Best Cosmetic Procedure For Under Eye Wrinkles? (Here’s What We Know)

Have you started noticing fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area?

Do you want to try some cosmetic procedure to take care of your under eye wrinkles?

If you are looking for some ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles near your eyes, you can continue reading to know more about it. Today we discuss what causes the under eye wrinkles and when you may require a cosmetic procedure. We are also giving you detailed information about five cosmetic procedure options you can choose for the same and also discuss if there are any risks you should be aware of.

What are three primary causes of under eye wrinkles? 

Here are three of the most common reasons that could cause them.

1. Natural ageing of the skin: 

best cosmetic procedure for under eye wrinkles
  • One of the most common causes of under eye wrinkles is ageing skin. As the natural structure of your skin starts to break down with age, it creates folds and lines on the surface of the skin.
  • The skin around your eye area is really thin and sensitive, and as a result the fine lines appear there first and are more pronounced. With age, your skin also loses its natural reserve of collagen and elastin, which further makes the fine lines and wrinkles appear.

2. Regular exposure to sun’s UV rays:

cosmetic procedure for under eye wrinkles
  • If you are someone who is regularly exposed to the rays of the sun, you may find these lines appearing faster around your eye area than others your age.
  • When your skin is exposed to the sun for longer hours, it can dry out the skin and also reduce the amount of collagen and elastin that is naturally produced in the skin. As a result, you see more fine lines and wrinkles on your skin as compared to those who keep their skin protected from the sun.

3. Regular motion of the muscles 

what is the best cosmetic procedure for under eye wrinkles
  • In addition to age and exposure to the sun, regular movements of the muscles in that particular area can also contribute to make the fine lines and wrinkles appear near your eyes.
  • Simple everyday movements, such as smiling, making lots of eye expressions and so on, can contract the skin around your eyes and make the elastin in the surrounding areas of the skin to break down. When that happens, you can notice the fine lines as well as crow’s feet around your eyes.

How do you know if your wrinkles are serious or prominent enough to warrant a cosmetic remedy?

If you have tried other methods to take care of your under eye wrinkles but do not see any improvement, you may need a cosmetic remedy that can help to remove the wrinkles and fine lines from under your eye area.

5 best cosmetic procedures for treating under eye wrinkles

1. Botox

what is botox

How is it performed?

How much downtime is needed?

You can resume your regular day to day activities almost immediately after the procedure is performed.

Pros and cons:

  • Start your regular activities immediately.
  • Removes fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet.
  • arrow-right
    May cause dizziness, headache, bruising, temporary weakness in muscles around the eyes, hollow look around eyes.
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    May cause problems in vision, difficulty swallowing, facial asymmetry, changes in voice and so on.

2. Micro-needling

micro-needling effects

How is it performed?

  • Collagen shots are placed in the specific area to reduce wrinkles and make it look smooth.
  • The medical practitioner will use fine needles through which collagen will be induced in the area just under your eyes.
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    The small punctures on the skin will boost your body’s natural healing process.

How much downtime is needed?

There is not much downtime that you need with this procedure, and in most cases, the redness will go away within 12 to 48 hours after you do the procedure.

In fact, each session lasts about half an hour and you can easily get back to your routine after the procedure.

Pros and cons:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area.
  • Less downtime.
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    Prevents new lines from appearing.
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    Not suitable for those with very sensitive, acne-prone or irritable skin.
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    Results can take as long as up to 6 weeks to show up.

3. Fillers

fillers side effects

How is it performed?

  • Fillers for under eye wrinkles will come in an injectable form and will be injected close to the eyes.
  • These help to fill out the hollows that are present under the eye area and as a result, the fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

How much downtime is needed?

The procedure takes barely 30 minutes.

It is a really fast procedure and you can start seeing results almost instantly.

Pros and cons:

  • It gives you almost instant results.
  • Fine lines disappear for almost 4 months after the procedure.
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    You do have a risk of an allergic reaction and can see tiny bumps under your skin.
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    In some cases, these bumps can become permanent.
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    It can also cause a bluish skin discolouration.

4. Fraxel laser

what is fraxel laser

How is it performed?

  • The laser penetrates deep into your skin and helps to remove the old and damaged skin, which is replaced with new and healthier skin.
  • It also boosts your body’s natural healing process and boosts collagen production.

How much downtime is needed?

There is almost no downtime with this procedure and you can be done in as less as within 30 minutes. Also, you can easily resume your daily activities right after the procedure.

Pros and cons:

  • No downtime.
  • Adds a glow to skin.
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    May not be a budget-friendly option.
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    Results vary depending on how well you care for your skin.

5. Surgery (Blepharoplasty) 

what is blepharoplasty

How is it performed?

  • Your surgeon will remove any excess fat and skin that is present in the area.
  • It is mostly done when other options to remove the wrinkles do not work.

How much downtime is needed?

As this is a proper surgical procedure, recovery can take up to a few weeks.

Pros and cons:

Three possible risks involved when you try any of these cosmetic procedures for under eye wrinkles

As with any other procedure, the procedures that you use to remove wrinkles can also come with some possible risk, especially as they are done so close to the eye. One of the biggest risks is the risk of an infection, just near the eye, or sometimes in the eye itself. Also, not all skin types react the same way to these treatments, and some skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin, could be prone to side effects, so make sure to check about this with the dermatologist.

Last but not the least, there is always the risk that after the procedure, your eye area may look unnaturally young and taut, especially if you have fine lines and wrinkles on other parts of your face.


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