5 Of The Best Gluten Poisoning Remedies (Heal Yourself Today)

Are you sensitive to gluten?

Have you ever been accidentally exposed to gluten and are worried that you could get affected with gluten poisoning again?

Is you or someone you know suffering from gluten poisoning and you want to know what you can do to help?

If you are worried about any of these queries, we have the answers for you right here. Today, we are first talking about what is gluten poisoning and whether or not it can be dangerous for you. We also talk about whether the consequences can be serious and if there is something you can do about it. In addition, we also share with you five of the best treatment options that you can try out that will give you the necessary relief when you are suffering from gluten poisoning.

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What is gluten poisoning? Is it dangerous? How bad can it be and could it be life threatening?

gluten poisoning remedies

Gluten poisoning means when your body is sensitive to gluten and you are exposed to it in some or the other form, which leads to a host of health complications and problems.

Gluten poisoning can actually be very bad, especially if you are very sensitive to it and the exposure is high. In fact, it does not always affect only your health and your digestive system, but can also affect your brain and your overall neurological and cognitive abilities and functioning.

What should you do to someone as a remedy for gluten poisoning? Is there something you can take or do? 

When you have gluten poisoning, taking care of a few lifestyle based things and taking the adequate medication after consulting with your doctor can be a big help.

5 of the best treatment options for those who might need a remedy for gluten poisoning

Here are five of the best gluten attack remedy that you should take a look at to help you feel better and effectively remove and reduce the effects of gluten poisoning.

1. Take activated charcoal

Even though it might not sound like the most common of all remedies, activated charcoal is actually used in more serious cases as well, when there is a problem about health complications due to some or other form of poisoning. The property of activated charcoal that makes it so suitable to take care of a gluten poison situation is that, it has a very high amount of alkalinity, which makes it ideal to be able to adsorb the toxins that are present in your stomach and in your intestines.

gluten poisoning remedy

This means that, it can hold on the molecules of these particular toxins in a thin film format and reduce the extent of the negative reaction. As a result, these toxins can then move out of your body through your intestines. You can take activated charcoal in the form of charcoal pills. These will help to hold together the gluten and then remove it from your system, and also bring down the level of extra gas that is produced in your gut. It can also help to neutralize and even absorb various gases in your intestine, such as sulphide or methane.

The best way to make the most use of activated charcoal to help take care of your gluten poisoning issues is to take it right when you get to know that you have been exposed to gluten when you are not supposed to. However, if that is not possible and if you are already exposed to it and it has been some time, you can also take it within 24 hours from the time that you got exposed to the gluten.

Make sure that you consume a lot of water, possibly more water than you would otherwise drink with a medicine, as otherwise it can lead to severe constipation and complicate the situation even further.

2. Eat right and the right type of foods 

what is gluten

It is important that you eat the right type of foods and in the right way. This means that, for now, your body needs more of easy foods that it can digest without much effort. If you do not feel hungry or don’t have an appetite, give your digestion system some rest.

Some of the best things that you can eat now are simple soups and stews, boiled eggs, non-acidic fruits, cooked vegetables and fresh juices.

3. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water is actually one of the first steps to move towards good health and fight off all the problems you are facing due to the gluten poisoning. It helps to flush out the toxins and the residue of gluten from your body, which will help to reduce the effects of the gluten poisoning and will get your body back in its healthy and fitter shape fast.

gluten poisoning

In addition to drinking only water, you can also try and have a lot of coconut water, which will not just keep your body and replenish it with the lost water count, but will also help to replace the electrolytes.

Ginger tea is another such option that you should definitely try and include in your daily routine. Ginger is in fact known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and will help to bring down the inflammation and help to heal the lining of your gut faster, which will reduce the pain and discomfort and help you to get better soon.

4. Get enough rest

gluten attack remedy

At this point, you need all the sleep and rest you can get, as this is the sure shot way of helping your body heal fast and get back its lost health.

In addition to your regular sleep times, try and listen to your body and rest whenever you feel the slightest signs of tiredness or discomfort.

5. Get some medications that can help:

gluten attack remedies

There are a host of medicines and other things that you can take that will immediately start to work on the negative effects of gluten and help you feel and get better. Increase your intake of probiotics once your initial symptoms of discomfort, pain or other problems that are a result of the gluten poisoning, have eased down a bit. This will help the good bacteria to grow back in your gut that had been washed out as a result of the exposure to gluten.

There are digestive enzymes that can also help to boost your digestion process and will help the gluten to move out of your body faster. It also helps to balance out your body’s response to inflammation that happens when your body gets exposed to the peptide gluten. Also, if you are suffering from problems such as headache, swelling in the joint and so on as a result of the gluten poisoning, you can take pain relievers to help treat the pain and discomfort.

When is it time to call a doctor?

While all the above remedies are meant to help you get better, it is best to call a doctor the moment you feel the signs of gluten poisoning. This will help you avoid unnecessary discomfort and pain, and will take care of the situation without delaying and causing any health issues.


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