9 Awesome Infographics: Facts About Skin

If there's one thing I love more than a great EPIC primer to laser skin tightening or a super thorough radiofrequency product round-up, it's INFOGRAPHICS ABOUT SKIN! In fact, I love them so much that I am always on the prowl for new infographics with facts about skin that may pop up around the net.

I make sure to add them up here and update this page as soon as I find them because I only wish I could make something as pretty as these myself!

Some of them are about skincare and skin in general and some of them are about the anti-aging industry as well but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are all super interesting and informative--like any great infographic should be, if you ask me!​

So, without further adieu,  my disciples... feast your eyes on 9 Awesome Infographics: Facts About Skin!​ Expand your horizons and share an inforgraphic today!

Discover what happens to our faces as we grow older and what is available out there to help us cope...

skin facts


Wrinkles develop on our skin due to several factors. Learn how to reduce them on your own skin!​

facts about skin

​Smooth skin is something we all covet! Learn more about beautiful smooth skin below...

what is skin

The Sage has said it time and time again... take care of your skin underneath the sun!​

human skin facts

Aside from the extreme heat, our skin is also sensitive to super cold climates! Know the facts...​

about skin

What is skincare in today's modern world? How does it affect our lives? Here are some cool stats...

facts about the skin

No one likes bad skin! Here's what you need to know about preventing it... all in one infographic!​

interesting facts about skin

Billions of dollars are poured into the anti-aging industry every year. Here are the facts...​

healthy skin facts


Taking control of oily skin​ is as difficult as going on a diet! Check out these natural exfoliators below.

information about skin

Your beloved Sage will always be adding more great infographics with skin facts to this page so make sure to come back and check it out once in a while. This is also available on our Pinterest account if that floats your boats... add me up and I will be merry! 

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