed to a particular trigger.
  • There may be a burning sensation in the jaw area, and in some cases, it can also spread through the entire body.
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    The person suffering the attack may become extremely sensitive to any form of touch or sensation.
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    The extreme pain and discomfort will usually only affect one side of the body, while the other side will remain absolutely normal.
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    In addition to the pain, a lot of migraine sufferers also experience extreme nausea and bouts of vomiting.
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    Many people who suffer from a migraine attack also become dizzy and are unable to either sit up or stand.
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    Sounds and lights can take up immense proportions, and even something as gentle as a whisper can sound as if it is a loud blaring noise.

What is it like to have chronic or persistent migraines?

A chronic or persistent migraine attack is one in which you will experience at least 15 or more days in a month where you get the migraine headache. Here are a few ways in which you can identify if you have a chronic or persistent migraine condition:

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  • You will suffer severe migraine attacks at least 15 days of the month, if not more.
  • This will happen for at least a period of three or more months.
  • This duration is usually considered a period of no medication. This means that, when you are not taking any medication, your migraine headaches can occur for 15 or more days in the month.

How do migraines improve after Botox? 

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  • Once your doctor injects the Botox for treating your migraine, it will cause partial paralysis in the nerves.
  • As a result, the flow of the affected nerve signals will get blocked, which will help to relax the muscles.
  • One of the reasons that researchers feel that Botox can help to reduce and block out migraine headaches is that once it relaxes the muscles in your scalp, it can help to significantly reduce the blood pressure levels in the brain.  

Does the medicine treat the condition or does it only provide symptomatic relief?

Botox is not considered a permanent solution to treat migraine headaches, but is more of a preventive measure, which means that your doctor will use it before the onset of the headache to reduce its frequency.

How long does the relief for migraines last with Botox?

botox for migraines

The effects from the Botox injection will last for up to 10 to 12 weeks, depending on your overall condition, as well as the frequency and the severity at which you have the migraine headaches. 

Can Botox for migraines also lift & firm at the same time?

It is not very clear yet whether using a Botox injection for treating your migraine related headache can also end up lifting and firming your skin at the same time. To know more about this, it is best that you speak to your doctor.


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